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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Cover Reveal- THE CLOSED TUNNEL by Anthony Harold & Deep Immersion With An Excerpt & ARC Opportunity!

Today Anthony Harold, Deep Immersion , and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for THE CLOSED TUNNEL, their new Sci-Fi book which releases October 8th, 2024! Check out the awesome cover!


On to the reveal! 

About The Book:


Author: Anthony Harold

Pub. Date: October 8th, 2024

Publisher: Deep Immersion

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Find it: Goodreads

Ink & Cinema Official selection Best First Ten Pages 2023, USA. 

Based on real materials. 

What if we told you that 3,000 feet underground is a network of high-tech cities connected by tunnels? Yes, right now. 

Feel the forgotten vibe of the TV series Lost, unlock a jar of puzzles in the wave of The Da Vinci Code, and prepare for a journey into the depths like in Wool/Silo! 


The main character of this story, Tony from New York, accepts a job from the strange head of a pharmaceutical company. It takes him first to the National Geophysical Research Lab on Long Island and then—unexpectedly!—underground.

He finds himself in Luxor Ville, the city of the elite, and explores Hearton City with genius scientists presumed dead or missing on the Surface.

Meanwhile, in the ancient tunnels, the world's greatest physicists are conducting an unbelievable experiment that should redefine our understanding of the laws of the universe…


-          Why are the richest people buying up the last subterranean luxury apartments?

-          How are NASA and Neil Armstrong connected to the underground world?

-          How does the hostess of the Elusive Cafe predict the future? 

And is there a common secret that unites Hearton City's inhabitants, or is it an illusion? 


The Closed Tunnel units the author’s own inventions, suspense, fantasy elements, physical experiments connected to the Montauk Project, mystery and thriller, fashion (!), real underground wonders, and a pinch of spice.

There are diverse characters, multiple POVs, Elusive Cafe, an ancient board game, scientifically created oracle cards, and a central question: whom to trust.


Excerpt from the sci-fi book The Closed Tunnel by Anthony Harold

 Luxor Ville, an underground city for the elite.
3,000 feet beneath Long Island, New York.

Anita Rosenberg

Anita’s life consisted of attempts to live as if someone were drawing a sketch of her, only to erase it halfway through and start over. She wanted to be a fashion designer. Every now and then, depending on her mood, Anita would try to create her clothing collection on a digital board, but it always turned out to be a disaster.


Maybe things would have been different if there had been global Wi-Fi underground, not just a limited intranet. Yes, she received fashion magazines from the Surface every Monday, but they only made her realize that her imagination was never enough to conjure up something radically new. Perhaps Anita had concepts, but visualizing them was a particular challenge. She could have asked Frances to teach her to draw, but that idea was beneath her dignity.


Anita was thirty-seven and had never worked a day in the traditional sense. Initially, she aspired to study communications. On the day of her entrance interview, she bumped into Harry Rosenberg, a professor of quantum electromechanics, in the university’s hallway. Their private conversation went remarkably well. She pursued her studies for only a year before Harry secured a big, lucrative project involving underground tunnels.


Overexcited, Anita eagerly abandoned her studies. She moved into Harry’s mansion and spent several years hosting extravagant parties while her husband was away on business. She quickly gained two million followers by posting about her lifestyle and promoting various fashion items. It became an endless cycle of addiction to likes and soulless parties where she felt alone in a crowded room. But this was her drug, her breath of fresh air, her only proof of existence.


She sincerely tried other ways to leave a mark, even compiling her Instagram posts into a book that became a bestseller among her husband’s friends and her lovers.


Then came pregnancy, miscarriage, existential crisis, and eventually, her upgraded flawless body in exchange for her consent to be buried alive underground with Rosenberg.


On the one hand, Anita knew she could have accomplished more if she’d known how. But she told herself that her life was meaningless anyway. She consciously chose to be the kind of person who gave little thought to how lipstick got to the store or where the food in her refrigerator came from. She didn’t worry about the feelings of waiters and couriers, while at the same time trying not to be rude to them.


For rudeness, she had Rosenberg.


He promised her an even more opulent life here in Luxor Ville, anything she desired, even her own separate apartment. The catch was that Anita no longer knew what she wanted. More and more, she looked to the bottom of her wine glass for answers.


And then she thought, If I can't find the true meaning and joy of life on the surface, what are the chances they are buried beneath it? Anita had no idea but decided to try. Going underground is supposed to be even cooler than heading to Mars, right? The prospect of creating tons of exclusive content for social media excited her.


Marketers promoted Luxor Ville not just as a bunker to escape global threats, but as a vast underground city where you could continue to live your best life.


However, no one had told her that there would be no Internet underground. Just like on Mars.


But even before she got bored, Anita witnessed celebrities and members of America's wealthiest families descend upon the city. They had a blast at Luxor Ville, but a year later, everyone had left as quickly as they had arrived.


That was when Anita found out about the Plan.



About Anthony Harold:

Anthony Harold is the author of the upcoming sci-fi sensation The Closed Tunnel. This book explores underground cities connected by ancient tunnels and will hit shelves in October 8, 2024.

Anthony holds a Master's degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Economics. He has an impressive background of nearly 15 years in the space industry, including developing space-based laser systems and managing finances for a rocket company.

Anthony dislikes most modern movies due to plot holes, so he prefers to read and, better yet, write. He's passionate about delving into the mysteries of Earth, exploring ancient history, and studying the wonders of techno-civilization.

He lives in Cyprus with his grown son, a lively Jack Russell terrier, and his talented wife, who doubles as his editor and marketer. Anthony enjoys spending his free time on the tennis court, jogging along the coast, and fishing. 

Website | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube


Newsletter (opportunity to receive FREE eBook - ARC - for first subscribers): https://www.theclosedtunnel.com/about/emails-from-underground

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