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Friday, August 31, 2012

Evergreen Blog tour- Character Interview and a Giveaway!

Today we have the Evergreen Blog tour Stop! I love this book and not just because I got to beta read it but I’m a character in it as well! And because I’m a character I thought it would be cool if I (yeah both the real me and the me in the book lol) got to interview Brenda and Galadriel the obnoxious princess who ran away from Natatoria. Also make sure to comment on this post Brenda will pick one lucky winner from the comments to win an eBook of Evergreen! And make sure to go over to her website where she is giving away a $50.00 amazon Gift card, Signed set of Everblue & Evergreen and 3 vials of Essence Necklace!!!!

Jaime begins, “I’m here with Galadriel and Brenda to talk about the latest release of Evergreen. Welcome.”
“Thank you,” Brenda says. “It’s nice of you to have us on this lovely afternoon.”
Galadriel smiles coyly as she sips her tea. “About time I get some attention around here. It’s the whole Ash and Fin show every day—blah blah blah—such a bore.”
Brenda glares at Galadriel as she kicks her under the table.
“Ouch,” Galadriel exclaims.
Brenda interrupts, “Sorry, Jaime… she’s … well … forgotten her manners and apparently unfamiliar with the interview process.”
“Unfamiliar?” Galadriel pitches a brow. “I had a review just the other day with Ash and Julia. Don’t you remember? I know what I’m doing.”
Brenda smiles. “Yes … and after what happened, it should have been your last.”
Galadriel pinches her lips together. “What did I say?”
Brenda gives Galadriel a look.
Galadriel rolls her eyes and slumps her shoulders. “Fine.”
“Okay, then let’s get started.” Jaime rattles her paper with her questions to divert attention. “So, Galadriel, why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself.”
“Well,” she starts, “I’m King Phaleon’s eldest daughter—a princess—and I ran away.”
“Ran away? Why would you want to run away, being a princess and all?”
“Because, unlike how Brenda writes it, Natatoria sucks.”
“Oh … “ Jaime drinks some of her tea to hide her smile. “I did get an impression it’s quite different for mermen and mermaids in Natatoria.”
“Different is an understatement,” Galadriel grumbles under her breath. “It’s a prison.”
“So … um … if you could, would you like the gift of persuasion?”
Galadriel smiles evilly. “Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”
“In your hands, I’d think so,” Brenda interjects.
“Yeah, well … I make do. Boys are weak minded anyway.”
“What do you mean?” Jaime asks.
“I’d hoped maybe, from all the books that I’d read in my father’s library, the human boys were just like how I’d read. Unfortunately I’ve found life on land for the most part has been just as boring as home, and that authors are nothing but brutal liars. None of their human boys are real.”
Brenda chokes and almost spits her tea all over Jaime, launching her into a coughing fit. Jaime gently pats her back. “You okay?”
“Yeah.” Brenda gains composure. “Sorry about that.”
“No worries,” Jaime says with a knowing smile. “I actually couldn’t agree with you more, Galadriel.”
Brenda stares at a very smug Galadriel.
“But as I recall, you might already have someone you’re interested in, correct?” Jaime asks.
Galadriel sits up straight. “Whatever do you mean?”
“Well, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but, don’t you think the prospect of having someone could taint your search for that perfect guy?”
“No,” Galadriel curtly states.
“Okay, so moving along. How was life in the palace? What did you do all day?”
Galadriel yawns. “Mermaid school.”
“And what did they teach you?”
“How to be a slave.”
“A slave?”
Jaime looks to Brenda.
“Not entirely,” Brenda interjects. “There’s beauty classes, home care, weaving and jewelry making, cooking, and even crafts. All fun stuff I’d love to do and learn.”
“Oh, the joy.” Galadriel places her hands on the table firmly. “But for whom are we learning all this for? Ourselves? Tell the truth, Brenda. It’s so I can please some old merman my father expects me to be promised to—so I can kiss his scaly fin my entire life.”
“Well, unfortunately, yes, that was his plan for you … but you’ve escaped that fate, so—”
“But not my sisters, or the other women of Natatoria. They’re going to follow customs and be promised to whomever their parents see fit, whether they want to or not.”
“True,” Brenda says, “but if you feel this is an injustice, maybe you should return home, Galadriel, and change things.”
“What?” Galadriel’s nostrils flare. “As if. You have all the power, my dear. Use your mighty pen and change it.”
“I could, but then what’s the fun in that?”
“Fun? You call a life of servitude fun?” Galadriel snorts. “You try it then if it’s so fun.”
Brenda pulls her lips tight. “Believe me, if I could write myself a mermaid tail, I’d do so in a second. I’d fix a lot of things in this world, but you my dear are nothing but a fictio—“
“Now, now…” Jaime interrupts. “Let’s not say things we might regret.”
Brenda inhaled sharply. “True, Jaime. Thank you. That might be a good idea.”
Galadriel turns her head. “Well, whatever. Next time I want to be interviewed alone.”
“If there’s a next time,” Brenda adds. “Thank you, Jaime. We enjoyed our interview.”
“Thank you two for coming. It’s been quite interesting for me as well.”

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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED this interview!!! I could totally picture it in my head. lol Great job guys!!!

    Thanks for participating on the blog tour.

  2. HA! I have said it before - one of my most favorite bits on book blogs is the awesome character interviews! Would love to win a copy of Evergreen - just picked up the first book a few days ago! Thanks for the fun :)

  3. I absolutely adore character interviews. They're just... PERFECT! haha.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. I loved this interview format! Thanks for sharing it's great! :D


  5. Thanks for being part of the tour, Jaime. :) Hugs


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