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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

BBAW Day 2- Interview Nancy from Simple Clockwork

Hello! Today I have Nancy from Simple Clockwork here to answer some interview questions. I’ve never met Nancy before online or in person and I had never heard of her blog so; this was an awesome opportunity to meet a new blogger and pick her brain.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m Nancy. I have different nicknames by different sets of friends but I’m generally called by my complete name. I enjoy books, writing, blogging, food, and driving. I spend more money and time on books than what other people deem as reasonable. Recently, I discovered that, as a reader, I’m a hybrid product of a “bookophile” and a “book-buster”. As a bookophile, I just love books of all ages—how they smell, look, and feel—the result of which is an occasional impulsive book-buying spree. As a book-buster, I have lots of them strewn all over my room, but I love them too much to destroy them (which is why I also have a Kindle).

How did you start blogging? And how long have you been doing it?

I’m a fairly new book blogger who enjoys short stories, Philippine literature, children’s and middle-grade books, Christian fiction, romance, and a bit of YA. I have been blogging since October last year. I could say I’m an accidental book blogger. Simple Clockwork started out a personal journal which evolved into a book blog after I discovered a community of book bloggers via bookblogs.ning.com. So far, I’m enjoying what I’m doing, continuously amazed by how supportive the international book blogging community is.

So what is your favorite genre to read and why?

My current favorite genres are short stories and Philippine literature, and even poetry, which I used to dislike very much. I host The Short Story Initiative at my blog and partnered with Mel U of The Reading Life to feature very old Filipino short stories. But really, anything goes. I mean, there are times when I like to read YA for a month then romance the next. Recently, I enjoy graphic novels about local and foreign mythologies, fairies, and the like. A dose of the supernatural can really be exhilarating.

What's your favorite book? Movie?

Now this is tough. There are so many! For novels, I think Linnet and the Prince by Alyson Holman is a really good fantasy and romance deal, although underappreciated from my point of view. I would also go for short stories by O. Henry and Oscar Wilde. For movies, Mulan would be part of the top list along with other romantic comedies, such as “He’s just not that into you” and “The Break-up”. Sounds like sad titles, huh? I assure you, I’m in happy relationship of eight years.

What's your favorite post you've ever done? Least favorite if you have one? Links :)

Oftentimes, I would do a blogging frenzy on the stories I’ve read. One time, I did a post on what happened with my blog since my comeback (I went missing from the blogging community for a couple of months). I summarized the things that happened and titled the post, “7 things this blog has been up to, apart from, well, reading.” It warms my heart to know how much my blog has achieved in just short a time. The post was like a personal motivator. The least favorite post would be explaining to my readers why I have to stay away from blogging for a while. The post is titled, “A tribute to my late cousin, a second sister”. My cousin who was like a second sister died some months ago. Getting back to blogging and fixing my routine were really difficult for me. Sometimes, it still is.

Who are your favorite publishers to work with?

To be honest, I haven’t reached that level yet like other book bloggers who are working closely together with publishers. Some reviews I have had were books written impressively well by independent writers. I look forward to working with publishers someday.

Any suggestions for the newer bloggers out there?

As the old wisdom goes, “No man is an island”, so find your niche and work/share/link with other bloggers who share your passion.

Thank you, Jaime, for having me, too! Cheers to you and to BBAW 2012!  
Thanks Nancy! It was awesome meeting and interviewing you!


  1. I love learning about a blogger that is in a completely different genre of reading. Awesome Q&A Jaime.

  2. Nice to meet another blogger! I personally only like reading poetry but I hate having to analyze it! I haven't read much Philippine literature but it sounds great!

    ~Kailia @ Reading the Best


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