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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

EMPIRE OF DUST Pre-Order Campaign With a Massive Giveaway!

Ok y'all my love for this series knows no bounds so I have to share this awesome pre-order giveaway with you all! This is being sponsored by Eleanor Herman, Harlequin Teen, & Paper Lantern Lit!

Check out all the goodness! This all from Eleanor's Pre-Order Site!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the second book in the Blood of Gods and Royals series, I am hosting a pre-order game with 4 levels of prizes. Here are the rules:
  1. Everyone who pre-orders (within the US) before 6/28 gets a prize!! Everyone. All you have to do to claim your prize is email empireofdustgame@gmail.com with proof of your pre-order. (This can be a screencap of the online purchase, a photo of a receipt, etc.)
  2. Once a certain number of pre-orders have been unlocked, the game will move from prize level 1 to prize level 2. The more pre-orders we get, the quicker we’ll get to prize levels 3 and 4, and then the grand prize!

Prize Levels

1. Signed Bookplates – Limited-edition bookplates for LEGACY OF KINGS!

2. EMPIRE OF DUST Bookmarks

3. Legacy of Kings + Empire of Dust Character Cards

– I’ve created some exclusive, limited-edition character cards for LEGACY OF KINGS and EMPIRE OF DUST. Each card contains a clue for what might happen in EMPIRE OF DUST!
4. QUEEN OF ASHES, the 2nd Blood of Gods and Royals novella (100+)
Once we hit the pre-order goal for this prize, anyone who pre-orders will receive QUEEN OF ASHES, the second novella in the Blood of Gods and Royals series. This won’t be published until August, so you’ll be reading it 3 months in advance, AND it will cost money then, whereas if you pre-order EMPIRE OF DUST and send in your receipt, you’ll get it for free!
5. GRAND PRIZE: One random person who submits proof of pre-order will be selected to win a prize-pack of my favorite fantasy reads, including:
TRUTHWITCH by Susan Dennard
THE WINNER’S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski
PLUS all of the other previous prizes!

Eleanor will be updating her page when they hit each pre-order goal, signaling that the next prize is available when you pre-order. Again, all you need to do to win your gift is email proof of purchase of EMPIRE OF DUST to empireofdustgame@gmail.com. Make sure you include your name and the best address to send your prize.

Pre-Order Links

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