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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outpost Blog Tour and a Giveaway!

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to be a part of the Outpost Blog Tour! I absolutely love this series check out my review of Outpost and see why! Also I just think Ann Aguirre is a rockstar! This woman don’s so many different author hats I don’t know how she does it so I decided to ask her about it along with some other questions check it out! And below fill out the Rafflecopter form for a chance to win a paperback of Enclave and a Hardcover of Outpost thanks to the lovely peeps at Macmillan!

Ann Aguirre is a national bestselling author with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, two cats, and one very lazy dog. She likes all kinds of books, emo music, action movies and Dr. Who. She writes urban fantasy (the Corine Solomon series), romantic science fiction (the Jax series), apocalyptic paranormal romance (the Ellen Connor books with Carrie Lofty), paranormal romantic suspense (as Ava Gray), and post-apocalyptic dystopian young adult fiction.

1     So you’re a busy lady with your different books! How do you find the time to write them all and be online tweeting and on facebook talking to your loyal readers?

I set a schedule and do my best to keep to it. Between my work, my family, home and other social obligations, I don't have a lot of free time. I put in a lot of hours—and it doesn't stop at five. I work early; I work late after I get home from a cocktail party. Whatever it takes to get the job done, I do it. Sometimes I do have to step back and let my emails sit a little longer or dial back on the Twitter presence while I'm drafting, but I'm confident my readers know I'll be back as soon as I can. They want the books, I reckon.

    I know I can’t be too spoilery for the people who haven’t read Outpost but can you give us any hints about what’s coming in Horde? Because that ending?!?!

Heh. Yes, it's going to be tough waiting for the conclusion, I think, but that's somewhat the point. I want people really eager to find out how the saga wraps up next year. I'll give you this hint, though: Deuce will be reunited with Stone and Thimble. If you haven't read the Endurance novella to find out more about how the latter two left College, you should check that out before Horde is released.

I know you have another YA series in the works the Beauty Trilogy. What’s it about?

This was pitched as Doctor Faustus meets Mean Girls, set in a dark world of secret societies, twisted bargains, and forbidden love. The heroine is named Edie, and the hero is called Kian. It’s insanely complex in what my agent calls the “down the rabbit hole” way. I will say that it's definitely a YA romance, but I feel a little superstitious about this project, and I don’t want to leak too many details until I get the first book finished.

Tell me about some of the books you've read lately? What’s really caught your eye?

I'm in love with Kristen Callihan's new series, absolutely amazing paranormal historical romance. If you didn't know that was a thing, join the club and then go buy her books. They are SO GOOD. I also loved Delilah S. Dawson's debut, Wicked as They Come. In the YA area, I loved Jennifer Echol's Such a Rush, Adorkable by Sara Manning, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, and Grave Mercy by R.L. Lafevers.

Ok so a question about my favorite character in Enclave and Outpost. Yep you knew I couldn't let you leave without a Stalker question lol. So who was your inspiration for his character? And will there be love for the big guy in the future?

Heh, I'm always confused when people tell me they like Stalker. I understand the hate and vitriol. The love I find a bit perplexing. He's awful and hateful in the beginning, and then when you realize he's had no exposure to kindness or gentle ways, you might feel a bit sorry for him. I don't know that I had any particular inspiration for him, but I'm definitely asking a philosophical question with his character, regarding nature versus nurture. How can his gang be expected to be kind or moral when they've become near feral, concerned only with survival at its basest level? That said, I'm also exploring whether it's possible to change, once you realize there's something better out there. Unfortunately, the question regarding his future is a spoiler. 

Do you listen to music when you write? What’s your Outpost playlist look like?

Sometimes I do. And yes! Here it is: http://www.mixpod.com/playlist/73760603

If you were to cast the main characters from Enclave and Outpost who would your dream cast be?

I think it would be more interesting to have readers of the interview do this! Maybe we can give away a copy of Outpost to a random commenter if they present their dream cast for the movies. Thoughts?
I say awesome! Brilliant idea! So comment away with your dream cast for Enclave and Outpost below!

What’s your favorite snack to eat while you’re writing? Do you have a writing cave?

This is a little embarrassing, but I'm all about the Diet Pepsi and Hot Nuts. Yeah, I really typed that.

So. Yep. Right now, no, but in the new place we just bought, I have an incredibly gorgeous office with a phenomenal view. I can't wait to move.

What’s it like to live in Mexico?

Like anywhere else, it has its ups and downs. I love the climate because it’s so temperate. And I love rainy season because you can set your watch by it. You know you need to have your errands done by afternoon and be holed up to watch it storm. There’s a raw loveliness to it that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

People here are charming as well. The pace is quite different from the US. People aren’t in a hurry. The work will still be there tomorrow. Life is festive. Parties spill out into the streets. People dance at the drop of a hat. Folks tend to be exuberant, lively, and animated. (That’s not to say that nobody here is ever surly.)

On my block, there are often itinerant musicians, peddlers selling homemade crafts like pottery, baskets and rugs, and there’s a man who peddles a bicycle cart, while calling out, 
“Tamales! Burritos! Tortillas! Good Oaxaca cheese!” and if you come out to meet him, you can buy your supper off the back of his bike. He keeps the food warm in insulated pots.

The worst thing about living here is trying to navigate. Streets are not always well marked and I suck at reading maps, even when streets are clearly marked. But I’m making progress. Every day I learn something new. It makes life an adventure, which is fine by me.

