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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dying To Read (159)- SHADOW RUN by AdriAnne Strickland & Michael Miller

Hey y’all thanks for stopping by to see my Dying to Read post and of course as always I have to give credit to the lovely Jill over at Breaking the Spine for the Waiting on Wednesday Meme!

I know this one isn't out till 2017 but they had me a Firefly meets Dune! Seriously it's compared to 2 of the things I love most in sci-fi!

Author: AdriAnne Strickland & Michael Miller 
Release Date: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 400
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Find it: Goodreads | Amazon 
"Firefly" meets DUNE in this action-packed sci-fi adventure about a close-knit, found family of a crew navigating a galaxy of political intrigue and resource-driven power games.

Nev has just joined the crew of the starship Kaitan Heritage as the cargo loader. His captain, Qole, is the youngest-ever person to command her own ship, but she brooks no argument from her crew of orphans, fugitives, and con men. Nev can’t resist her, even if her ship is an antique. 

As for Nev, he’s a prince, in hiding on the ship. He believes Qole holds the key to changing galactic civilization, and when her cooperation proves difficult to obtain, Nev resolves to get her to his home planet by any means necessary. 

But before they know it, a rival royal family is after Qole too, and they’re more interested in stealing her abilities than in keeping her alive. 

Nev’s mission to manipulate Qole becomes one to save her, and to survive, she’ll have to trust her would-be kidnapper. He may be royalty, but Qole is discovering a deep reservoir of power—and stars have mercy on whoever tries to hurt her ship or her crew. 
So what do you think? Will you be adding this to your pile? What are you dying to read this week?


  1. Firefly meets Dune?! Woah that's the clashing of two pretty big Fandoms.I'd read this just to see how they pull that mash up off. Neat pick!

  2. I love what you have done with your blog! I have no idea what Firefly meets Dune means or if it stands for something but I can tell you that this book has got my full attention! Plus the romance is always an extra brownie point, thank you for sharing this! ^_^

  3. Not normally what I would read but it sounds amazing and I just might check it out. Happy Reading.
    Here is my WOW

  4. Woah this sounds really good! Love your blog title! And a new bloglovin' follower here!
    Check out my WoW
    ~Priyanka @ A Booklion's Hideaway

  5. Oh... this sounds really really good! Adding it to my list. Thanks for the heads up and I hope we both enjoy this book!

    Renee ~ My Wow

  6. I like that cover :D Sounds like an interesting book. <3 I hope you will end up loving it Jaime :) Stunning pick this week. <3

  7. Totally lovin' on this cover! I'm a new follower! If you'd like, please stop by and see today's brew,Cafinated Reads' WoW!

  8. Ohh great pick this is actually the first time I hear about this book and it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance. Here is my WOW pick for this week.


  9. Oh that one looks amazing! I was caught by the cover and hooked completely when I read the synopsis! It's on my TBR now :) New GFC follower! Happy reading week :)

    What I'm Waiting For

  10. The moment it mentioned that it's similar to Firefly, it definitely has captured my interest! Here's my WoW: http://rabbitearsbookblog.blogspot.com/2016/06/waiting-on-wednesday-3-empire-of-storms.html

  11. This one sounds really interesting! I think I'll have to keep it on my radar. Thanks for sharing!!

    Here's my WoW!


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