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Friday, March 1, 2013

YA March Madness #YAMM

I am so stoked to announce that I will be part of a group of blogs running a March Madness tournament for YA books!

Now I love sports but mostly baseball, football, and NASCAR but I’ve always enjoyed the college basketball tournament!  “March Madness” is when college basketball teams play in a huge tournament and many people fill out brackets, guessing who will win each game and make it to the end. This year I along with Shanyn, Erica, and Katie will be hosting a similar tournament, but for YA books!

The original March Madness bracket is broken down into four sections by region, so we will have our four sections divided by genre. Fantasy, Science fiction/Dystopian, Paranormal, and contemporary. I am in charge of the Sci-Fi/Dystopian bracket which are also two of my favorite genres!!!!! J

Each section of the bracket starts with sixteen “teams” (books). To get those books, each of us will be holding a nomination period. During that period you may nominate up to two books for each genre bracket that you want to enter the tournament.

Books for the tournament must have been published in 2012, be YA, and fit the genre of the bracket you are nominating for. That means that here at Two Chicks on Books you must nominate SCI-FI and or Dystopian titles. Last year there were a LOT of people nominating the same books at each blog. Please be sure you’re only nominating titles that fit the genres.

My nominations for the YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian bracket will be open until Friday, March 8 at 9 PM PST (12 AM EST)!

Feel free to campaign on Twitter or your blog with the hashtag #YAMM or the graphic above (made by the awesome Katie)!

To nominate in the other genres, please visit:
Chick Loves Lit (Contemporary)
The Book Cellar (Fantasy)
Katies Book Blog (Paranormal) 


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