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Monday, May 21, 2012

Jaime's Review of Once by Anna Carey

Once (An Eve Novel)
Anna Carey
Hardcover: 368 pages
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Publisher: Harper Teen
ISBN: 0062048546
Source: ARC from Maggie at Books Inc.
Rating: Loved

From Goodreads. Sixteen years have passed since a deadly virus wiped out most of the Earth’s population. After learning of the terrifying part she and her classmates were fated to play in the rebuilding of New America, eighteen-year-old Eve fled to the wilds and Califia, a haven for women determined to live outside the oppressive rule of the king of New America. However, her freedom came at a price: she was forced to leave Caleb, the boy she loves, wounded and alone at the city gates. Eve quickly learns that Califia may not be as safe as it seems and soon finds herself in the City of Sand and the palace of the king. There she uncovers the real reason he was so intent on her capture, and the unbelievable role he intends her to fill. When she is finally reunited with Caleb, they will enact a plan as daring as it is dangerous. But will Eve once again risk everything—her freedom, her life—for love? Brimming with danger and star-crossed romance, and featuring a vivid dystopian landscape, this electrifying follow-up to Eve, which bestselling author Lauren Kate called “a gripping, unforgettable adventure—and a fresh look at what it means to love” is sure to appeal to fans who crave the high-stakes adventure of The Hunger Games and the irresistible love story of Romeo and Juliet.

I just want to say upfront that Anna Carey is evil! No not really but man can she write an amazing book with a wicked cliffhanger! I thought after ending Eve like she did there would be no way that Once would leave me saying WTF? But I was wrong!!!!! I saw Anna a few days ago and asked for hints about book 3 and got nothing; so yeah wow I just know I need book 3 now!
Ok on to the review lol. I love how Eve and Once are set in areas I’m familiar with and it was really cool reading about them. I felt like I was out there with Eve, Arden, and Caleb. There’s so much that goes on in this book! I cried quite a bit I also chewed a hole in my cheek worrying about what was going to happen. Oh yeah and there's a scene in an IKEA yep Anna threw that in there to ;) There was also a part that I believe I said out loud “I knew it!!!!!” once Eve gets to The City of Sand and that place is creepy I’d rather live in the wilds.
The love story between Caleb and Eve is so awesome and real. I loved that it takes them time to acknowledge their feelings and when they do it’s seriously one of the sweetest moments. That is definitely one of the parts I cried. There’s also a scene early in the book that happens at an Ikea and I’ll leave it at that because I’m tearing up just thinking about it. (Remember me saying Anna is evil? Yep another evil moment)
I chose a passage that made me melt and hopefully it will for you all too!
The boat pulled up beside the stone stairs. Caleb glanced at the cluster of people still lingering by the edge of the bridge, enjoying the last thirty minutes before curfew.
“I’ve fallen in love with you,” he whispered, kneeling to kiss the top of my hand. He stayed there for a moment, smiling up at me, before helping me from the boat.
I started up the stone steps, every inch of me humming with a new energy. I wanted to scream it then---I love you I love you I love you—to grab his hand and run away from the Palace, these people, that bridge.
“Good night, Miss,” he said loudly, as though I were any other stranger. “I hope you enjoyed your evening.”
The woman who had greeted me was still standing beneath the overhang. I walked toward her, but not before turning back, my eves wet. “I love you too,” I mouthed. It didn’t seem stupid, or foolish, or wrong. I’d said something I’d always known, the admission sending me into the happiest, irreversible free fall.
His face broke into a smile. He studied me, not taking his eyes off mine, as he pushed off the dock and glided away.
See total swoon right?!?!

So you know you want to read this! Add it to your Goodreads shelves.

Pre-order your copy now!


  1. Once has a cliffy too? OH NO. *hides* Eve's made me cry… Now I'm worried :P And super curious about this IKEA scene and this sweet lovey scene. *swoons* I WANT. You're killing me. Fantastic review! Thanks for making me desperate to read this :P *prods*

    Lisa | Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me

  2. I haven't read Eve, yet. I wish I can read it soon. Great review! ;D

    Kari Po-Ku Reads

  3. I can't wait to read this one! A few more months!

  4. I would recommend to anyone who likes dystopian, young adult or romantic novels. Kept me curious and reading until I passed out haha :)

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