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Friday, June 5, 2015

Blog Tour- THE ORIGINALS: THE RESURRECTION by Julie Plec Elijah Mikaelson Spotlight and a Giveaway!

I am so excited to be hosting a spot on THE WITCH HUNTER blog tour! I loved this book it was everything I look for in a historical fantasy it had magic, adventure and swoons and I'm dying to get my hands on the sequel. I have a deleted scene to share with you today! And make sure to enter the giveaway to win a hardcover of the book!

Haven't heard of THE WITCH HUNTER? Check it out!

Author: Julie Plec
Pub. Date: May 26, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books
Pages: 320
Formats: Paperback, eBook, audiobook

Family is power. The Original Vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you're immortal, promises are hard to keep.
Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah Mikaelson had won it all, only to lose it again by 1788. Control of New Orleans is split between the vampires and the werewolves, much to Klaus's displeasure.
In a dangerous attempt to reclaim his home, Klaus decides to build a vampire army to take out the werewolves once and for all. If he can't have love, then he'll settle for power. Elijah lets his brother take the reins as he turns his attentions to a beautiful and mysterious witch. But Rebekah has had enough of her brothers' love of bloodshed and begins a journey to find her first home and the key to her family's immortality.

As the battles rages on, the siblings must come together and fight for what they believe in most: family.

About The Rise (Book 1):

Family is power. The Original vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you're immortal, promises are hard to keep.

Arriving in New Orleans in 1722, Original vampire siblings Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson believe they've escaped their dangerous past. But the city is lawless, a haven for witches and werewolves unwilling to share territory. The siblings are at their mercy, especially after Klaus meets the beautiful and mysterious Vivianne. Her impending marriage is key to ending the war between the supernatural factions—and Klaus's attraction to her could destroy the uneasy alliance. As Elijah works toward securing a piece of the city for his family, and Rebekah fights her unexpected feelings for a French captain, will Klaus's volatile desires bring their world crashing down—and tear them apart for good?

About The Loss (Book 2):

Family is power. The Original vampire family swore it to each other a thousand years ago. They pledged to remain together always and forever. But even when you're immortal, promises are hard to keep.

After a hurricane destroyed their city, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson have rebuilt New Orleans to even greater glory. The year is 1766. The witches live on the fringes in the bayou. The werewolves have fled. But still, Klaus isn't satisfied. He wants more. He wants power. But when Klaus finally finds a witch who will perform a spell to give him what he desires most, she secretly uses Klaus to unleash a curse—one that brings back hundreds of her ancestors—and begins a war to reclaim New Orleans. As the siblings fight off the attack, only one thing's for certain—the result will be a bloodbath.

Meet Elijah! 

Source Tumblr

Name: Elijah Mikaelson
DOB: 977 A.D
Turned: Sometime in the 10th Century
Siblings in order from oldest to youngest: Freya, Finn, Niklaus (half-brother), Kol, Rebekah, Henrik

Why did I choose to spotlight Elijah? 

Well besides the fact that he's smoking hot lol he's my favorite character. 

He is a thinker and is extremely intelligent, is an honorable noble man, is intense, has a dry sense of humor that I adore, and he's the one who tries to remain as human as he can considering his circumstances. 
Source Tumblr

Also he knows how to rock a suit! 

Source Tumblr
Mmmmm shirtless Elijah!

Source Tumblr

He is truly a middle child trying to keep the peace between his older and younger siblings. He's also fiercely protective of them and will do anything to keep his family safe from harm so do not mess with this guy or you will find yourself very dead. 

Source Tumblr

Source Tumblr

Elijah is also a romantic he's searching for that special someone and even though he's come close a few times "the one" still hasn't showed up in his life.

Source Tumblr

Source Tumblr

So is Elijah your favorite? Let me know :)


About Julie Plec:
JULIE PLEC skillfully juggles work in film and television as both a producer and a writer.  She is the co-creator and executive producer of “The Vampire Diaries” and the creator of “The Vampire Diaries” spin-off, “The Originals,” which tells the story of history’s first vampire family.

Plec got her start as a television writer on the ABC Family series “Kyle XY,” which she also produced for its three-year run.  She also collaborated with Greg Berlanti and Phil Klemmer on the CW drama, “The Tomorrow People,” the story of a small group of people gifted with extraordinary paranormal abilities.

Her screenplay adaptation “The Tiger’s Curse” is in development at Paramount, and she will produce the feature “@emma” with Darko Entertainment.  Past feature production credits include “Scream 2” and “Scream 3,” Greg Berlanti’s “Broken Hearts Club,” Wes Craven’s “Cursed” and “The Breed.”

Giveaway Details:

The team at Harlequin has put together an EPIC prize pack for this tour! One lucky winner will receive the following:

  • Harlequin Tote Bag
  • OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Polish
  • The Originals Books 1-3
  • Seasons 1-4 of The Vampire Diaries on DVD (please note season 1 is Blu-Ray).    
Please enter via the Rafflecopter form. Giveaway is open to US/Canada.

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Check out the Tour Schedule!


  1. I love this! I'm a sucker for vampires and werewolves stories!

  2. Rebekah is my fave but I love them all so... can't wait to read this final book in the trilogy. :D

  3. I have to agree with you. Elijah is pretty hot.

  4. Elijah is my favorite. Klaus has several issues. Can't blame him when he discovered he is a bastard son from his Mother's indiscretion. Rebekah is a bit spoiled but then it is difficult to forge her own destiny when she has two protective brothers.

  5. Their ALL so hot! XD
    Mary Loki

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