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Friday, December 19, 2014

Month9Books Holiday Gift Blitz and a Giveaway!

Welcome to Month9Books’ gift blitz for our amazing winter titles: CROWN OF ICE by Vicki L. Weavil, PRAEFATIO by Georgia McBride, ENDLESS by Amanda Gray, A MURDER OF MAGPIES by Sarah Bromley, DEAD JED (1 & 2) by Scott Craven, and TRACY TAM by Krystalyn Drown! Are you looking for the perfect winter/holiday read? Then these are the titles for you! Oh and as a thank you to our readers we have an amazing giveaway for you!

Crown of Ice by Vicki L. Weavil

Thyra Winther's seventeen, the Snow Queen, and immortal, but if she can't reassemble a shattered enchanted mirror by her eighteenth birthday she's doomed to spend eternity as a wraith.
Armed with magic granted by a ruthless wizard, Thyra schemes to survive with her mind and body intact. Unencumbered by kindness, she kidnaps local boy Kai Thorsen, whose mathematical skills rival her own. Two logical minds, Thyra calculates, are better than one. With time rapidly melting away she needs all the help she can steal.

A cruel lie ensnares Kai in her plan, but three missing mirror shards and Kai's childhood friend, Gerda, present more formidable obstacles. Thyra's willing to do anything – venture into uncharted lands, outwit sorcerers, or battle enchanted beasts -- to reconstruct the mirror, yet her most dangerous adversary lies within her breast. Touched by the warmth of a wolf pup's devotion and the fire of a young man's desire, the thawing of Thyra's frozen heart could be her ultimate undoing.

CROWN OF ICE is a YA Fantasy that reinvents Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" from the perspective of a young woman who discovers that the greatest threat to her survival may be her own humanity.

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Praefatio by Georgia McBride


Seventeen-year-old Grace Ann Miller is no ordinary runaway. After having been missing for weeks, Grace is found on the estate of international rock star Gavin Vault, half-dressed and yelling for help. Over the course of twenty-four hours Grace holds an entire police force captive with incredulous tales of angels, demons, and war; intent on saving Gavin from lockup and her family from worry over her safety. Authorities believe that Grace is ill, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, the victim of assault and a severely fractured mind. Undeterred, Grace reveals the secret existence of dark angels on earth, an ancient prophecy and a wretched curse steeped in Biblical myth. Grace’s claims set into motion an ages-old war, resulting in blood, death and the loss of everything that matters. But are these the delusions of an immensely sick girl, or could Grace’s story actually be true? Praefatio is Grace’s account of weeks on the run, falling in love and losing everything but her faith. When it’s sister against brother, light versus darkness, corrupt police officers, eager doctors and accusing journalists, against one girl with nothing but her word as proof: who do you believe?

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Endless by Amanda Gray


Jenny Kramer knows she isn’t normal. After all, not everybody can see the past lives of people around them. When she befriends Ben Daulton, resident new boy, the pair stumble onto an old music box with instructions for "mesmerization" and discover they may have more in common than they thought—like a past life! Using the instructions in the music box, Ben and Jenny share a dream that transports them to Romanov Russia and leads them to believe they have been there together before. But Nikolai, the mysterious young man Jenny has been seeing in her dreams who has now appeared next door, was there, too. Jenny is forced to acknowledge that Nikolai has traveled through time and space to find her. Doing so means he has defied the laws of time, and the Order, an ominous organization tasked with keeping people in the correct time, is determined to send him back. While Ben, Jenny, and Nikolai race against the clock—and the Order—Jenny and Nikolai discover a link that joins them in life and beyond death.

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A Murder of Magpies by Sarah Bromley


Winter in Black Orchard, Wisconsin, is long and dark, and sixteen-year-old Vayda Silver prays the snow will keep the truth and secrecy of the last two years buried. Hiding from the past with her father and twin brother, Vayda knows the rules: never return to the town of her mother’s murder, and never work a Mind Game where someone might see.

No one can know the toll emotions take on Vayda, how emotion becomes energy in her hands, or how she can’t control the destruction she causes. But it's not long before her powers can no longer be contained. The truth is dangerously close to being exposed, placing Vadya and her family at risk.