 Ok so I also have some fun stuff to share! Check out the Enclave and Outpost trailers!!!!!

Ann Aguirre wrote a short story, Endurance, that takes place in the same world, but focuses on Thimble and Stone, and bridges the gap betweenEnclave and Outposthttp://us.macmillan.com/endurance-1/AnnAguirre

Make sure to check out the Fall 2012 Fierce Reads campaign Ann is a part of it and, she will be going on a multi-city and multi-author tour in September. Details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/FierceReads/events and check out the Fierce Reads Trailer!

And if you want a peak at Outpost you can find a chapter excerpt on the Fierce Reads Fan Page: https://apps.facebook.com/fiercereads/Exclusives

A free Fall 2012 Fierce Reads chapter sampler for e-readers is now available for download, which includes Outposthttp://us.macmillan.com/fiercereadsfall2012chaptersampler/GenniferAlbin

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Fill out the Rafflecopter and remember to comment about your Enclave/Outpost dream casts for your chance to win! Good luck!

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  1. I honestly wouldn't know where to begin with a cast for enclave! I haven't read outpost yet but it sounds really awesome it's next on my TBR :)

  2. I haven't read Enclave or Outpost yet. However, based on the trailer I would choose Kate Bekinsale as Deuce and Zac Efron as her love interest! This series sounds amazing and I'm adding it to my TBR List!

  3. Boy, that's a tough question! I haven't read Outpost yet (cannot WAIT to get it!) ... but, for now at least, I'd say Dakota Fanning as Deuce and Graham Phillips as Fade :)

    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

  4. Christina K. in the rafflecopter

    I haven't read either book yet, so I can't help with casting, but after the summaries I'd like Nina Dobrev as Deuce and Chace Crawford as FAde.

    Thank you:)

  5. I know it's not possible since she is doing Hunger Games, but Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenal. So, instead, I think Hailee Steinfeld for Deuce. I...have no idea for the others.

  6. I think Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars would be a great Deuce and Douglas Booth from BBC Great Expectations would be a great Fade

  7. Hmm...this is always hard, but I think for Deuce, I'd pick Hailee Steinfeld...she was awesome in True Grit. And for Fade, I'd pick Stephen R. McQueen from TVD...he's tough, but he could also pull off the softer side of Fade. Maybe Alexander Ludwig (Cato from THG) for Stalker. And for Tegan...um, Nina Dobrev. Great interview...I LOVED Outpost...no Middle Book Syndrome here. :)

  8. I think Paul Wesley would make a great Fade. I'm not so sure about Deuce....

  9. You know, I'm still up in the air about that but my niece says Lucy Hale as Deuce. :-)

  10. I am going to say the boy that plays Keven Eleven for Stalker and Other guy that plays ben as Fade...girls I have no clue.

  11. I have no idea... I'm still reading the book :P

  12. Felicity Jones as Deuce and Daniel Sharman as Fade.

  13. Your post is great to read. I was wondering if you want a giveaway?

  14. I haven't read Enclave yet so I don't have a dream cast but I just bought it for my Nook so I'll get right to it :).

  15. I'm a fan of the unknown so I think I'd prefer to see fresh faces in the Enclave cast so that there are no preconceived notions! Loved Enclave and can't wait for Outpost! Thanks for sharing the trailers... First time I've seen them!

  16. I haven't read either book yet so it's difficult to say.

  17. I don't know who I would pick because I haven't read either book yet. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  18. I don't know because I haven't read it yet (I actually just bought the first one for my sister for...I can't say the C-word 'cause I hate rushing it and hate winter, but I got the book on sale!).

  19. I haven't read Enclave yet so I have no idea who I would pick but I love the other suggestions!

  20. I actually haven't had the chance to read them yet, but I soooooo want to!!! :)

  21. I'm with M.A.D and I would probably choose either Dakota Fanning as Deuce or possibly even Nina Dobrev, but that is the only one that I could cast at this point and time.

  22. I havent had the chance to read Enclave yet but would love to!

  23. Enclave has been on my TBR list forever. I just haven't had the opportunity to read it yet. Awesome interview and giveaway <3

  24. This is soooo not a cop out but I haven't read this series yet, either *hangs head in shame* I have Ms. Aguirre's Grimspace sitting on my shelf waiting but I can't seem to get to that one, either! UGH!

    Awesome interview, btw!! I can't imagine living in Mexico! I lived in Maine and that was like a another country but at least it was in the US. I can't imagine what it's like dealing with businesses over here from Mexico (like publishers, etc). It's all a trade off to live the good life ;) jealous!!

  25. I'm not sure who I would cast! I'd have to see it to see if they suit.

  26. I haven't read them yet, but I am sure that there is a part in there for Jonny Lee Miller. ;-)

  27. I don't know, I haven't read them yet. Hoping I can win this giveaway and finally get started on them! ;-)

  28. I'd like to see a younger version of Eliza Dushku as Deuce and Steven R. McQueen as Fade. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Since I haven't read Enclave or Outpost yet, i dont know who i would cast just yet.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I like the previous suggestions of Nina Dobrev or Lucy Hale as Deuce; as for who would play Fade...I would say Ian Somerhalder...but maybe he's too old.

  31. I don't know because I haven't read this series yet, but some of my favorite actors/actresses are Emma Stone and Alex pettyfer



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