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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Authors Are Rockstars- Announcing The Bloggers!

First, we just want to say thank you all so much for signing up for the tour. The response was AWESOME! So awesome in fact that we just couldn’t pick everyone as we only have 74 available openings on the tour at the moment.

We are still waiting to hear back from a few authors we reached out to recently thanks to some of the write-in choices and some we initially reached out to. And as we just added another author to the tour yesterday, after sign-ups closed, we may get a few more author responses.

So, while we have our 74 bloggers who are guaranteed a match with an author – and yes, we made almost all of those match-ups already, but as it’s not finalized we are waiting to announce that later this week along with the schedule – we have chosen 15 alternates.

Should we get additional authors on board, the alternates would have a choice to partner with one of them, or should one of the assigned bloggers have to back out for any reason, they would step in to host the author for that stop.

But we are so incredibly excited to already have 78 amazing rockstar authors on board for the tour. Which means that each day of the tour will have at least two stops.

And so, without further ado, let us present to you the 74 blogs and their bloggers that will be hosting a stop on the tour.
Bloggers On Tour
A Book Obsession (Kt)
A Good Addiction (Kari)
A Life Bound by Books (Lisa)
Avery's Book Nook (Avery)
Bibliognome (Becky B.)
Book Briefs (Michelle)
Bookalicious (Pam)
BookHounds (Mary)
BookPics (Alba)
Books Over Boys (Momo)
Books with Bite (Savannah)
Bookshelvers Anonymous (Shelver506)
Brooke Reports (Brooke)
Catching Books (Sarah)
Chick Loves Lit (Shanyn)
Confessions of a Bookaholic (Jessica)
Debbie's World of Books (Debbie)
Emilie's Book World (Emilie)
Emily's Reading Room (Emily)
Falling for YA (Emily)
Fiction Freak (Nikki)
Fictitious Delicious
Geek Chic (Mag)
Gypsy Book Reviews (Ashelynn)
Hackeroo's Reviews (Jessica)
Heaven is a Bookstore (Heidi)
IB Book Blogging (Bailey)
Imabookshark (Mickey)
In the Best Worlds (Hannah)
Ink Scratchers (Jade)
JeanBookNerd (Jean)
Kaitlyn in Bookland (Kaitlyn)
Librarian Mouse (Alaiel)
Lisa Loves Literature (Lisa)
Literary Exploration (Anna)
Magical Urban Fantasy Reads (Mindy)
Making the Grade (Jenna)
Mercurial Musings (Danielle)
Moonlight Book Reviews (Erika)
Mostly YA Book Obsessed (Nereyda)
My Para-Hangover (Kristin)
Narratively Speaking (Lynsey)
Nicole YA Lover (Nicole)
Nina Reads (Nina)
PageTurnersBlog (Stacey & Pixie)
Paper Cuts YA (Samantha)
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Reviews and Goodies (Lisa)
Peace Love Teen Fiction (Grace)
Poisoned Rationality (Lexie)
Proud Book Nerd (Heather)
Sarah's Books & Life (Sarah)
Shortie Says (Jena)
Singing and Reading in the Rain (Eileen)
Smiling Ina's Bookish Corner (Ina)
Starting the Next Chapter (Marla)
Stories & Sweeties (Becky)
Stuck In Books (Valerie)
Tater's Tall Tails (Tara)
The Book Cellar (Erica)
The Book Goddess (The Book Goddess)
The Book Hookup (The Book Hookup)
The Book Swarm (Mary)
The Bookaholic (Pixie)
The Bookish Brunette (Ashley)
The Fake Steph Dot Com (Steph)
The Ravenous Reader (Nancy)
The Reading Geek (Traci)
The Reviews News (Julianna)
The Starrey-Eyed Review (Jen)
What the Cat Read (Cameron)
Wholly Books (Ashley)
WinterHaven Books (Winter Team)
Xpresso Reads (Giselle)
YA Sisterhood (Jennifer)

And here are the 15 alternates we hope to have stops for before the tour starts in August!
A Dream Within a Dream (Stephanie)
A Little Shelf of Heaven (Kristy)
A Soul Unsung (Suz)
Big Book Little Book
Book Breather (Gabbi)
Booking it with Hayley G (Hayley)
Chapter by Chapter (Mary Ann)
Citrus Reads (Cassie)
Fall In 2 Books (Amber)
Harley Bear Book Blog (Melissa)
I Read to Relax (Jessica)
Jenuine Cupcakes (Jen)
My Not So Vacant Shelf (Jetches)
Paper Reader (Kaye)
The Bursting Bookshelf (Anna Tee)

To all those who signed up but were not chosen, thank you so very much. While we would have loved to include all of you, we only had a select number of stops available.

We will be sending out emails in the next day letting all 74 bloggers know who they will be hosting and the date for their stop. They will have 24 hours to respond with their post preference or interview questions, if applicable.

Bloggers who have been assigned an author who has already prepared, or plans to prepare, a post, will just receive the announcement.

However, ALL BLOGGERS must respond. If we do not hear back from bloggers to confirm that they are participating within that 24 hour period, one of the alternates will be assigned.

So if you are listed above, or you know someone who is, please give them a shout out!
And on Friday, July 20th, we will be posting the tour schedule, so check back at either Fiktshun or Two Chicks OnBooks for details!


  1. What an awesome group! And shoot, I didn't make the cut! I knew it!

  2. I cannot wait for this tour to start, I know its going to be great!

  3. Lol @ Fiktshun. This is gonna rock so much face! :D

  4. Wow, this looks like it will be quite an event!

  5. This looks so awesome and I am SO excited! Now I must stalk my email inbox for the email LOL ;)

  6. I'm here and I made the cut! Yay! :)


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