Until someone quiets the chaos inside her.

Unwanted. That's all Ward Ravenscroft has ever been. To cope, he numbs the pain of rejection by denying himself emotions of any kind. Yet Vayda stirs something in him. He can't explain the hold she has on him--inspiring him with both hope and fear. He claims not to scare easily, except he doesn't know what her powers can do. Yet.

Just as Vadya and Ward draw closer, she finds the past isn't so easily buried. And when it follows the Silvers to Black Orchard, it has murder in mind.

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Dead Jed: Adventures of a Middle School Zombie by Scott Craven


The first part of seventh grade was rough on Jed, but things are looking up now that Christmas is almost here. As with past Christmases, Jed asks for the one thing he's always wanted--a dog--and again, his parents tell him they're not ready. But fate has a different plan when Jed sees a dog get run over by a car. Then, it happens. Jed suddenly has a pet, Tread, a zombie dog bearing his namesake--a tire tread down his back. Jed may have gained a dog, but he loses his best friend Luke, who fears the way Jed created his undead pet. When Jed returns to school, he finds a mysterious group called the No Zombies Now Network spreading rumors of the dangers the undead pose to normal people. Forced to disprove Hollywood stereotypes, Jed has his work cut out for him as stories of a zombie dog begin to circulate. Jed could be expelled if he can't expose the NZN Network as a fraud. Jed needs help from his kind of girlfriend Anna, especially after he discovers Luke has joined the shadowy group. Once again navigating the treacherous waters of middle school, Jed does his best to stay in one piece. Only this time he'll need even more duct tape and staples than usual.

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Dawn of the Jed (Dead Jed #2) by Scott Craven


As the fall semester ends and kids head home for winter break, Jed and his parents gather for the annual exchanging of gift lists. Once again, Jed asks for a dog, leading to a heated argument and a firm "no." But when Jed spots a stray, he chases it until the dog darts into the street where it is struck and killed by a car. Grief stricken by what he's done, Jed cradles the dead dog in his arms. Soon, ooze from the dog mixes with teardrops from Jed, creating Tread the zombie dog. Finally getting his wish, Jed must convince his parents to let him keep the undead dog. But a zombie dog turns out to be the least of Jed's issues. It seems some parents don't want Jed attending school with their kids. Enter the mysterious NZN Network. They've been distributing anti-zombie propaganda in an effort to get Jed expelled. But Jed wonders if the creation of Tread has caused his relationship with Luke to sour. And why, just as he seems to need them the most, have his best friends abandoned him? Could they have bought in to the anti-zombie way of thinking? Was creating Tread a mistake Jed will live to regret? 

When Tread goes missing, and with his very existence at stake, Jed must rely on his instincts, team up with an old nemesis, and fight for his right to have just as miserable a middle school existence as any other student—undead or alive.

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Tracy Tam: Santa Command by Krystalyn Drown


Tracy Tam doesn't really believe in Santa Claus, at least not like the rest of us do. She also doesn't believe that Santa can possibly deliver all of those presents in one night, to children around the world, without a little help from science. A flying sleigh can only be powered by jet engines, after all, and Santa's magical abilities can only be the result of altered DNA. How else could he know what every little girl and boy wants for Christmas and who has been naughty or nice? In order to test her theories, Tracy sneaks onto Santa's sleigh then ends up at Santa Command, where a team of (gasp!) humans monitor Santa's big night. When Tracy attempts to hack into their computers, she accidentally introduces a virus into the system. As a result, three states get knocked out of sync with the rest of the world (oops!). Santa won't be able to deliver all the presents in time! Now, Tracy must fix time and help Santa, but she has no idea how. How can a girl who doesn't believe help Santa and save Christmas before it's too late? With a little Christmas magic, of course!

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Giveaway Details:

1 Winner will receive A Taste of Christmas Gift Basket US Only.
3 Winners will receive eBook bundles of 5 Month9Books. International.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blog Tour- TRANSCENDENT by Lesley Livingston and a Giveaway!

Hey y'all! I have an awesome music post from Lesley Livingston, author of amazing books and her newest TRANSCENDENT, the finale to the Starling series is no different! I loved every page! Ooh and of course I've included my favorite YouTube videos. Oh and stick around for the giveaway!

