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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday (88)- Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books I've Read In The Past Year Or So

Hi thanks for stopping by!!! And welcome to my Top 10 Tuesday post! 

Thanks to the lovely ladies at The Broke And The Bookish for creating this weekly meme!

Here's this week's topic.

January 17:  Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books I've Read In The Past Year Or So 

Lately I've been reading some more Indie Authors and I've found some amazing books so they will definitely be on this list. I've also been reading more adult fantasy so I will add those too.

I'll link to their goodreads pages so you can see their books. And if you want to buy them click on the book covers to be taken to Amazon!

1.  THE AIR AWAKENS Series by Elise Kova. You all know I love a good fantasy series and I binge read this series in 5 days! It was freaking awesome! And the best part is the eBook box set  (that's all 5 books!) is only $9.99 on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited Users!

2. IF THE SHOE FITS by Shirley McCoy. Yes I know that cover is horrible but don't let that fool you! This is an awesome adult re-imagining of the Cinderella story except of focuses more on the step-sisters and their love lives which gets pretty steamy! Loved this one!

3. THE BIRD AND THE SWORD by Amy Harmon. Another indie fantasy that was fantastic! It's a stand alone but I fell in love with this world and characters that I'd really like to read more!

4. THE AFFILIATE by K.A. Linde. I wouldn't have picked this one up but my friend Damaris from Good Choice Reading kept saying how awesome it was. So when it went on a .99 kindle sale I grabbed it, devoured it, then was dying to get book 2! It's like The Selection Books but with magic and better IMO.

5. THE WINTER KING by C.L. Wilson. Another amazing adult high fantasy! I can't wait for the rest of the series!

6.  A DANCE OF DRAGONS Series by Kaitlyn Davis. Another indie high fantasy series! I'm reading this one right now and loving it! And the best part is you can get the starter bundle for free! But the complete eBook set (3 books plus the 4 novellas) is only $9.99 so I got that. I love her writing so much after I finish this I plan to read her other series 

7. THE NINE KINGDOMS Series by Lynn Kurland. I recently read the first 3 books and they were awesome! I'm not sure why they were marketed for the adult audience as they clearly have the crossover appeal like Maria V. Snyder's series.

8. UNKNOWN by Wendy Higgins. This is Wendy's first foray into New Adult and I'm so glad she didn't go the contemporary route. Instead we get a sci-fi story with a kick ass chick and romantic tension so thick you could cut it with a knife! I loved every page!

9. A PROMISE OF FIRE by Amanda Bouchet. I freaking loved this adult fantasy! It's a great story and very sexy!

10. THE ARCHITECT OF SONG by A.G. Howard. I know A.G. is a pretty big author but this is her first self published work and I personally think it's a favorite out of all her books! It's a historical Gothic New Adult and in typical A.G. Howard style the writing is beautiful and magical and romantic!

So what about you? What are some underrayed/hidden gems that you have read? And check back next week for my Ten.... there's no topic yet so I guess we'll have to wait and see!



  1. YES! So many favorites in your list! Especially Air Awakens and Archtect of song!

  2. I love the Air Awakens series!! I also have The Architext of Song on my TBR too :-)

  3. I have the first book in the Air Awakens series, but I haven't read it yet. But I will. Soon.. :) Great lsit, and thanks for sharing.
    Here's my TTT

  4. Wonderful list. I've not heard of a few of these authors. Thank you for sharing!


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