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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Author Interview- Karen McQuestion

I am thrilled to have Karen McQuestion here today to talk about her new book FROM A DISTANT STAR! The book releases today so make sure to grab your copy. I can't wait to get mine.

Haven't heard of FROM A DISTANT STAR? Check it out!

Author: Karen McQuestion
Pub. Date: May 19, 2015
Publisher: Skyscape
Pages: 279
Seventeen-year-old Emma was the only one who hadn’t given up on her boyfriend, Lucas. Everyone else—his family, his friends, his doctors—believed that any moment could be his last. So when Lucas miraculously returns from the brink of death, Emma thinks her prayers have been answered.

As the surprised town rejoices, Emma begins to question whether Lucas is the same boy she’s always known. When she finds an unidentifiable object on his family’s farm—and government agents come to claim it—she begins to suspect that nothing is what it seems. Emma’s out-of-this-world discovery may be the key to setting things right, but only if she and Lucas can evade the agents who are after what they have. With all her hopes and dreams on the line, Emma sets out to save the boy she loves. And with a little help from a distant star, she might just have a chance at making those dreams come true.  

Now on to the interview!

Hi Karen! First I want to say welcome to Two Chicks on Books! I am super excited to read FROM A DISTANT STAR and am so happy that you could stop by for a visit!

For the readers: can you tell us a little bit about FROM A DISTANT STAR and the characters? From reading just the synopsis it gives off a bit of a Roswell vibe (which just happens to be my favorite TV show).

You’re the second person to mention Roswell, so I’m glad I can say I never saw the show (or I’d be worried that I had subconsciously copied it).

The story opens with a space pod crashing near a farmhouse where eighteen-year-old Lucas is dying of cancer, his girlfriend, Emma, at his side. When Lucas miraculously recovers, only Emma and the family dog realize he’s not quite himself. Once Emma realizes what the problem is, there’s a road trip and along the way, more than a few complications.

Is this going to be a series or a stand alone?

From A Distant Star is a standalone novel.

       Were any of the characters in the book inspired by people from your real life?

 I don’t think so? I hope not!

Who was your favorite character to write? What about your least favorite?

I love all my characters, including the awful ones, because I understand where they’re coming from, so I don’t really have a favorite or a least favorite. I can say that in this book, the character who was the most fun to write was Mrs. Kokesh, the town witch Emma visits when seeking help for Lucas.

What is your favorite passage/scene in FROM A DISTANT STAR?

Hard question! My very favorite is toward the end and is too spoilery, so I’ll tell you my second favorite, which is the scene where Lucas wakes from his coma and Emma, seeing this, is elated that the love of her life has come back to her.

What kind of research did you have to do for the story?

Luckily, not too much. The book is more fantasy than science fiction, but I did have to know some scientific terms, all of which I could find through online searches.

What are you reading right now? Or what do you have on your TBR that you’re dying to read?

I’m dying to read Made You Up by Francesca Zappia! It’s a debut novel that comes out on the same day as From A Distant Star. I love the cover and the premise.

Who is your ultimate Book Boyfriend? 

Jamie from the Outlander series.

What inspired you to write YA?

I’ve written women’s fiction and middle grade, but YA has always been my favorite and I think my writing style works well for the category. Young adult novels are usually fast paced, with great characters, and a lot of emotion. Very satisfying to read and write.

Lightening Round Questions

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter—I love dashing off my little idiotic, stream-of-consciousness thoughts and I’m always amazed when people RT or favorite them.

Favorite Superhero?  Iron Man

Favorite TV show? The Walking Dead

Sweet or Salty?  Sweet

Any Phobias? I’m afraid of almost everything, actually. I’m claustrophobic, afraid of snakes and stinging insects, fearful of creaky noises in my house at night, etc. The one fear I have overcome is a fear of flying. One year I traveled a lot and by the eighth flight I realized I was so relaxed it was like boarding a bus. Voila! I knew I was cured.

Song you can’t get enough of right now? Anything by Meghan Trainor. I love the sound of her voice and her song lyrics.

Fall Movie you’re most looking forward to? Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I hope they don’t mess it up.

Thanks so much Karen for answering my questions! I can’t wait to read FROM A DISTANT STAR! And a million times yes about Jamie from Outlander and love The Walking Dead!!!!

Thanks for having me! Your questions were great.

About Karen:

Karen McQuestion is the bestselling author of books for all ages. Some of her titles include Hello Love, Life on Hold, The Long Way Home, and the Edgewood series. Her publishing story has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, and the national NPR show, The Story with Dick Gordon. She has also appeared on ABC’s World News Now and America This Morning. McQuestion lives with her husband and kids in Hartland, Wisconsin.

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