Haven't heard of NOW THAT YOU'RE HERE Check it out!

Author: Lesley Livingston
Pub. Date: December 23, 2014
Publisher: Harper Teen
Pages: 352
Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audoibook


On a storm-swept terrace high above the streets of Manhattan, Mason Starling holds the fate of the world in her hands as her beloved Fennrys lies bleeding at her feet, his life hanging in the balance. The ancient Norse prophecy of Ragnarok stands poised on the knife edge of fulfillment. Mason’s transformation into a Valkyrie—a chooser of the slain and the one who will ultimately bring about the end of the world—is complete. Still, she remains determined to thwart her father’s apocalyptic desires. Whatever is to come, it won’t happen because of what the prophecy foretold, or what Gunnar Starling has planned, or what the fates have already decided. What happens next will be up to Mason and the Fennrys Wolf. The world had better hope they haven’t reached the limits of what their souls and swords can survive.

Perfect for fans of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, and set in the same universe as Lesley Livingston’s much-loved WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy, with roots in Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, and Celtic myths and legends, this thrilling conclusion to the acclaimed Starling trilogy is filled to the hilt with sweeping adventure and soaring romance. 

Now on to the post! Just a warning this is a long one because Lesley is my music soul mate so I've posted quite a few videos!


As I mentioned before, during the tour for DESCENDANT, I listen to music a lot when I’m writing. Sometimes it helps to block out the outside world so I can focus on the one in my head, and sometimes it helps to inspire a certain scene. Sometimes, it’s just fun listening to songs my characters might have on shuffle play. Well, the shiny purple iPod was hard at work again for the final installment of the Starling Saga. Here’s a selection. Enjoy!

Yes. I did that. I went there. So did Mason.

2.  IF I EVER LEAVE THIS WORLD ALIVE – Flogging Molly (One of Jaime's all time favorite songs!)
Well, Fenn, you keep giving it your best shot… I love this song for its grim cheeriness – and for lyrics like: “So in a word don’t shed a tear/ I’ll be here when it all gets weird”. Because, y’know… it get’s weird.

3.  PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE – Queen (HIGHLANDER!!!! That is all! Oh and Jaime loves Queen!)
I think this is probably the song that Rory CRANKS in his dorm room. And then he air guitars like a maniac. ’Cause, y’know… maniac.

4.  LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE – Aerosmith (What a cutie Ed Furlong was)
Hey. It’s the apocalypse. Aren’t we all?

5.  HEROES – David Bowie (Jaime loves David Bowie!)
Huh. Maybe it won’t be the apocalypse after all. Not if there are heroes….

6. WISH YOU WERE HERE – Pink Floyd (One of Jaime's all time favorite songs)

Now where did those heroes get to?! I could imagine this song drifting out on a thin breeze over the last battlefield of Valgrind before any of the warriors arrived…

Borderline obsessive love runs rampant in this book, it seems, and that is what this song is all about. Plus with all those thundering tympanis, it just seems to be sounding out an approaching storm. A big one. Really, really big.

You might think this would be a song for Fennrys, but you’d be wrong. This is, rather, Gunnar Starling’s theme song. And the face that haunts his cold days and colder nights is that of his lost, beloved wife, Yelena. It explains a lot about him, actually. Not that that’s a good thing…

Oh… Roth.

10.  DO YA – Electric Light Orchestra
Probably a good tune to crank up on Cal’s Maserati’s sound system while on the way to Valgrind. A loud, loopy acknowledgement that there is way more to this world than meets the eye. And that, hey, weird happens. Right, Heather?

No, I did not choose this song just for its word-play potential. Okay – not entirely, anyway. It’s also a really great pre-battle motivational warm up tune!

12.  WEAPON OF CHOICE – Fatboy Slim (Jaime loves Chris Walken's dancing in this video lol)
If Gunnar had a bit more of a sense of humor, this might be closer to how his telephone conversation could have gone with Mason. As it is, she’s still definitely his weapon of choice. And now she’s going to have to choose: “You can go with this/ Or you can go with that/ You can go with this/ Or you can go with that…”

13.  LEARNING TO FLY – Pink Floyd
Because Mason Starling is going to have to learn the difference between falling and flying before this is all over.

