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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Swoon Thursday (1)- The Beautiful and the Cursed and Sweet Peril

So I’ve never done this one before but I’ve followed the Swoon Thursday meme hosted by the ladies over at YA Bound for quite some time and I thought I’d give it a go. I read so many books with swoon-worthy scenes and I’d love to share them with you all and not just as excerpts in my reviews.

So this week I’ve decided to share swoon-worthy scenes from two of the books I’ve read over the past week! They’re two entirely different books so I’m excited to share them with you!

This Gothic Paranormal story had me at Gargoyles and I love that it’s told in multiple POV’s so this isn’t the only swoon-worthy scene. There’s a lot more!

Nolan hooked his arm around her waist and brought her closer against him. It felt entirely different from when Thomas had gripped her. Nolan held her as if a riptide were trying to steal her away from him. A low, hungry groan rose up his throat—and Gabby gave in. Her fingers fanned out across his chest and she returned the kiss, her lips turning soft against his.

SWEET PERIL by Wendy Higgins

What more can I say? You all loved Sweet Evil right? And we thought Wendy pushed the boundaries in that one with the hotness! Well she upped the game in this one BIG TIME!

He pushed forward until I was against the stacked washer and dryer, and his knee slipped between my legs.

“To you,” he whispered, his breath hot against my mouth. “I swear it.”

The kiss became fast and frenzied, pulling each other closer with greedy hands until Kaidan broke away and breathed against my ear, “Let me see you again.”

So what did you think? Do you all think I should keep doing this? I have tons of books with swoon-worthy moments I can share with you! Let me know if I should make this a weekly feature! Also what are some of your swoon-worthy scenes of the week?


  1. LOVE the Sweet Peril swoon! AHH I can't wait to read it :D
    And yeah, I think it's a good idea to make it a weekly feature :) I might start it myself!

  2. Yes!!! Keep doing it lol ;) nice swoon passages.

  3. Ohh fantastic teasers!! Sweet Peril is one of my next reads!!

  4. That Sweet Peril teaser was so good!!!!!!!

  5. ummm... *wipes drool* ahem, nice Sweet Peril teaser. O_O


  6. Welcome to Swoon Thursday!!! I love the swoons you selected! Hope you continue to be part of the hop!:)

    My Swoon

  7. Please keep doing Swoon Thursday :D! I loved both of your swoons, and can't wait to read Sweet Peril!


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