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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Cover Reveal- BROKEN by Kaitlyn Legaspi With An Excerpt

Today Kaitlyn Legaspi and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for BROKEN, her new YA  fantasy book which releases SOON! Check out the awesome cover and enter the giveaway!


On to the reveal! 

About The Book:

Title: BROKEN (Card Holders Book 4)

Author: Kaitlyn Legaspi

Pub. Date: TBD

Publisher: Kaitlyn Legaspi

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Find it: GoodreadsPurchase the first 3 books, Kaitlyn’s Store

The world of the fifty-two domains finds itself fractured.

After the awakening of the rogue leader’s powers and the invasion of the dark creatures known as Vain, Neela answers the summons of the Card Holder of the Ace of Spades. He seeks to rigorously hone and strengthen her powers for the arduous battles to come as she plays her part in the prophecy of sibling gods.

Neela is put through a series of trials that not only challenge her physical abilities, but push her to an emotional limit. Doubts of past decisions fester as her morals are tested. Her fears of becoming someone unrecognizable grow with each passing day. As she reflects on her unsettling changes and increasing isolation, she can’t help but think…

Just one small push could send her plummeting over the edge.



I never thought about it much, but… I’d always known I had my fair share of weaknesses, just like anyone else. I knew I could be hot-headed and impatient at times. I was just as unconfident in my physical appearance as the next teenage girl, and I sucked at socializing with strangers. I just hated interacting with new people, really, especially when my interactions with them had no deeper meaning other than to get acquainted for the sake of maintaining a shallow advantage.

               I also knew I was still pretty naïve when it came to romantic relationships. Had I improved in my knowledge? Yes, especially since meeting Amil and my other friends, namely Mori and Val, but… maintaining a healthy relationship? Being a good significant other? Making sacrifices for my supposed life partner? Outside of my parents’ and Lily and Will’s relationships, I’d never witnessed a healthy romantic relationship. I’d only ever been an outside viewer, never fully recognizing or understanding the intricacies of their interactions, let alone love itself. It was scary… not knowing what a relationship could be like until you got into one. And… I felt bad for Amil. He’d been waiting for so long, and I could only imagine how much longer he would have to.

               Still, among these weaknesses and many more, there was only one I could see truly leading to my downfall. The compassion I was known for… suddenly, I wasn’t so sure if it was a strength. In a time where I had to kill in order to survive, to gain and maintain an advantage, showing compassion towards my enemy just might’ve gotten me killed. I hated my fragile heart.

               That condition I’d placed on my Heart Stone, that condition that arose from the depths of my precious compassion… I found myself regretting it more every single day.


About Kaitlyn Legaspi:

Kaitlyn Legaspi is the self-published author of the ongoing Card Holders series, a young adult urban fantasy series, and the Dark Irregular Trilogy, a young adult fantasy trilogy she wrote in middle school and is currently rewriting. Writing passionately on a daily basis, she plans on adding more to her repertoire in the near future. In addition to writing, Kaitlyn enjoys singing, trying new recipes, and reading whatever has caught her interest. Currently, she is working on publishing the fourth book of her Card Holders series, Broken. 

Website | Instagram | Goodreads

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