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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Top 10 of 2014 Day 4- Best Book Boyfriends of 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!! Today’s post is a long one so bear with me! It’s Best Book Boyfriends of 2014 (MUST be from a book released in 2014 and from a book you've READ in 2014)

And make sure to stop by my co-hosts sites Reading YA Rocks, Tales of a Ravenous Reader, and Magical Urban Fantasy Reads for their lists! Oh and make sure to sign up with the linky to share your lists! And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for some awesome prizes below!

This is by far one of the hardest categories for me! There’s so many swoon-worthy guys!!! There are no honorable mentions because my post would have been a mile long but I wish I could have added more! I’m not doing covers for this post I’m sharing quotes and scenes from the books!

1. Paul Markov  from A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU by Claudia Gray. He will always be in my heart and he will always be on my top 10 list. I had a hard time picking the perfect scene to share but I hope you enjoy!

“I remember being a part of him.” His voice is low, and soft. I lift my eyes to his. It feels both like it’s had to meet his gaze and like I could never look away. “I know we both liked the way you look for beauty I every person. Every moment. He wished he could be funny like you, sure of your words, and I do too. We both daydreamed about kissing you against a wall. Neither of us thought we ever had a chance with anyone as amazing as you. We would both do anything, give up anything, to keep you safe.”

By now my vision has blurred with tears. Paul must see that in my eyes, and he hesitates—like he feels guilty for upsetting me. But he keeps going.

“Lieutenant Markov and I are not the same man,” he says. Nobody knows that better than I do. But we’re not completely different, either. The one way we were most alike was—was how we felt about you.”

2. Prince Theron from SNOW LIKE ASHES by Sara Raasch . He is one of the newest of my book boyfriends but with 2 more books to come I’m sure he’ll make this list again next year and the year after that!

“I need a book that says 'Here's how to defeat Spring and restore power to your king, and while you're at it, here's how to prove you matter when no one else thinks you do—"

I stop. I'm staring at the bookshelves and not at Theron, and I don't think I'll ever be able to look at him again without shriveling up from embarrassment. ... I can still hear what I said hanging around me, my weak, weak admission, and I can't bring myself to breathe, let alone face him.

Theron doesn't give me a choice. He crawls up onto his knees and moves into my line of sight, his forehead wrinkled and his eyes darting over mine like he's trying to figure me out the same way he figured out that passage. After a moment of silence, he grimaces.

"You matter," is all he says.” 

3. Prince Nicholas from WINTERSPELL by Claire Legrand . Oh my poor damaged prince! When we first meet him he’s a statue but the curse is broken and we get to see him, all of him lol he’s naked when he breaks free! Check out this scene below and if you want more I have a scene from his POV here! Courtesy of Claire during the blog tour.

And now? Why should I forgive you?”

“I don’t know why.” He rubbed a hand over his face, and it aged him. “I can’t think of a single reason for you to trust me, Clara, or think me anything but a monster. But I know that when I discovered you’d gone, I lost my mind—No, not because I could no longer use you. Because I had lost YOU—your friendship, your intelligence. Sinndrie save me, your nearness.” He turned, stopped himself, turned back. It was important for her to see his face. He heart twisted. Was he sincere, or simply that same clever pretender? She despaired at ever being able to trust him. “We split off into groups to search for you, and I abandoned mine. They weren’t moving quickly enough. They didn’t love—Clara, they know you, but not as I know you. You were with me all those years.” His eyes were bright, his voice rough. It was dear and overwhelming. “You were the one friend I had. You are the one friend I have. Drosselmeyer never bothered to speak to me, not beyond the necessary. I was a burden to him, but not to you. You spoke to me. I was your friend, and you were mine. And I repaid you by thinking I could manipulate you into serving me, and for that you should kill me. I deserve nothing more than that, and I don’t say that to stir your pity. It’s what I believe.”

4. Prince Damien from  DEFY and IGNITE by Sara B Larson . Wow! My list so far has a few princes! But it has been a year of amazing high fantasies and the princes rule! Damien is so intense and I love it when he finally breaks and kisses Alexa! I’m sharing 2 small snippets! Both from DEFY since IGNITE comes out next week.

“You're perfect," He said roughly, cutting off my protest. "And if I had to do it over again, I would save you every time." His mouth closed over mine and there was no more thought. No more worry. No more pain or loss or fear. There was only Damian. His arm tightened around me, crushing me to him. I clung to him as his lips moved on mine with a need and hunger that nearly overwhelmed me.” 


