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Friday, May 2, 2014

Blog Tour- SWEET RECKONING Blake Interviews Kai and a Giveaway!

I adore Wendy Higgins and her books so I always jump at the chance to have her on the blog and do I have a treat for you today! I have my two favorite guys Kaidan and Blake here to answer some burning questions! Check it out and make sure to enter the awesome giveaway below!

Haven't heard of SWEET RECKONING? Check it out!

Author: Wendy Higgins
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 400
Pub. Date: April 29, 2014
It’s time.

Evil is running rampant and sweet Anna Whitt is its target. Nobody knows when or how the Dukes will strike, but Anna and her Nephilim allies will do anything necessary to rid the earth of the demons and their oppressive ways.

The stakes are higher than ever, and Anna is determined that the love she feels will be her strength, not a liability. But trying to protect the ones she loves while running for her life and battling demonic forces proves to be perilous—especially as faces are changing and trust is fleeting. When the Duke of Lust sends Anna’s great love, Kaidan Rowe, to work against her, Anna must decide how much she’s prepared to risk.

In the most sensual and fast-paced installment yet, Sweet Reckoning brings all the beloved Neph together one last time to fight for their freedom.

Now on to the interview!

Blake, son of the Duke of Envy, interviewing Kaidan, son of the Duke of Lust:

Blake: *rubs hands together* Aw, yeah. This is gonna be good. I’ve got some questions here that’ll make you blush, brah.

Kaidan: *eyes him skeptically* When have you known me to blush? Ever.

Blake: That was then. You’re outta your game now that you’re all lovey-dovey and romantic with Anna and shiz.

Kaidan: We’ll see. *kicks his feet up with a grin and twines fingers behind his head* What’ve you got, then? Make it good.

Blake: *clears throat and flaps paper importantly* First state your full name.

Kaidan: *blanches and frowns*

Blake: Hahahaha! *points to Kai’s face* You are totally blushing! I win!

Kaidan: I thought you’d be asking sex questions. This interview sucks.

Blake: *grins*  Answer the question, man.

Kaidan: Fine… *through clenched teeth*  Kaidan Demetrius Rowe

Blake: *falls back and slaps his leg*  Demetrius!  Hahaha!

Kaidan: Shut it.

Blake: How demonic. Your pop sure has a sense of humor.

Kaidan: Next question, git.

Blake: Alright, alright, grumpy. Okay, let’s start easy. I hear people pronounce your name like “Kayden” all the time, and they spell it with an “e” instead of an “a” when they write it out. Tell me…how does that make you feel when people get your name wrong?

Kaidan: *shrugs* I honestly couldn’t care less. Sometimes I try to help out, offering some rhyming words—it’s Kai like Thai, Chai, Fry, Pie—

Blake: I can’t help but notice you give all edible examples.

Kaidan: Exactly. *winks* And don’t worry, mate—by the time they’re naked they’re pronouncing it correctly. Over and over.

*both guys fist bump*

Blake: Dude, you know Anna’s gonna read this, right?

Kaidan: Er, yeah, you know what? Perhaps we can just delete that last answer.

Blake: No can do, lover boy. Haha. And quit giving me the stink-eye. Anna knows you don’t work anymore. You’re all good now.

Kaidan: Yeah, that’s me. Good, good, good.

Blake: But if she could’ve seen you in action back in the day…

Kaidan: Okay, enough.

Blake: Do you miss it?

Kaidan: Hell, no.

Blake: What’s your favorite position?

Kaidan: That’s like asking a book nerd to pick their favorite book. Impossible. Too many excellent ones.

Blake: Damn. Thought I could take you by surprise with that question, but you didn’t even flinch.

Kaidan: Nice try.

Blake: Alright then. How about your favorite body part? I mean, I already know this. Everyone who knows you knows the answer to this, but we need it on record. All official and whatnot.

Kaidan: It’s the arse, all the way.

Blake: Yup. Knew it. Seen the way you zone in on a nice butt like a fighter pilot about to release his rocket at a target.

*another fist bump*

Blake: I’m a boob guy myself.

Kaidan: Yes, I know. You’re a bit obvious, but instead of zoning in for business like I do, you turn into an idiot with a goofy-arse grin.

Blake: I can’t help it… Boobies! *tongue hangs out*

Kaidan: Tits are brilliant, but they come in third behind thighs for me. Wait, can I say tits? Who’s reading this interview?

Blake: Eh, I think you’re okay. Sorry, everyone who’s offended by Kai’s potty mouth. Maybe we should chill out on the boobs and butt talk.

Kaidan: Damn. Okay, then, carry on. Next question.

Blake: I don’t know. I had other questions, but now all I can think about are boobs and butts.

Kaidan: You’re so inappropriate, Blake. I’m not certain how we stay friends.

Blake: I know, right? *twists eyebrow bar in thought* Hey, you wanna hit the waves?

Kaidan: You are so ADD. And yes. Let’s go.

Blake: Sweet. I love you, man.

Kaidan: You don’t love me. You just love my Kaidan Style.

Blake: Alright, Snoop-Kai. Thanks for the interview. Can I get a hug?

Kaidan: Only if you promise to cop a feel.

Blake: *laughs*  Dude. No one’s ever going to trust us to do an interview together again.

Kaidan: True. We can safely consider this our first and last. It’s been fun. Now, let’s surf.

Thanks for stopping by guys, that was enlightening and funny!!! And I can’t wait for everyone to read SWEET RECKONING! Ooh and have fun surfing!!!

About Wendy:

After earning a bachelors in Creative Writing from George Mason University and a masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Radford, Wendy taught high school English until becoming a mommy. Writing Young Adult (YA) stories gives her the opportunity to delve into the ambiguities of those pivotal, daunting, and exciting years before adulthood.

She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son. Sweet Evil is her debut novel.

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  1. This was hilarious!!! I am going to miss these boys now that the series is over!!!!

  2. I so knew Kai was going so say Arse. It was pretty obvious from Sweet Peril.

  3. I loved this interview! It was fantastic!!:))))

  4. Oh my gosh I loved this! I already miss Blake and Kai so much!! This was such a fabulous trilogy, I really will miss it.

  5. this sounds really good i cant wait to read this up next on my TBR list denise smith



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