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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heroine Tourney Rose Vs. Alex

Hey peeps! So starting tonight at midnight EST the second round of voting for Rose starts in the YA Sisterhood’s Heroine Tourney! We are  so excited that we made it to the round two and our competitor in this round is fierce and so is her advocate. Our competition is Alex from Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Half Blood series and we think she’s pretty awesome and her advocate Momo from Books Over Boys is a really good friend of ours so this should be an interesting fight! Ready to vote already? Go HERE and vote Rose! Need more look below :)

“What can I do to help Rose?” you ask well that’s pretty simple tweet, post to facebook, convince friends to use their computers, go to the library and vote! Remember to use the #TeamRose hashtag we want to be able to see all of your faces in our timelines. Also direct them back here to tell us they commented some of our friends are having giveaways and we'll post the links below.

Oh yeah and we’re not being anti Alex so if you expected to see a why Rose is better than Alex post you’re not going to get it here this is what we said in our post on the tournament page.

4. Why should we vote for Rose instead of Alex?

This is a tough one we have both read and loved Half Blood and we really love Alex! Also we absolutely adore her advocate Momo.

Alex and Rose are incredibly similar, but we do love Rose more as our heroine because we’ve known her longer. They both fight for what is right and face insurmountable obstacles. They’re both very strong physically and mentally and love with such passion! We actually believe that Rose and Alex would be pretty good friends!

Therefore we’re not going to say why Rose is better than Alex or why she’s a better heroine because (and we think you’ll agree) Rose and Alex would want this to be a fair fight! So we just ask you vote for Rose because you love her. Let’s have our girls fight it out the only way they know how in a head to head battle with the strongest coming out on top!

Ok fun stuff the giveaways our lovely friends Bailey and Mindy are giving away some Richelle Mead goodness.

Bailey @Novel_Nerd on twitter is going to give away a copy of the first book in the series Vampire Academy if Rose wins and each round that she does win Bailey will add another book in the series. Sp go to her blog and check out her post.

And our BFF Mindy @bookluvrmindy who is Sophie’s advocate is battling Katniss tonight. On top of her battle she’s going to give away a signed copy of Richelle’s newest book Bloodlines to a person who uses the hashtag she chooses on twitter so make sure to follow her and also check out her blog for her Team Sophie post!

Thanks ladies we <3333 you!!!!!!!

Now we normally wouldn’t link to a post in the blog of an advocate we were facing but, Momo had a friend who writes fanfic do a little piece on Alex and Rose. It doesn’t favor either it actually shows how badass they both are so go to Books Over Boys and check out the post J

Now go vote for Rose!!!! Ooh and Sophie ;)  Click on the pic below to go vote!

Heroine's Tourney


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