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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sign Up For The Authors Are Rockstars Tour!!!!!!

Well, it’s finally here. It’s SIGN-UP day for the Authors Are Rockstars Tour! We are so super excited that there are so many of you who have already expressed interest in being a part of our tour. Both author and blogger response has been absolutely amazing and we can’t thank you all enough!

We hope to make this event great and really let those authors we love shine throughout the month of August.

And while we’d love to have every single awesome author and every single blogger be a part of the tour, we are only three bloggers with two blogs and we only have one month for the event.

We are beginning the sign-ups today, although we are still awaiting response from some of the authors we’ve reached out to. And we will update this post each day during the sign-up process with any new authors that are on board.

If you see your favorites on the list already, you should sign up now! If you want to hold out to see who else might be on board you can wait. Signing up early does not give you preferential treatment. But sign-ups will close at Midnight, Eastern, on Sunday, July 15th.

Be sure to look at the list of authors participating carefully before you make your choice. While many of the author post types and dates are still to be announced, please note the authors who have already committed to a date and post type or those who have pre-prepared interviews.

Here are the authors (in alphabetical order by first name) currently on tour

Alexander Gordon Smith – Interview Post (Either an interview or character interview)

Alyxandra Harvey – Guest Post (Top Ten Favorite Books)

Amy Kathleen Ryan- Interview Post

Anna Carey- Top Ten Post

Ann Redisch Stampler- *Will include an author donated giveaway*

Bethany Griffin

Brodi Ashton

Cara Lynn Shultz - *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

Carrie Harris

Cayla Kluver - *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

CC Hunter

Chloe Jacobs – *Will include an author donated giveaway*

Chloe Neil – August 15th- Top 10 Post

CJ Redwine – August 11th

Claire LaZebnik

Colleen Houck

Courtney Allison Moulton- *Will include an author donated book giveaway-USA*

Courtney Summers – Pre-prepared Interview

Cynthia Hand

Daniel Marks- Youtube Q&A *Will include an author donated giveaway*

Dan Krokos- Interview

Dan Wells

Elizabeth Miles

Elizabeth Norris- *Will include an author donated giveaway*

Emmy Laybourne – Guest Post

Gabrielle Zevin

Gena Showalter- *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

Gina Damico- Top 10 List *Will include an author donated giveaway*

Heather Anastasiu

Inara Scott

Ingrid Paulson

JA Souders-

Jackie Morse Kessler

Jennifer Bosworth

Jennifer Castle

Jennifer L. Armentrout - Author or Character Interview *Will include a publisher (Entangled Books Only) donated eBook giveaway*

Jeri Smith-Ready

Jessica Spotswood- **Will include an author donated signed book giveaway**

Jodi Meadows

Jordan Dane - August 8th *Will include an author donated giveaway* and/or *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

Julia Karr

Julie Kagawa – Character Interview *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

Jus Accardo - *Will include a publisher donated eBook giveaway*

Karsten Knight

Katherine Longshore-

Kate Avelynn - *Will include a publisher donated eBook giveaway*

Kimberly Derting

Kim Harrington – Pre-prepared Interview

Lauren Oliver – Pre-prepared Interview

Leah Clifford- Interview or Character Interview

Lesley Livingston

Lisa Burstein - *Will include a publisher donated eBook giveaway*

Lisa Desrochers

Lisa and Laura Roecker

Lissa Price – August 2nd

Maria V. Snyder - *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

Marissa Meyer- Guest Post

Mary Lindsey

Melissa de la Cruz – Pre-prepared Interview

Melissa West

Michelle Rowen/ Morgan Rhodes - *Will include a publisher (from her Harlequin Teen Books) donated book giveaway-North America*

Michelle Zink

Mike Mullin

Miranda Keneally- *Will include an author donated book giveaway*

Rachel Cohn

Rachel Harris- *Will include an author donated giveaway*

Rachel Vincent - *Will include a publisher donated book giveaway-North America*

Rae Carson – August 21st*Will include an author donated giveaway of a paperback of The Girl of Fire and Thorns*

Robin LaFevers- Author donated giveaway

Sarah Beth Durst - Pre-prepared Interview

Sara Zarr

Sarah J. Maas

Sarwat Chadda

Saundra Mitchell- Vespertine Playlist

Scott Tracey- Author donated book giveaway

Simone Elkeles-Pre-prepared Interview

Stephanie Thomas

Susan Dennard

Suzanne Laezar- Author donated giveaway

Suzanne Young- Author Interview

Tahereh Mafi – Character Interview

Talia Vance

Tara Fuller

Tessa Gratton – Guest Post (must be unique) – *Will include an author donated giveaway of The Curiosities anthology and a finished copy of The Blood Keeper*

T.M. Goeglein

Tiffany Truitt - *Will include a publisher donated eBook giveaway*

Veronica Rossi

Victoria Schwab – Interview or Vlog Interview

Victoria Scott

Wendy Higgins- * Will include an author donated giveaway*

Authors - If you've received an email and would like to participate we would love to have you on board, there are still a few stops available after August 15th! 


