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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Ascended Blog tour

Hey everyone! Today we’re so happy to be hosting an amazing author and our good friend Tiffany King’s The Ascended Blog tour. If you not sure what The Ascended is it’s book 3 in her Saving Angels trilogy and we can’t wait to read it! So today we got to ask the Mr. serious Angel Haniel some questions and believe us he’s a tough cookie to crack let alone figure out what to ask him so we tried our best ;) make sure to keep reading there will be giveaways after the post!

Two Chicks- So we know you loved Mark’s mom is there any way that you might be falling for Krista? Or is your protectiveness something else?

Haniel- How would one know if it was love? Human emotions can often be fickle and are hard to understand fully. I appreciate the soul that resides inside of Krista but my appreciation of her soul is surpassed by one other individual. Krista possesses similar qualities as this individual which makes me naturally gravitate to where she is.


Two Chicks- We know you spend a lot of time own your own do you enjoy reading? Listening to music? What do you do to fill the time?

Haniel- My time is evenly split between the heavenly and earthly realms. When I am on the earthly realm, I am kept busy with my many duties and charges. My time on the heavenly realm is spent watching over those I once failed.

Two Chicks- You are obviously gorgeous has that ever led to any sticky situations? Do women throw themselves at you?

Haniel- Human women are great admirers of those they find appealing to the eye. If such a situation arose my appearance can be modified to appear less appealing. My abilities allow me to see their thoughts before they have fully formed and I can modify what they find most appealing, which happens to be the build of my human form. It took me many earth cycles to understand exactly what makes this my most admirable attribute. I believe my mind is much more appealing.

Two Chicks- Have you ever made a joke? Has being around humans so much lately helped you learn how to act more like a human and less like an angel?

Haniel- I have come to have a new appreciation for joking now that I have spent several earth moons with Krista and her young friends. I enjoy how their “jokes” seem to lighten up a dark mood and refresh their outlook. I am still unsure of some of the things young Shawn finds humorous I believe perhaps he was dropped on his buttocks often as a child. See I am now capable of making a human joke.

Lol if you say so ;)

Two Chicks- Do you need to eat (not sure since you’re an angel)? If you do what’s your favorite food?

Haniel- The Light created Archangels to not require the food humans consume but through the years, I have come to enjoy the frozen treat you humans call Ice Cream. Many earth years ago a young Guide persuaded me to try one at the beach her and her friends were so fond of. I, of course prefer the flavor which color resembles the clouds The Light created.

Ummm yeah thanks Haniel that was an interesting Q&A glad to see you let your hair down ;)

On to the giveaway! To enter for prizes (which will consist of e-books, signed posters and signed Tiffany King books yay!) all you have to do is comment.  Yep, that’s right.  Just comment on the blogs that are hosting Tiff for her tour.  So comment here for a chance to win and make sure to stop by The Autumn Review tomorrow for another cool post and a chance to win! If you want to know a little more about Tiffany and her books check out her blog.


  1. Hahahaha! Love the Q&A! I need to read the short story! Hey Haniel, have you decided if you will take off your shirt for The Ascended?

  2. Yeah we're all still wanting that shirt gone! lol
    great interview!!

  3. Great interview! Hmmm...I like vanilla ice cream too but sometimes I have to put things on it!

  4. Awwwww no spinkles on the ice cream lol

  5. I'm loving Haniel, with or without the shirt.



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