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Monday, August 24, 2020

Release Week Blitz- MIRROR IMAGE by @tootiehead With An Excerpt & #Giveaway! @RockstarBkTours

I am so excited that MIRROR IMAGE by Mary Cook is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book by Author Mary Cook, be sure to check out all the details below.

This blitz also includes a giveaway for a $10 Amazon GC courtesy of Rockstar Book Tours & Mary. So if you’d like a chance to win, check out the giveaway info below.

About The Book:
Author: Mary Cook
Pub. Date: August 24, 2020
Publisher: Mary Cook
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 199
Find it: GoodreadsAmazon

Some secrets don’t stay buried…

…even in the bottom of a bottle of rum.

Will her past stop her from catching the killer?

When the murders started, so did the dreams. Toni was always the hunted. The notes came next, in odd ways and strange places, and never so that anyone other than her could see them.

Was she going crazy?

The bodies continue to be found and the serial killer seemed to be messing with her mind. How will they stop the madness? What drives a person to do the unthinkable?

When her boyfriend goes missing, she fears the worst.

Past and present collide.

How will she catch a psycho who seemed to always know exactly how she thinks?

You’ll love this psychological thriller of a mystery, because of the brilliantly woven story of personal struggle and exceptional evil.

Get it now.

It’s strange, the things you notice in the final moments of your life, like the roar of traffic as it passed overhead. In the distance, he could hear the melodious gurgle of Stony River making its way south. The trees that blinked into view with every passing car were filled with the buzzing of cicadas. A light wind gusted through the tunnel, blowing his shoulder-length brown hair across his face.

He strained through swollen eyes to see where he was. The moonlight sifting through the trees offered little help in recognizing his surroundings. With the thump of bass, along with the intermittent music, he determined he hadn’t been taken far. Pain racked his body. His confused mind tried to figure out how he had gotten from the bar to where he now hung. As he tried to move, foggy memories of the night filtered through. The last thing he remembered was sitting in a booth nursing a shot of brandy. He didn’t know how long he had been hanging there, but judging by his screaming muscles, it had been quite a while.

Gagging on the taste of something that had been shoved in his mouth, he vainly tried using his tongue to push it out. It was held in place by a cloth pulled so tight, it cut into the corners of his lips. Jerking his legs back and forth, he rocked his body, trying to find purchase on the wall he knew was somewhere behind him. He hoped if he persisted, it would break the bonds holding him several feet above the ground. Moaning loudly around the gag, he prayed someone from the street above would hear him and come to his aid.

His movements came to a halt when the biting slap of something narrow slashed across his stomach. The slight sting surprised him more than anything because he had felt it across bare skin. A moment later, he realized he had been stripped naked when the strap slapped across his groin. His battered eyes flew open, as a muffled scream tore from his throat.

Looking down through blackened eyes, he strained to see his assailant. A hooded figure stepped out of the shadows, into the narrow beam of light in front of him. The strap came across his face, causing him to slam his eyes shut and scream in pain.

About Mary:

Mary Cook is a retired police detective that lives in a small town right outside a ring of fire, just on the other side of…no wait, that’s a different character.

Actually retired, with hours and hours to write the next great novel, oh wait…nope that’s me. Yes, totally retired. Worlds come alive in my head, characters stand over my shoulder, and sometimes they wake me up at night. All of them want to come alive, to have their stories written. No matter how I think the story should go, it goes according to how the character decides it should. An evil character finds redemption. A beloved character is massacred for no good reason. They all write their own stories.

The ideas come to me, the character develops a personality, and the result is a book. I sincerely hope that everyone will love my books, but what I write isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. (Is it Mary? You sure you don’t want me to take care of it?) (Get back in the book, Ann!) I love to write stories that make you think, maybe make you a little uncomfortable. I am actually a pretty boring person. Retired, live in a dungeon (my office), two birds and a dog. Every now and then my husband expects me to come out and interact with the world, and I do (begrudgingly). Writing is my hobby, I used to do other things with my hands, crochet, knit…but then I got old(er), and they just don’t work as good as they used to.

On a more personal note, I do have children. I have three grown children, and lots and lots of grandchildren, with a few great-grandchildren. It’s like they’re in a competition on who can produce the most. If any of you read the back of the book, you’ll know that there’s more. But, outside of that, nothing. Boring. So, I bring life and color into the world through the pages of my books. Every time someone buys a book, or gives a review, I’m delightfully surprised. My eternal gratitude to all of you, for reading what I have written, and allowing me to become a small part of your life.

Giveaway Details:
1 winner will receive a $10 Amazon GC, International.
Ends August 31, 2020. Midnight EST.


  1. The cover is perfect! And this.. psychological thriller of a mystery..That is my favorites all in 1 book!

  2. Thanks! You should come on over to my facebook group! I would love to see you there!

  3. Sounds interesting, and I really like the cover!


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