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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sweet Evil Read Along Week 4- Final Week and Giveaway

Hey y’all! Welcome to week one of the Sweet Evil Read Along hosted by Mindy at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and co-hosted by me here at Two Chicks on Books as well as Rachel from Fiktshun, Tara from Tater’s Tall Tales and Nancy from The Ravenous Reader!

This week we’ll be reading chapters 26-31 and our topic this final week is Halloween. I hope you all have had fun reading one of our favorite books with us! Yay my favorite holiday!!!!!!

So with such an open topic what should I talk about? Hmmm how about haunted houses? I did volunteer work for a local charity and every year we had a haunted house. I loved it I actually started out as a starving 8 year old chained to a wall in a cell (yep I really started when I was 8!) I gradually moved on to the graveyard by the time I was 12 and got to scare the bejeezus out of people by flinging myself out of a coffin (yep a real one and it was awesome). By the time I was 16; I became a guide and we had a dentist friend who helped with the house, he actually made me real vampire fangs (still have them to this day) and I loved guiding people around the house and hearing their screams. Yep lol I’m demented also that’s why my friends who know me well know I don’t scare. At all. Horror movies make me laugh and I've never read a book that scared the crap out of me. I kinda wish I had.

So peeps here’s my task for you this week think of a book that will scare the crap out of me and no Stephen King please he bores me. Also what are your favorite things about Halloween???

Ok so here’s the deal as you all know I’ve read Sweet Evil and instead of lulling you to sleep with my review again I’m going to share a favorite passage of mine….

“Do you remember what I told you about the twins and their father, Astaroth?” he asked. “About how they can sense romantic bonds between people?”


“That’s why I hit the booze that night when we were all together this summer. I didn't want them to know there was anything there. I didn't want to explain anything or listen to their rubbish.”

My pulse quickened. He was admitting there was something between us. Something mutual.

“And tonight?” I asked, playing with the zipper on my jacket. He pulled a flask out from under his seat as an answer, and my heart turned a solid gallop in my chest.

“Don’t worry. I’m sober right now. I’ll start drinking when we pull up.”

Ok seriously a messed up way to tell someone you care but coming from Kaidan I’d take it any way I could lol.

Make sure to check out my complete review check here! Oh and if you haven’t signed up for the read along yet it’s not too late you have until the 28th! Just go the Sweet Evil Read Along Page and sign up! And to everyone who has participated all 4 weeks y’all rock!!!!! And good luck with the giveaway!!!!
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  1. Ha! How did I know you wouldn't scare easily, LOL! And that's so cool you got to hang in a real coffin and have your very own set of fangs. I love it!

    I love Stephen King as you know, but I was never terrified by his books. I can't think of a book that terrified me, except this one book my friend told me about and then told me it was a true crime story. That freaked me out because it was real. And really, really, gross. I still shudder.

    Clive Barker does some creepy and freaky deaky stuff in his books. I'm not sure you'd scare, but you might have a few nightmares about the author's twisted imaginings.

  2. I love that you got be a part of a haunted house! That's so wicked!!! You definitely would have heard me scream, that's for sure. I went to The London Dungeon once and it totally freaked me out - I enjoyed it though. *lol*

    As for a book, I don't think I know any that would scare you. Solitary from Alexander Gordon Smith was hard for me to read. It's not that scary, but it really messed with my mind and I'm terrified of small, narrow places, so that definitely didn't help. ;)

  3. How awesome that you have your own real set of fangs!! I don't really thing any books have really scared me. Dean Koontz has some pretty creepy ones and Rhiannon Frater's As the World Dies series is pretty creepy too. I love haunted houses and haunted hayrides, but I find them to be funny, not scary. I would love to work at one and get to scare people though! That sounds really fun!

  4. I don't know any book that will scare you since I only read few horror stories and they didn't really scare me. Soem are gross but not really scary. Even horror movies doesn't scare me much but I love watching Japanese horror films.

  5. I scare very easily these days. The last book that gave me nightmares was Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. That Oberman or whatever he was called was seriously creepy. And after seeing Jeepers Creepers the first time, I haven't been able to watch scary movies any more. And I used to love them and loved haunted houses, too, but not so much now. I'd rather do without the nightmares. :P

  6. Oh, I always wanted to be a vampire!!! I would love to be in a coffin!!
    I'm not scared easily, so, I think it was so so cool!!

  7. I've always been kind of a chicken, lol! So I've embraced that part of me now. I don't think I could enter a haunted house or something like that!

  8. I love scary movies but They never scare me. I really dont know about Any scary books but I heard that Kendare Blake writes pretty scary stuff

  9. I love haunted houses! I don't scare easily but I do get grossed out easily. I haven't really read any scary books either but I found the Dexter books very disturbing. Especially the first one where the killer would cut out the persons tongue, cut off his eye lids, arms, legs, and then lay him under a mirror so he had to stare up at himself helpless. That freaked me out!!! I love dressing up and candy and carving pumpkins!

  10. I love haunted houses! I don't scare easily either, and I love watching people freak out while I stand there laughing :P
    The coffin thing sounds hilarious, I really want to do that now!

  11. I've never been to a haunted house. I've always wanted to go to one though.


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