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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Jaime's Review of Erasing Time by CJ Hill

Erasing Time
CJ Hill
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (Harper Collins)
ISBN: 0062123920
Source: ARC from the San Francisco/Sacramento Book Review
Rating: Really Liked
From Goodreads.

In this high-action and romantic futuristic adventure, there is no escape from the future for two contemporary girls pulled out of their own time. When twins Sheridan and Taylor wake up 400 years in the future, they find a changed world: domed cities, no animals, and a language that’s so different, it barely sounds like English. And the worst news: They can’t go back home. The twenty-fifth-century government transported the girls to their city hoping to find a famous scientist to help perfect a devastating new weapon. The moblike Dakine fights against the government, and somehow Taylor and Sheridan find themselves in the middle. The only way to elude them all is to trust Echo, a guy with secrets of his own. The trio must put their faith in the unknown to make a harrowing escape into the wilds beyond the city. Full of adrenaline-injected chases and heartbreaking confessions, Erasing Time explores the strength of the bonds between twins, the risks and rewards of trust, and the hard road to finding the courage to fight for what you believe in.

Where to start with one…..

You see the rating above says really liked? Well that would have been a loved if a few things would have happened. I loved the story/the idea/ the plot. I highly enjoyed the characters but, the pacing for the first 100 pages was off and I don’t mean slow I mean it was too quick. I normally don’t complain about stories being too fast but with this one I felt we lost something. For example one minute we’re getting to know the twins Sheridan and Taylor and the next woosh they’ve been transported 400 years into the future. And we don’t know why. We find out later in the book but there should have been some kind of lead in to their sudden departure from their own time period. Second example Echo the main guy in the story he starts off trying to escape the town but again we don’t find out why until way later in the book. There should have been more of an explanation there. Oh and one more thing this book is being called a dystopian well there’s a dystopian world yes, there is also time travel and futuristic machines which also makes this a sci-fi book. So I’d prefer it be called a Sci-Fi/Dystopian.

But enough of my complaints here’s what I liked about the story. I loved Sheridan one of the twins; she was selfless, brave, smart, and funny. Her sister Taylor was ok too but not a favorite.  I also loved Echo and his father Jeth. The world itself was written really well and CJ threw in some twists that I didn’t see coming (and I’m usually good at figuring things out). 

There were some loose ends that were not wrapped up by the end and I’m hoping there will be a second book to resolve these. I would definitely read a sequel.

I chose a quick scene to share with you between Echo and Sheridan because I thought it was pretty funny.

She folded her arms across her chest. “You’re wrong. Just like you’re wrong about animals talking. They didn’t”

His eyebrows drew together. “We have stories dating back thousands of years. Aesop’s fables. ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ Your time period had Bugs Bunny, Winnie-the Pooh---“

“Those are just children’s stories.”

“Yes, but adults told them to their children,” He cocked his head. “Do you expect me to believe that for generations, across human culture, parents routinely lied to their kids about the communication capabilities of animals?”


He raised a disbelieving eyebrow.

“Oh, come on,” she said. “Who would hire three pigs to work construction jobs? They couldn’t hold hammers with their little cloven hooves.” She stopped herself. It was unbelievable, really, that she was standing here discussing pig careers. “Don’t you have any nature shows from our time period? Maybe a ‘National Geographic’ magazine?”

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  1. I've read some reviews lately that thought the book was just an okay read, though I really do hope that I love it because I love anything with some sci-fi in it. Thanks for your nice review!

  2. Great review Jaime. It definitely sounds sci fi and not at all a dystopian. Especially with the time travel. And wow, the pace was too fast?

    Just read the descrip and it definitely rings sci-fi to me. If there are things open-ended at the ending I hope there will be a sequel. Maybe I'll wait and see if there before I check this one out, though I think I have it pre-ordered. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention, I haven't seen it before. And I still have Slayers sitting on my massive TBR pile!

    Thanks for the review!

  4. I know what you mean about the pacing being too fast. It was kind of weird how quickly some things moved. I think that's probably one of the bigger issues I had with it as well. Glad you liked it though, I ended up really loving it!! Awesome review :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  5. That is weird that you say the pacing was too fast. Normally I like that. :\

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

    1. I liked the story but because the pacing was too fast it lost something.....

  6. I actually like slower paced books!! But nice review and excerpt!!! Thanks for sharing ;)



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