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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Blog Tour- MALFUNCTION by @Nina_Croft With An Interview & #Giveaway! @entangledpub

I am thrilled to be hosting a stop on the MALFUNCTION by Nina Croft Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours! Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!

About The Book:
Author: Nina Croft
Pub. Date: January 20, 2020
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 269
Find it:  Goodreads, Amazon, B&NiBooksKobo

Investigator, Sergeant Logan Farrell, has never been convinced the human race deserves saving. But it looks like he’s got the job anyway.

It’s been five hundred years since we fled the remnants of a dying Earth in search of a new home. Twenty-four ships, each carrying ten thousand Chosen Ones. All sleeping peacefully...until people start dying in cryo.

Malfunction or murder? Hopefully, the former—a serial killer in the fleet would be drastic for morale. But Logan is determined to find the truth. Unfortunately, he’s got a new partner—and he works best alone.

Katia Mendoza, hot-shot homicide detective, has been woken from cryo to assist with the investigation. But is she really interested in solving the case, or does she have her own agenda?

Before he can answer that question, though, they become targets themselves.

Nothing like a few near misses with death to bring a couple together, and Logan finds himself falling for the alluring detective. But he doesn’t know that Katia is hiding a secret.

It’s not only humans who fled the dying Earth.

Hey Nina!! First I want to say welcome to Two Chicks on Books I’m glad you could stop by for a chat! MALFUNCTION sounds AWESOME and I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

For the readers: can you tell us a little bit about MALFUNCTION and the characters?

I have a series called Dark Desires, it’s set around a thousand years in the future after humanity has fled a dying Earth and found a new home. A little while ago, my publisher, asked me if I’d like to do a Dark Desires Origins series set 500 years earlier when the fleet that left Earth finally reach the system that will become their new home.
What most of the fleet don’t realize is that it’s not only humans that escaped the destruction of Earth. One of the ships carries a cargo of supernatural beings, captained by a thousand year old vampire, Ricardo Sanchez. Rico is the hero of Break out, book one in the original Dark Desires series, and just about my favorite character.
Malfunction is the first book in the new series and tells the story of Katia, a werecat and Logan a human, as they fall in love while investigating a series of murders and trying to stay alive.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on Destiny’s Heart, book 2 in my Dark Desires Origins series. And I’m having  a lot of fun!

Were any of the characters in the book inspired by people from your real life?

Absolutely none. One of the things I love about writing science fiction/paranormal romance is that I get to make stuff up! Including the characters.

Who was your favorite character to write? What about your least favorite?

My favorite character to write was Katia. I just loved her attitude, she’s such a bad-ass! Closely followed by Rico who kept trying to take over the book.
I can’t really say which was my least favorite to writeI loved writing them all, even the bad guys. But my least favorite character was Captain Stevensshe was such a hypocrite!

What is your favorite passages/scenes in MALFUNCTION?

I loved writing the scene when Logan finally discovers that Katia isn’t human and that he’s actually stuck on a spaceship with a bunch of vampires, were-animals and demons. And he has no way to get off.

What kind of research did you have to do for the story?

Very little. No one knows what the world will be in the future or what space is like 500 years away from Earth. And just because we’ve never seen something does not mean it doesn’t exist. Space is so vast that there could be absolutely anything out there. Which means as long as I can make it believable, I don’t have to limit my world.
Having said that, I did spend quite a lot of time on the NASA site looking at pictures of space while I was designing my star system.

Who is your ultimate book boyfriend?

Hard one. I think Jericho Barrons out of Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series because he’s so bad. Or maybe Daemon Sadi from Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy, because he’s even badder. I love a bad boy hero!

What inspired you to write romance?

I love a happy ending. Plus my mother read a lot of romance, so I grew up, from an early age, hiding behind the sofa to read them in secret. I learned a lot from those books.

Lightning Round Questions

What are you reading right now? Or what do you have on your TBR that you’re dying to read?

I’m reading Fire in His Blood by Ruby Dixon

What Hogwarts House would the Sorting Hat place you in?


Twitter or Facebook?


Favorite Superhero?

Iron man

Favorite TV show?


Sweet or Salty?


Any Phobias?

Heights just a little bit.

Song you can’t get enough of right now?

Whatever It Takes Imagine Dragons

2020 Movie you’re most looking forward to?


Thanks so much Nina for answering my questions! I can’t wait for everyone to read MALFUNCTION!

About Nina:

Growing up in the cold, wet, north of England, Nina Croft spent a lot of time dreaming of faraway sunnier places and ponies. When she discovered both, along with a whole load of other things, could be found between the covers of a book, her life changed forever.

Later, she headed south, picked up the perfect husband along the way, and together they volunteered to work in Africa. There they discovered a love of exotic places and a dislike of 9-5 work. Afterward they spent a number of years travelling (whenever possible) intermingled with working (whenever necessary.) Eventually they stumbled upon a remote area in the mountains of southern Spain and the small almond farm they now call home.

Nina spends her days reading, writing and riding her mare, Gencianna, under the blue Spanish skies—sunshine and ponies. She reckons this is proof that dreams really can come true if you want them enough.

Nina's writing mixes romance with elements of the paranormal and science fiction

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