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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (27)- My Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet.

Hi thanks for stopping by!!! And welcome to my Top 10 Tuesday post! 

Thanks to the lovely ladies at The Broke And The Bookish for creating this weekly meme!

Here's this week's topic.

May 12: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet. I have met a ton of authors hell most of my goodreads read list I've met but this is a group who have eluded me so far.

1. Maria V. Snyder. You'd think that we would have met since we've been online friends for years but nope she never comes to the west coast and I rarely travel east grrrrr.

2. J.K. Rowling. Who doesn't want to meet the creator of Harry Potter?

3. Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki. You'd think because I'm their publicist I would have met them. Nope just via phone calls and online stuff.

4. Cat Winters. We always seem to miss each other.

5. Wendy Higgins. Another online friend whom I've never met.

6. Gena Showalter. Love all of her books! I would have tote bags full of stuff for her to sign!

7. Kresley Cole. I love her Arcana Chronicles and can't wait to meet her.

8. Lesley Livingston. Another online friend whom I've never met. Plus I swear she never leaves Canada lol

9. A.G. Howard. Another online friend whom I've never met. 

10. Susan Ee. This chick lives a couple hours away from me and I still have yet to meet her!

So this is my list. What about you? What books do you think you'll never read?

And come back next week for my Top Ten Tuesday Freebie ahhhh I can never decide what to do!



  1. I want to meet A.G. Howard but she stays pretty much in the same area. I have met a few off of your list. I know how much you love Maria so I really hope you can meet her someday soon.


  2. A.G. Howard and J.K. Rowling are on my list as well! You have a nice mix of people on here, most of which I haven't read anything by yet.


  3. I would love to meet A.G Howard as well. I think she's wonderful! :-) Great list! My TTT!

  4. JK Rowling was also on my list, I think everyone who has read Harry Potter wants to meet JK Rowling!
    My TTT: https://www.jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/top-ten-tuesday-4/

  5. JK Rowling is on my list too :)

  6. I would love to meet Maria V Snyder! Such an awesome list, I love your choices!
    My TTT

  7. I'd love to meet Maria V Snyder. That would be so cool! Great list :) My TTT

  8. Ahaha 'she never leaves Canada' ! That's hilarious! I loved Lesley Livingston's Wondrous Strange series! I got a chance to meet Lesley in Toronto when those books were released and she was so fun! Really animated and loved to talk with everyone! I really hope you get a chance to meet her too! Thanks for sharing ;P

  9. I love seeing Rowling crop up everywhere--just shows how many of us are connected through great books!

    My Top Ten Tuesday


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