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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Top 10 of 2015 Sign Up For All The Fun! Plus an Awesome Giveaway!

WOW! Has the year flown by or what? I can’t believe we’re ready for another fun filled week where we look back at some of the best of all things books of 2015 and what books we’re looking forward to in 2016! Last year was a blast co-hosting the event with some of my favorite fellow bloggers –Rachel from FiktshunMindy from Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, and NancyfromTales of a Ravenous Reader! We’re so excited to have everyone back this year! And always a thanks goes out to our original co-hosts Lisa from A Life Bound By Books and Jessica from Confessions of a Bookaholic who will not be hosting the event with us due to their busy lives we hope they’ll be back in 2016!

Oh and this year we've added a giveaway for some highly anticipated 2016 ARC's for everyone who signs up to participate!

The event runs for five consecutive days, the second to last week of the year. Five days of some of our favorite lists and we invite ALL of YOU to join in on the fun and share your lists with everyone too!

Each day of the event we hope you’ll visit one of the hosting blogs and share your list with the Linky that will be provided. Just be sure you follow which lists goes on which day. Speaking of... here’s what we’re doing for this year’s event!

Monday, December 21st – Best Books I’ve Read in 2015 (Doesn’t have to be released in 2015, just a book you’ve read in 2015)

Tuesday, December 22nd – 
Best Book Covers of 2015 (MUST be a book released in 2015. Would be best if it’s a book you’ve READ in 2015, but it’s not required)

Wednesday, December 23rd – 
Best ________ Of 2015 (Readers/Bloggers choice. Please fill in the blank with ONE of these topics – Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POV’s, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys or Debuts. REMEMBER – this list MUST be from books you’ve READ in 2015)

Thursday, December 24th – 
Best Book Boyfriends of 2015 (MUST be from a book released in 2015 and from a book you’ve READ in 2015)

Friday, December 25th – 
Top 10 Books I’m looking forward to in 2016. (This list should be comprised of books released ONLY in 2016)

How you do these posts/lists is totally up to you. What books, covers and characters you pick are all your own.

The only rules to follow are posting the topics on the dates we’ve provided.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking. That this will be hard to keep to 10. Some of you might like to break the lists up a bit. Working with a Top 10 for YA books and then a Top 10 for New Adult or Adult titles. Feel free to add honorable mentions if you’re also having a hard time sticking to 10. However, with the honorable mentions, please try to keep it to a minimum or it kind of defeats the whole purpose of things.

Our main focus of this event is for YOU to join in and share your lists with us all and for everyone to visit each other’s blogs’ and see what books have made it on THEIR lists.

The event is simple. Follow the dates and list topics as provided and fill out the linky below. This gives us an idea who will be joining us for the Top 10 week. THEN, be sure to come back to one of our blogs on each of the five days and link up your post for that specific day! Just remember, each day will have a linky for THAT Top 10 topic.

Also, you don’t want to miss a day during the event. We just might have some giveaways up our sleeves and joining in the event, keeping up with ours and everyone lists just might help you enter to win! Additional giveaway details to follow, so keep checking back to find out what we’re giving away and when!

Top 10 of 2015

And don’t forget to snag our button and to help spread the word for the event. We’d love to have anyone and everyone join us this year. The more the merrier! 

NOTE: this is the SAME Linky on each of the Co-Hosts Blogs, so please only enter your Name, Blog Name and URL on one blog. Thanks!

We hope everyone who reads this will be as excited for this event as we are and we can't wait to check out all of your lists!

Giveaway Details:

Giveaway is ONLY open to those who've signed up to participate.

Must be 13 or older to enter

Giveaway is US ONLY

Giveaway is open until December 20th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific

Prizes will be sent separately from each of the four hosts to the winner via Media Mail.

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  1. Yay so excited for this again! Thanks for hosting as usua! Xoxox

    1. My fav are also Best Villain and Most anticipated of 2016, although that one is going to REALLY tough this year.

  2. I forgot to put my blog's name in the linky list, but it's just smiling_ina's bookish corner. :) Super excited to be joining the fun this year. :D

  3. My favorite posts of the year! Can't wait for another fun week. I think my favorite post is top 10 books of the year. I either to get to fangirl with other bloggers or add more books to the TBR list. <3

  4. I'm most excited for "Top 10 Books I'm Looking Forward to in 2016" because I know there are soo many to choose from and it will be fun to try to get that anywhere near 10! Hah!

  5. Probably the best boyfriends list. I love me some good book boyfriends! :)

  6. I think book covers of 2015 is the one I am looking forward to the most. There were some stunning covers this year!!!

  7. Top 10 for 2016 since I am always excited for a next amazing read!

  8. I'm most excited to do the post for 2016 because there's so MANY I'm looking forward to!!!!!

  9. I am excited to do all of them! :)

    (My Linky posted before I finished typing. So "Amber" is suppose to be "Amber & Jessica @ The Book Bratz)

  10. I'm excited to do the first day since I finally read some books that everyone has been talking about. Thanks for hosting this again!!

  11. The best books of 2016!! I have a lot of books to decide between.

  12. Awesome giveaway! Thanks so much!! Really looking forward to all the post this year!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a art of it!!
    Beth @ Curling Up With A Good Book

  13. I am most excited for my top ten of 2015 post! I have only read 51 books this year, so it's interesting to toil this out whereas I have read 100 books in years past!

  14. This is my first time participating in one of these! Really looking forward to the book boyfriends post.


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