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Friday, March 9, 2018

Blog Tour- SPIRIT WOMAN by Zara Quentin An Exclusive Scene & Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the blog tour for SPIRIT WOMAN by Zara Quentin!

I have an excerptto share with you today! And make sure to enter the giveaway below!

Haven't heard of SPIRIT WOMAN? Check it out!

Author: Zara Quentin
Pub. Date: January 30, 2018
Publisher: Zara Quentin
Pages: 355
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Find it: AmazonB&NiBooksGoodreads
A missing dragon. A friend in mortal danger. A young woman’s quest to save them both…

Jade Gariq is wanted for treason. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of her uncle, she’s hiding in the Premyan jungle. Separated from her mother and brothers, at least she’s safe and alive—for now. But when a friend falls suddenly ill, and her fate is linked to the mysterious disappearance of a Dragon-God, Jade cannot hide any longer.

Sent beyond the Portal, Jade is not the only one searching for the Dragon-God. She faces invisible cities, a criminal underworld, and an old enemy disguised as a friend. To make matters worse, she’s a wanted criminal with a reward out for her capture. It will take all of Jade’s determination to pursue her quest. Can she evade her enemies and find the Dragon-God before death claims her friend?

Spirit Woman is the second book in the Airwoman series. If you like being immersed in captivating worlds, compelling characters, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love the latest in Zara Quentin’s action-packed adventures.

Buy Spirit Woman today and let your imagination soar!

Now on to the excerpt!

This is the opening scene of Spirit Woman from Axel’s (Jade’s love interest from Airwoman) point of view. Axel and Jade are taking refuge on the world of Premye.

Axel moved through the rainforest, brushing the tangled vines from his path. The Premyan healer, Namaje, had waved a hand in this general direction when he’d asked where Jade had gone. Finally, he heard a rustling sound.

He hesitated a moment, listening intently. Someone was moving about not far ahead. He ran a hand through his buzzed hair. Now that he’d found Jadeprobably Jadehe faced a moment of terrible indecision. He hovered, pulled between going to her and turning around to return to camp. The same feelings hed struggled with so many times since theyd returned to Premye after the confrontation with Zorman Gariq in the Ingresston Temple.

Part of him wanted to tell her. He should tell her. That part of him was almost as strong as the fear. The other part screamed warnings: she would never accept his terrible secret; he would lose her.

Axel swallowed. He turned back, then cursed himself for a coward.

Jade had faced her own uncle, even knowing that he would try to kill her. Now he couldn’t even tell her the truth. What kind of man did that make him? He couldn’t be worthy of her and keep the truth from her. He knew it.

Axel turned resolutely towards the sound again. He was sure it was Jade up ahead. The Premyans didn’t make that kind of noisethey were virtual ghosts as they moved around.

The sound of a knife splitting wood made the hairs on his arms stand upright. He forced his feet forwards and he pulled aside a dangling vine to see Jade standing in a patch of sunlight.

The light highlighted the soft curl of her hair as it fell around her chin, turning it from a chestnut brown into a golden color. He watched her in silence for a moment since she hadn’t seen him yet. Even from this distance, Axel noticed that every muscle in her body was tensed as though ready to spring into action. Her expression was clouded, her chin lifteddefiant, but not unafraid.

Axel followed the line of her gaze and saw her knife sticking out from the trunk of a tree. A brief smile touched his lipshed taught her how to do that.

“Target practice?” His voice sounded rough, as though it had been a long time since he’d spoken. Perhaps it had been. The Premyans weren’t a talkative bunch and while they stayed here, Jade was his main source of company. When she was absent, he felt uncomfortable, as though he didn’t belong.

Jade jumped at the sound of his voice, but when they made eye contact, she gave him the shy smile that always warmed him from the inside.

She flushed slightly as she reached for the bow slung at her back. “Archery. I was just warming up first.” Jade drew a bow from her quiver. There was still tension in her stance, and the shadow of a frown on her face as she stared at her makeshift target. Axel had the sudden feeling that he was alone in the rainforest, that the woman in front of him was aiming at a different target, far away from here. He felt a sudden frisson of fear. Jade was his anchor, his safe harbor.

Abruptly, he was a little boy again, alone in the world and desperate to belong.

“Make you feel better?” Axel asked, just to break the silence. Just to bring her back to him.

Jade didn’t move. Her gaze didn’t even flicker as she stared deep into the distance. The muscles of her shoulders were taut as she held the arrow, keeping maximum tension on the bowstring.

Axel took a shaky breath and took several quick steps forward, then put a hand on the back of her neck. “Jade, love,” he whispered.

In response, Jade swung around and aimed her arrow directly at his heart.

About Zara:
Zara Quentin is the author of Airwoman, the first book in the Airwoman series. She was raised in Adelaide, Australia, with one younger sister. Zara grew up with a strong sense of adventure, which she inherited from her parents, who took her and her sister on trips to the United States, Europe, and Asia.

She also inherited a love of reading from her mother. Throughout her childhood she explored fictional places through books, and in particular, through fantasy novels. She’d turn the black and white text on the page into the colourful worlds of her imagination.

After graduating from high school, Zara studied at the University of Adelaide and has lived in France, London, and Auckland, New Zealand. She is always determined to fit in as much travel as possible, spending time in Europe, the United States, southern Africa, Morocco, Peru, the Pacific and south-east Asia. 

Zara now resides in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three children. She is currently working on the next instalment in the Airwoman series.

Find Zara:

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  1. I went camping on the weekend and was out of range all weekend but hope you enjoyed this special alternate opening for Spirit Woman! Want to ask me something? I’d be happy to answer in the comments. Thanks for having me Jaime!


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