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Monday, December 12, 2011

Aiden's Angels

Hey everyone! Author Cyndi Tefft of the awesome novel Between and the soon to be released Hell Transporter has some exciting news to share. The lovely and amazingly talented Lindsay from The Violet Hour Book Reviews has made a cafe press page devoted to our beloved Aiden MacRae! Squee I know I can't wait to bet my hands on some of this gear! Here's the awesome design!

Gorgeous right? Want some of your own Aiden's Angels gear go here to the Cafe Press site and since they're super awesome prices are set to the minimum so neither Lindsay or Cyndi will receive commission from the products they just want to share the love!

Aaaannnddd if you don't know who the extremely sexy Scot is you need to read Between! Check out my review here there's purchase links in there so make sure to go get it and get your Aiden's Angels gear!

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  1. Woohoo! Aiden's Angels wouldn't be the same without you. <33 Oh, and your tag of "Hot Scottish men" piqued my interest. Gonna have to read other posts with that tag! LOL

    Love ya,



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