With the new authors added bloggers you will be allowed ONE chance to change your original picks. If you want to make a change to your original picks, please email us at the address above.

The Tour
  • The tour will run from August 1st through August 31st. Each day of the month will have one, two or three tour stops.
  • The tour will start at both Fiktshun and Two Chicks On Books and end on both our blogs. We will have a kick-off post + giveaway with all the stops and we will also each have posts dedicated to authors that are our rockstars. And on the final day of the tour, we will have a wrap-up post along with posts for the final two authors we will be spotlighting.
  • All the rest of the days will be for you to show your love and appreciation for those authors you call rockstars.
The Rules, Requirements and other details

  • You must complete the sign-up form in order to be considered.
  • Signing up in no way guarantees you will be chosen for a tour stop. (We’re so sorry that we won’t be able to include everyone!)
  • Being accepted as a tour stop does not guarantee you will get your first choice of author.
  • If you are chosen you must respond with your acceptance and with your stop preferences and/or interview questions or guest post topics within 24 hours after notification. If you do not respond we will be forced to choose someone else.
  • To be considered to host any author you must have reviewed their books. (See review requirements immediately below.) And if you have rated their books, ratings cannot be less than four stars, unless you provide a compelling reason why you should still be considered. Remember, you’re picking authors you think are rockstars!
  • To host an author with three or more books published, you must have reviewed at least two of their books. (We will be checking your blogs and Goodreads.)
  • To host an author with one or two published books, you must have reviewed at least one of their books.
  • To host an author whose books have yet to be published, you must be anxiously awaiting the book’s release and have either posted about that book on your blog or provide a compelling reason in the form below.
Other details
  • Selections will be made based on a number of criteria including the best match-up between author and blogger, blogger’s overall reviews, and blogger’s reputation and trustworthiness.
  • Blog following, page views or Twitter following will not be a deciding factor in the selection process.
  • Blog longevity, number of reviews, types of reviews - (bash-free is a must) – will be considered when making our selections.
  • Blogger “friends” will not be given preference. It’s about making the best matches between authors and bloggers on the tour.
  • Writing in an author does not guarantee that author will be included on the tour. They may have already been contacted and either are unavailable or have yet to respond, or all tour stops may already have been filled.
  • Blogger participation announcements will be made both by email and in a post on both Fiktshun and Two Chicks On Books on Wednesday, July 18th.
Giveaways: For tour stops that will be hosting an author or publisher donated giveaway prize, there can be no mandatory tasks aside from leaving a blog comment. And there can be up to two extra entry opportunities. As a thank you to the authors you are hosting you may want to make those extra entries about the authors but it is not mandatory.
There will be no requirements/restrictions for tour stops that choose to host their own giveaways.

Dates to know

Tour dates: August 1st – 31st
Sign-up ends: July 15th
Blogger announcements: July 18th
Acceptance and post requirements needed by: July 19th

Once again, thank you so much for wanting to join us on this tour to share your love for those amazing authors that wow you and for helping to make this event rock!
While we won’t be able to include every one of you, we love that you want to be a part of the event and support it. Each and every one of you rocks, too!

We can’t wait to read your responses to the questions in the sign-up forms and see just why each and every one of those authors are rockstars to you!

Sign-ups are now closed! Stay tuned for our author/blogger pairings and we are still accepting authors! :D


  1. Aah, this is so super genius! I hope I get to take part in it! Thanks so much for hosting it, ladies!

  2. Oh my gosh! There are so many amazing authors. Can I host them all!?!

  3. This is a great event. I hope I can be included.

  4. AH! I just filled it out & OMG! So many ROCKING authors are in on this, AWESOME! =) Hopefully i get in too.

  5. This is made of awesome sauce! Hopefully I can participate =]

  6. -trembles with excitement-
    my heart T_T

  7. I would love to host every single one of these authors! I hope I signed up in enough time to be considered! :D

  8. Ugh, Safari sucks and wouldn't let me comment. Thank goodness for Firefox! But I digress probably because my mind is blown over how awesome this is!!! Choosing just 4 authors was so hard because there are so many who are total rock stars. Can't wait to find out who all the hosting blogs will be.

  9. This looks like a BLAST and I really hope I have the opportunity to participate! *crosses all the things* ;) Thanks for putting this together!!

  10. Yay!!! I can't wait for this to begin... I'm sure it's going to be EPIC! Thanks to you both for all your hard work, I'm sure all of us appreciate it :D

    Hugs! :]

  11. Two words ladies....EPIC and THANK YOU!

  12. This is soooo fun!!! Good luck-I want to join but havnt reviewed enough lol but I am anxiously looking forward to what you will be putting out!

  13. YESS! My write-in is now on the author list. I can go to bed happy now, and await announcement day on the 18th with my fingers crossed. :)

  14. Thanks to Jaime And Patricia for hosting!!! <3

  15. This sounds so fun!!! (And such a brilliant idea!) Crossing my fingers, I would love to be a part of this (but who wouldn't??) :D

  16. I'm really excited for this even if I don't make it as one of the blog hosts!


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