“I couldn't breathe. I wanted him to keep touching me; I wanted to feel his whole body against mine again. But Rylan was here. Rylan was listening. Rylan, who had cared for me all along.

"Thank you," I said, my voice unsteady, and somehow I made myself move and turn away from his touch to stare at the tent again, my heart hammering. Rylan's back was still turned to me, but I could see how stiff he was, as if every muscle in his body was clenched.

"I hope you are able to rest well Alex," Damien said.

"You too," I said, making myself close my eyes, to pretend I was going to sleep. But inside, I thought, Rest well? Is he serious?

It was going to be a long night.” 

5. Aelyx from ALIENATED by Melissa Landers . One hot alien coming right up! Oh and I loved his interaction with Cara it was funny, Here’s a great scene!

“To be honest, I don't know what qualities you ever saw in him. I can tell why he chose you, but-"

"Oh yeah?" Cara's spirits lifted as she sensed a compliment coming on. "Why do you think he chose me?"

"It's obvious." He swept a hand to indicate her loose curls. "Your long, shiny hair, healthy skin, and bright eyes show that you're well-nourished."

"Uh, thank you?"

"I'm not finished."

"Go on then."

"You're clearly intelligent." Then he felt the need to add, "For a human."

"Gee. That's so sweet."

"But Eric was probably most attracted to your wait-to-hip ratio." For a split second, Aelyx resembled a human boy as he leaned back and peered at her caboose. "Hips of that width are likely to pass life offspring without complication."

Cara nearly swallowed her own tongue. She didn't have big hips did she?” 

6. Nolan from THE LOVELY AND THE LOST by Page Morgan. The only guy to make my list 2 years in a row! He’s possibly the sexiest hunter of demons ever! And he has a smooth Scottish accent! I heart him! This is a special scene from his POV that Page wrote for me for the blog tour! This is only a portion to read the rest click here!

Nolan leaned his forehead against hers. His father was a bloody idiot. “My da’s decision is final, so no, lass, you can’t join the Alliance. Not yet.” He brushed the tip of her pert little nose with his. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning how to fight. If it’s done between us, in private, there’s no reason anyone else has to know.”

She lifted her lips to his. Nolan took her answer as a resounding yes. He captured her bottom lip. More privacy would be nice. He searched the few alcove chapels behind them, his eyes alighting on an old confessional booth. Its doors were still intact. Perfect.

“Do you have anything you wish to confess?” he whispered in her ear.

He felt her stiffen, then draw back. He kept his eyes on the confessional and she quickly took his meaning. He guided her into the alcove chapel.

“You’re wicked. May I remind you that we are in a house of the Lord?”
Balderdash. He continued toward the confessional. “And how hospitable of him. Look, he’s provided us a room of our very own.”

7. Eight from COMPULSION by Martina Boone. This sweet southern gentleman captured my heart with his kind words and caring nature. Oh and he’s a baseball player so double win!

 He was silent, and she was suddenly afraid. Afraid that she had said too much, presumed too much, hoped too much. She rolled her capris as high as they would go, then ran toward the water. She didn’t look back until she was knee deep, which was as far as she dared. He was right behind her, his face gleaming in the kind of light that turned beautiful boys into gods. He caught her, and held her, his skin so warm and alive, she couldn’t help but melt.

“Why did you run?” he asked.

“To see if you’d come after me.”

“It scares me how willing I am to run after you. We’re both doing too much running.”

“So kiss me again.”

Her hands crept around his neck, tangling in his hair to keep him closer, even though she knew that beautiful boys with expiration dates couldn’t be held, only borrowed for a time

8. Rafe from KISS OF DECEPTION by Mary Pearson . For those who haven’t read this I can’t tell you exactly who he is because it would be spoilery but for those who have read it then they know how amazing he is!

“Please, Let me get this out while I still have the courage to say it.” The troubled crease deepened between his brows. “My life’s complicated, Lia. There are so many things that I can’t explain to you. Things you wouldn’t even want to know. But there’s one thing you could never call me.” He set the bottle and basket down on a pitch of grass. “The one thing you can never call me is repulsed by you.”