Thanks for sharing Lesley!!! I freaking love this playlist!!!!

About Lesley:

Lesley Livingston is a writer and actress living in Toronto. She has a master's degree in English from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in Arthurian Literature and Shakespeare. She frequently performs with the Tempest Theatre Group, of which she is a co-founder. She is also the author of WONDROUS STRANGE and DARKLIGHT.

You can visit Lesley online at www.lesleylivingston.com

Giveaway Details:

(4) winners will receive a finished copy of TRANSCENDENT US/Canada Only 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Just because :D

Blog Tour- THE NIGHT HOUSE by Rachel Tafoya and a Giveaway!

Hey y'all! I have an awesome music post from Rachel Tafoya, author of the awesome book THE NIGHT HOUSE and of course I've included my favorite YouTube videos. Oh and stick around for the giveaway!

Haven't heard of THE NIGHT HOUSE? Check it out!

Author: Rachel Tafoya
Pub. Date: December 9, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Pages: 300
Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Bianca St. Germain works at a Night House, a place where vampires like the aristocratic Jeremiah Archer, pay to feed on humans, and she doesn’t much care what others think of her. The money is good, and at least there, she’s safe. Bianca also doesn’t care that the Night House is killing her. All she cares about is: nauth, the highly addictive poison in vampire bites that brings a euphoria like no drug ever could.

But when Bianca meets James, a reclusive empath who feels everything she does, for the first time, she considers a life outside of the Night House and a someone worth living for. But Jeremiah has decided to keep Bianca for himself; he won’t allow her to walk away.

As she allows her feelings for James to grow, she struggles to contain nauth’s strong hold on her life. If they are to have a future, James must make her see what she’s worth, what she means to him, before Jeremiah and nauth claim her for good.

Now on to the post!


Dead Man’s Bones – Dead Man’s Bones
A perfect intro into the book. “Dressed in their best clothes, there are rows and rows of dead man’s bones.”


I think this sentiment applies to everyone at the beginning. They are neither dead nor alive, and they don’t know how to move forward or wake from the dream. The sad sweeping music is something I listened to a lot when I was writing.

This song is actually about Where the Wild Things Are, but it’s a little more grown up, which makes me think of The Night House. It’s definitely where the wild things go in this book.

Imitosis – Andrew Bird
A song for James when he was younger. “And why do some show no mercy while others are painfully shy?”

A song for Bianca. “She’s a diamond who wants to stay coal.”

Heavy Lifting by Ambulance LTD.
This makes me think of James and his friends. He is often lugging around other people’s feelings and this one line makes me feel for him, but the ‘we’ implies that he might have some help, with Ally and Shiloh. “These clouds bring heavy heavy rang and lifting is an awful lot of pain. We’re gonna be sore for sure.”

You Know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse
This is the song for Bianca, when she’s first getting to know James. Instead of an ex boy, she is thinking about nauth and vampires.

This is a song for James and Bianca after they’ve gotten to know each other. “And I said I know it well, that secret that you knew but don’t know how to tell.”

This is a song for Micah. It’s a beautiful tragic song about someone who was made into a beast.

This is a song for Finn. “Never wanted from another man. Never wanted from my own.” I think Finn would appreciate the melancholy kind of soul in this, even if he would never admit it.

It’s hard to pick a song for Jeremiah, but I like this one. It was something I listened to when I was writing the book and seems appropriately creepy for Jeremiah. “I’m known to bite in tight situations.”

How It Ends – DeVotchKa
Just a perfect ending song for everything.

Thanks for sharing Rachel!

About Rachel:

Rachel Tafoya studied creative writing while at Solebury School and was published in their student run literary magazine, SLAM. She attended a writing program for teens at both Susquehanna University and Denison University, and the Experimental Writing for Teens class and Novels for Young Writers program, both run by NY Times bestselling author, Jonathan Maberry. Rachel is the daughter crime author Dennis Tafoya.

Connect with the Author:  Tumbler | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Giveaway Details:

Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of The Night House by Rachel Tafoya (INT)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Go to Chapter by Chapter to check out the Tour Schedule for more awesome posts!

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