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Friday, August 11, 2017

Blog Tour- CRYSTAL BLADE by Kathryn Purdie An Interview & Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the blog tour for CRYSTAL BLADE by Kathryn Purdie! I freaking love this series and can't wait for book 3!

I have an interview with Kathryn to share with you today! And make sure to enter the giveaway below!

Haven't heard of CRYSTAL BLADE? Check it out!

Author: Kathryn Purdie
Pub. Date: August 15, 2017
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 368
Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook
Find it: AmazonB&NiBooksTBDGoodreads
The peace is unsustainable.

Sonya and Anton may have brought about a revolution, but can they protect their homeland—and their love—with so many forces threatening to tear them apart?

The empire has fallen, Valko faces trial, and Sonya is finally free from her fate as Sovereign Auraseer. But Sonya's expanding abilities are just as unstable as the new government of Riaznin—and her relationship with Anton. Not only can she feel the emotions of others but, unlike other Auraseers, she's learned to make others feel her emotions as well. And Sonya isn't immune to dark temptations.

Now, as Sonya fights to contain her own darkness, she senses a new evil lurking in the shadows of the palace. Someone from Sonya's past has returned. And that someone won't be satisfied until Sonya pays for the mistakes she's made.

Now on to the interview!

Hey Kathryn!! First I want to say welcome back to Two Chicks on Books I’m glad you could stop by for a chat! CRYSTAL BLADE was freaking AWESOME and I can’t wait for everyone to read it!
Thanks for hosting me! I’m so happy you loved CRYSTAL BLADE!
So Book 3? Any news on that front? Like a title maybe?
I can’t share the title yet, but I have finished the first draft. It’s very different from the other two books, and a big chunk of the story takes place in a completely new setting with a new castle. I loved writing this conclusion to Sonya’s story!
Were any of the characters in the book inspired by people from your real life?
No, I’ve honestly never based a character off of a real-life person, but I do steal lots of traits, quirks, phrases, mannerisms, etc. from people I know in order to make my characters more authentic.
Who was your favorite character to write? What about your least favorite?
Valko was my favorite to write in CRYSTAL BLADE! He did this one bizarre thing to try to claim ownership over Sonya that was so surprising and fun to add in. I love to hate him! Anton, although I swoon over him, was the hardest to write in this book. I had to do a lot of revising to get his journey right. I’m very happy with how he turned out--and where he’ll go in book three!
What is your favorite passage/scene in CRYSTAL BLADE?
There are two scenes in CRYSTAL BLADE where Valko goes on trial for his crimes as a tyrannical emperor, and Sonya is called to testify as a judge of his character with her ability as an empath and from her experiences with him in BURNING GLASS, and she really does a 180 in each of those scenes, especially the second scene. It was so exciting to write the build-up to those moments and then execute them.
What kind of research did you have to do for the story?
I researched a lot about Roma and nomadic people, since they are much more on the page in this book compared to BURNING GLASS. Sonya’s best friend, Tosya, is Roma (“Romska” in my book), and Sonya was raised by the nomads, so I wanted to make sure I was both sensitive and authentic when writing about a very marginalized people like the Roma.
Who is your ultimate book boyfriend?
The Darkling in SHADOW AND BONE. I love him, I hate him, I feel bad for him. Leigh Bardugo is brilliant. That is all. Swoon!
What inspired you to write YA?
There was no YA category in bookstores when I was growing up, and I went through a long spell as an adult reader where I was super disillusioned with fiction. Then YA popped up out of nowhere, and I found myself devouring books and being so in love with reading again. I just connect to writing about teenagers so much more. I still feel seventeen at heart, and I love writing about firsts--first love, first loss, first experience with death, etc. Teenagers also feel things so much bigger than adults do, and I love that extra drama when I read and write.

Lightning Round Questions

What are you reading right now? Or what do you have on your TBR that you’re dying to read?
BEFORE SHE IGNITES by Jodi Meadows. LOVE! I’m totally invested in Mira and her journey.
RISE OF FIRE by Sophie Jordan is next on my TBR list. I finally read REIGN OF SHADOWS (book one) this year, and I love it so much! It’s like Rapunzel meets THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH. I can’t wait to see what happens in the sequel.
What Hogwarts House would the Sorting Hat place you in?
Hufflepuff. I’m a total softy at heart.
Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook! Twitter can be overwhelming for me if I’m on too long.
Favorite Superhero?
Wonder Woman! She’s so empowering.
Favorite TV show?
TURN. It’s about a spy ring during the Revolutionary War. So awesome!
Sweet or Salty?
Both. Bring on the kettle corn!
Any Phobias?
Crickets. They jump. Hard to catch. Still trying to forget the nights I woke up as a child and found crickets on my bedspread. Oh, the horror!
Song you can’t get enough of right now?
“Feel It Still” by Portugal. The Man
2017 movie you’re most looking forward to?
MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. It has an awesome cast, and I love a good mystery!
Thanks so much Kathryn for answering my questions! I can’t wait for everyone to read CRYSTAL BLADE!

You’re welcome! Thanks again for having me and for all your fun questions!

About Kathryn:
My love of storytelling began as a young girl when my dad told me, in his own words, the story of To Kill a Mockingbird while we listened to the film score together. Enchanted, I began my own attempts at storytelling, which usually led to home video productions featuring my younger sister as the nerd or maid, while I reserved the role of the glamorous movie star or princess.

In high school, I focused on acting and won first place in monologues at a prestigious statewide Shakespearean competition. When I wasn’t on the stage, I spent my time composing sappy poetry and completing at least ten pages in my journal every night. My author dad edited my school papers and taught me the art of writing. I went on to study acting in college and at The Oxford School of Drama in England. (All that character analysis transferred nicely to writing!)

The writing bug bit me when I was in recovery from donating a kidney to my older brother. I found my old stash of short stories, and the inspiration for my first novel struck. I’ve been writing ever since.

A lover of art in all forms, I also enjoy singing and playing the guitar. My husband is equally artistic. We keep busy raising three rambunctious and creative children.

I am represented by Josh Adams of Adams Literary.

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a signed finished copy of CRYSTAL BLADE, US Only.

5 winners will receive a signed ARC of CRYSTAL BLADE, US Only.

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Go back to where it all began! Grab the first book in the series!

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