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Monday, February 28, 2022

Blog Tour- THE THINGS THE RIVER HIDES by @ANsageWrites With An Excerpt & #Giveaway!

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the THE THINGS THE RIVER HIDES by A.N. Sage Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!

About The Book:


Author: A.N. Sage

Pub. Date: February 22, 2022

Publisher: Cauldron Press

Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Pages: 279

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, Kindle, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, TBD, Bookshop.org

Where rivers run red as blood, a long-forgotten darkness awaits its freedom…

Nastya Sokolov dreams of not being seen as an outcast. Born with the ability to foretell death with a simple touch, she’s relegated to the confines of her mother’s funeral home. A virtual prisoner, she longs to break free.

When the body of a car crash victim arrives at the morgue, Nastya finds something amiss. A clue beckoning to be unravelled.

Soon, another boy greets her doorstep. This one very much alive and insistent his friend’s death was no accident. Before long, Nastya is dragged into a web of impossibilities, strange coincidences, and a baffling mystery in the small town of Cherry Cove.

A mystery that triggers a vision.

One Nastya cannot ignore.

She knows better than to tempt fate, but its pull is mighty and her curiosity relentless. Will Nastya follow the trail and uncover the truth about Cherry Cove and the darkness that festers just below the surface?

Find out in this young adult dark fantasy mystery filled with intrigue, long-held secrets, murder, and a desperate race to save a life! 



The interior of the box is as uneventful as the rest; a crushed blue velvet lining which is surprisingly dry considering it has been underwater this entire time. In the center, a single capped vial rolls around as I try to keep the box from shaking in my hands with little success. Its contents are a mystery to me, as there is no label to indicate what it might hold, though I already have the answer to all the questions racing in my mind. This is what killed you. I flick the vial out of the way so I can get a clearer view of the only other object inside, one much easier to distinguish. The petals are wilted, and the stem looks like it had been pummeled by a strong hand, but I recognize the flower with certainty. “A poppy,” I say to the others.

“What does it mean?” Ally asks. Her shoulders hike up and she rubs at opposite elbows as she struggles to make sense of what I found.

Daxon inches closer until his hip rests against mine and my heart skips a few beats in response. I slam the lid of the box shut, tucking it under my arm so the metal nestles close to my body. From deep inside, I hear the clinging of the vial as it hits the sides. “I was right,” I say. “A heart attack didn’t kill the shop owner, and whoever is responsible wanted to make sure no one found the evidence. Makes sense to dump this here, no one would think to search the river. No one even goes into it.”

The two of them exchange uncomfortable glances then Daxon says, “So, what do we do with it now?”

“Take it to the police, obviously,” Ally answers.

I speak before I have the chance to change my mind. “No,” I say. “We have to find out what’s in the vial before we tell anyone about it. She’s counting on me, and I won’t let her down.”

Aggravation passes Daxon’s blue eyes moments before he stalks away. I don’t have the heart to tell him he’s counting on me too, he simply doesn’t know it yet.



About A.N. Sage:

A.N. Sage has spent most of her life waiting to meet a witch, vampire, or at least get haunted by a ghost. In between failed seances and many questionable outfit choices, she has developed a keen eye for the extra-ordinary.

A.N. spends her free time reading and binge-watching television shows in her pajamas. Currently, she resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband who is not a creature of the night.

A.N. Sage is a Scorpio and a massive advocate of leggings for pants.

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Giveaway Details:

10 Winners will receive an eBook of THE THINGS THE RIVER HIDES, International.

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