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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog Tour- THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN by Meredith McCardle and a Giveaway!

I adored THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN by Meredith McCardle it was such an awesome sci-fi time travel story and I can't wait for book 2! Meredith is stopping by the blog today to share her playlist for the book! Check it out and make sure to enter the awesome giveaway below!

Haven't heard of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN? Check it out!

Author: Meredith McCardle
Release date: May 6, 2014
Publisher: Skyscape (Amazon)
Genre:  YA time travel thriller 
ISBN: 978-1477847138

Amanda Obermann. Code name Iris.

It’s Testing Day. The day that comes without warning, the day when all juniors and seniors at The Peel Academy undergo a series of intense physical and psychological tests to see if they’re ready to graduate and become government operatives. Amanda and her boyfriend Abe are top students, and they’ve just endured thirty-six hours of testing. But they’re juniors and don’t expect to graduate. That’ll happen next year, when they plan to join the CIA—together.

But when the graduates are announced, the results are shocking. Amanda has been chosen—the first junior in decades. And she receives the opportunity of a lifetime: to join a secret government organization called the Annum Guard and travel through time to change the course of history. But in order to become the Eighth Guardian in this exclusive group, Amanda must say good-bye to everything—her name, her family, and even Abe—forever.

Who is really behind the Annum Guard? And can she trust them with her life?

Now on to the playlist!

The Eighth Guardian by Meredith McCardle on Grooveshark

1. 33 Degree by Thievery Corporation. I listened to this song almost on repeat when I was writing the first draft. It has such a cool vibe.

2. Seven Devils by Florence + The Machine. I am OBSESSED with Florence. I bought the Ceremonials album the day it came out, which also happened to be the day my agent and I went on submission with THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN. And as soon as I heard the track Seven Devils, I knew I’d found my book’s theme song. The whole mood of the song is perfect for what I was trying to convey, and the lyrics are even oddly spoilerish for the book. It’s eerie.

3. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. As a disclaimer, this song was added to the playlist before it was played on every radio in the country at every hour of the day. But it’s staying on the playlist because this song encapsulates what I imagine the physical aspects of time travel to be like.

4. Mindfields by The Prodigy. This song captures the mood of the last half of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, pretty spot on.

5. Don’t Forget Me by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of the Chili Peppers best songs (IMO) and one that’s telling of Iris’s mood in the latter half of the book.

6. Wandering Star by Portishead. I love the lyrics to this one, I guess because there are two wandering stars in the book. . . .

7. Fixed Income by DJ Shadow. This song has such a unique sound. It’s mellow but also dangerous, kind of like many of the Guardians.

8. Weapons of Mass Distortion by The Crystal Method. If I close my eyes, I can pretty much hear this song playing in the background of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum scene.

9. Finding the Bomb by The Dust Brothers. And this song could play in the background of just about any other scene in THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN!

10. Iris Was a Pupil by Autechre. The song that started it all, quite literally. It was the title of this song that gave me the inspiration to start this book. I knew I had to find out what Iris’s story was, and so I wrote it. Thanks, Autechre! 

Thanks so much Meredith awesome playlist!

About Meredith:

Meredith McCardle is a former lawyer who lives in South Florida with her husband and two young daughters. Like her main character, she has a fondness for strong coffee, comfortable pants, and jumping to the wrong conclusions. Unlike her main character, she cannot travel through time. Sadly. Her debut, THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, will be published by Skyscape/Amazon Children’s in Spring 2014.

Giveaway Details:

 Meredith is giving away 2 Kindle paperwhites, a signed hardcover of THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, and a paperback + book-themed necklace.

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