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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blog Tour- TEMPER by Beck Nicholas

Hey y'all! I have a guest post from Beck Nicholas, author of the awesome sci-fi book TEMPE! Oh and stick around for the giveaway!

Haven't heard of TEMPER?Check it out!

Title: TEMPER (Lifer #2)
Author: Beck Nicholas
Pub. Date: February 23, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books
Pages: 300
Formats: Paperback, eBook

Free from the spaceship and reunited with Samuai, Asher should be happy. But thoughts of her dead family weigh heavily on her mind.

Things worsen when temper problems in camp lead to a murder. When Asher volunteers to get the drug need to calm people down, tension ignites.

Loyalties are questioned.

Jealousy rears its head. Sparks fly.

And when rumor of a second ship hits close to home, all bets are off.

Have the aliens returned? Is this the end of everything Asher has ever known?

Now on to the post! I asked Beck...

If you had to evacuate earth on a spaceship right now what is the one thing that you MUST take with you?

Thanks for having me here today. Temper revolves around the aftermath of the Upheaval, where they believe aliens triggered earthquakes and other natural disasters. This resulted in the launch of the Pelican – a multigenerational spaceship – to give humanity another chance.

If I had to leave Earth right now I’d pack my family first. As much as they regularly drive me insane I’d want them in this fresh start. I’d bring my adored dog, Mat. He’s a very well-behaved border collie cross and loves inside, so the internals of a spaceship would suit him just right. As long as he could be with people and be fed it would be bliss. Although he’d be hanging out to get to another planet to chase a ball.

I’d take my photos and stories and the couple of pieces of jewellery my mother left me to remind me of her. I’d load my ereader with books for the journey and I would need something to write my stories down on. Which means I’d need my critique partners and writing friends too.

I should take my running shoes but they might have to stay behind in favour of my chocolate frog that I’m saving from my trip to Harry Potter World. Also I’d need some Fruchocs – a south Australian delicacy of apricot/peach dipped in chocolate. Maybe I’d need those running shoes after all.

About Beck:

I always wanted to write.  I’ve worked as a lab assistant, a pizza delivery driver and a high school teacher but I always pursued my first dream of creating stories. Now, I live with my family near Adelaide, halfway between the city and the sea, and am lucky to spend my days (and nights) writing young adult fiction.

Connect with the Author: 

Giveaway Details:

·        Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Temper by Beck Nicholas (INT)

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Go to Chapter by Chapter to check out the Tour Schedule for more awesome posts!

Grab book 1 now!

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  1. The first book is already on my TBR list. It sounds amazing! These are the kind of books that I love, so I hope to read it soon. And also I LOVE the covers! So beautiful! ♥


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