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Friday, May 18, 2012

Vicious Deep Blog Tour! Zoraida's Playlist

Today we have a music post! You know how much we love these and we love some of the songs that Zoraida has chosen for her Vicious Deep Playlist. There are some explanations next to the songs and we have attached video clips for some of our favorites J

Well heck we did them all lol! 

Pardon Me by Incubus (My favorite song from high school. Fitting for Tristan, and unapologetic) Jaime freaking loves this band and this song!!!!!!

Come Undone - My Darkest Days (For Betwixt) This is one of Jaime's new favorite bands!!! Check out Porn Star Dancing (I'd love to link to the music video but it's a litle explicit lol) when you get a chance ;)

Jaded - Aerosmith (For Layla) 

Second Chance - Shinedown (Tristan's song) Another favorite!!

Oceans - Evanescence (During the storm...) Pretty!!!

Breaking the Girl by Red Hot Chili Peppers (For Maddy) Love Anthony Kiedis!

Are You with Me - Sixx AM (Tristan & Layla's song) 

Lovumba - Daddy Yankee (For the boys in the swim team)

See her taste in music rocks! Aren’t you happy we posted all the videos? Leave us a comment and tell us which was your favorite J


  1. My fave is: Second Chance - Shinedown but I'm also a huge fan of Evanescence.

    1. Yeah Shinedown is a definite fave of mine too! I also really love My Darkest Days and of course Incubus :)

  2. Okay am going to be here listening to the vids for awhile. :) LOVE that you included them all. I just need to figure out who Zoraida is...

    1. Lol the author of the Vicious Deep :)

    2. Oh thanks! I thought it was the mermaid! :)

  3. Oh and I think I love this version of Come Undone way more than Duran Duran!

    1. Haha I do too but I love My Darkest Days :)


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