I swallowed. He closed what gap was left between us, and I had to lift my chin to see him. He looked down at me. “Because ever since that first day I met you I’ve gone to sleep every single night thinking about you, and every morning when I wake my first thoughts are of you.” He stepped impossibly closer and lifted his hands, cupping my face, his touch so gentle it was barely there. “When I’m not with you, I wonder where you are. I wonder what you’re doing. I think about how much I want to touch you. I want to feel your skin, your hair, run every dark strand through my fingers. I want to hold you, your hands, your chin.” His face drew nearer and I felt his breath on my skin. “I want to pull you close and never let you go,” he whispered.

9. Fennrys from TRANSCENDENT by Lesley Livingston. He is on my all-time book boyfriend list! I have loved him since Lesley’s Wondrous Strange series. And he always seems to end up naked or partially naked lol

“Wow,” she murmured against his lips, when he finally let her up for air. She pushed him to arm’s length and felt a wicked grin spreading across her own lips. “See?” she said. “I told you Abercrombie model was a good look on you.”

Fenn rolled his eyes heavenward.

“I swear,” he groaned. “I swear to all the gods, I was wearing a shirt not two seconds ago. And a jacket. And…” He looked down at his bare feet. “Boots. With socks inside the boots. I had to take all that off when I fell down a hill and wound up underwater. Why does this keep happening to me?”

“Do you see me complaining?”

“You never lose your clothes,” he grumbled, tugging at the scooped neckline on her tank top and pulling her closer to him. “We’re standing on a dock beside a lake and you’re not even wearing a bikini. It’s grossly unfair.”

10. Balthazar from MORTAL HEART by Robin LaFevers . I never thought I’d add another book boyfriend from Robin’s books! I thought nobody could come close to my love for Duval. But Balthazar was amazing and I really loved him with Annith!

I shrug and lower myself to the ground. “I have always been willful and stubborn. It is one of my greatest sins.”

“But is it a sin? If it allows you to survive? Endure? Prevail?”
My entire view of myself is upended by his words. So he will not see this, I snort derisively, “I do not know that this”—I gesture to my blind self sitting in my camp in the middle of nowhere— “qualifies as prevailing.”

He kisses my brow, and for some reason it makes me want to weep.

“For now, tonight, it is prevailing. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, but that is always the case, is it not?” He puts his arm around me and draws me against his chest. I hold very still.
“Are you going to seduce me?” I ask, although in truth, it would not be much of a seduction, as I need little convincing.

He leans in and rubs his cheek against my hair. “Would you like me to?”

Yes—I think, but do not quite—manage to say.

He plants a kiss behind my ear, then sighs. “Alas, no.” I hear the smile in his voice. “Not when you must spend the entire day tomorrow on horseback. I am not that selfish. Not quite.”

When the full meaning of his words sink in, I blush so furiously I give off more heat than the fire, and Balthazar laughs. Because it is only the second time I have ever heard him do so, I do not even mind—much—that it was at my expense.


  1. I haven't met any of these boyfriends and that is a shame cause I really want to. Love the quotes you shared!

  2. The only one I have been lucky enough to meet so far is Aelyx and he almost made my list as well. He is so adorable!

    Best Book Boyfriends of 2014

  3. Can't wait to read Mortal Heart cause Balthazar! There seems to be a lot of Princes lol

  4. I am so happy I have A Thousand Pieces of You waiting to be read, and my feature co-host is sending me Compulsion! Thanks for hopping by my blog. :)

  5. I only Paul from your list. I knew there was more to him than initially appeared in the beginning of the book. I can't wait to know more about him in the succeeding books. :)

  6. Ooh, I really want to read those books, they all sound great. I especially liked the quotes from Alienated!

  7. I haven't actually read any of these books YET, but I'm definitely looking forward to them :) Merry Christmas!

  8. Great list! I really liked Prince Damien in Defy but he didn't make my list. I can't wait to read the other books you have listed. Thank you for hosting and Merry Christmas!

  9. Ahh! Theron and Paul are awesome! I still haven't read the other books, but I really want to meet those awesome boys!
    Lis @ The reader lines

  10. Gosh, I should go and read all those books now!

    Here's my list- http://wp.me/p21FJY-1QX

  11. I haven't read any of these. It sounds like I am missing out on a lot of wonderful book boyfriends!

  12. I wish I'd met all of your book boyfriends, but I sadly haven't read any of these book yet. They all sound wonderful though! It's nice to have a range of different likeable guys instead of the same ones with same personalities. ;)

  13. The only one I've read is Mortal Heart and I did love Balthazar too :)


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