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Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog Tour- The Loop by Shandy Lawson

Hey y’all! I have another fantastic playlist for you today! This one is from Shandy Lawson author of THE LOOP available now from Disney-Hyperion! Check out the post and the videos and let us know what you think J

The Music of The Loop

It's funny, how when I write, I need silence. Gotta have total quiet or I'll get nothing done. I see other writers typing away in the park, surrounded by noise and chatter, and I see writers with headphones on, typing to music. Not me though.

And yet music is a huge part of my process. The right song will fill my head with images, characters, dialogue– even launch a storyline if I follow it far enough. I came up with a great idea for a novel while riding the train and listening to BiffyClyro on my headphones.

I remember while writing The Loop, I got really into a song by Ryan Adams called "Magick." That's the song I see Maggie trying to get Ben to dance to in the headlights after they've had that terrible military surplus meal, before the song ends and the music turns slow. And that slow song they finally dance to, I kind of imagined that might be "We Found Each Other in the Dark" by City and Colour.

The part where Ben is dragging himself across town try and save Maggie, and he's bleeding and sick-- that scene would definitely benefit from "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes as a soundtrack.

And I kind of envision "Panic Switch" by Silversun Pickups playing nice and loud during the chase scene through the French Quarter.

You? If you think a certain song is a good fit for your favorite part of The Loop, leave a comment and let me know. I'll definitely make a point to check it out. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for stopping by Shandy! Now here’s some info about the book and author!

Ben and Maggie have met, fallen in love, and died together countless times. Over the course of two pivotal days—both the best and worst of their lives—they struggle again and again to resist the pull of fate and the force of time itself. With each failure, they return to the beginning of their end, a wild road trip that brings them to the scene of their own murders and into the hands of the man who is destined to kill them.
                                                                                                   As time circles back on itself, events become more deeply ingrained, more inescapable for the two kids trapped inside the loop. The closer they come to breaking out, the tighter fate's clutches seem to grip them. They devise a desperate plan to break free and survive the days ahead, but what if Ben and Maggie's only shot at not dying is surviving apart?

About Shandy:
Shandy Lawson writes teen fiction stories about things that excite, fascinate and frighten him. When not writing, Shandy cooks, eats, and feels lazy for not writing. He lives in New York City but has his eye on Key West each time winter comes around.

Visit him online at www.shandylawson.com

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  1. This sounds like a really cool book!! I love the playlist too. Great song choices!!


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