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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Marked Blog Tour and a Giveaway

Today we are hosting Inara Scott author of The Talents and The Marked. The second book in The Delcriox Academy series is coming out soon! We have a character interview with Jack who just happens to be Jaime’s favorite even if he is a pain in the butt lol. And keep reading because after the interview you’ll have a chance to win a copy of The Marked from Disney and also some swag from us!

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s already March 29, and the release of The Marked is only a few days away!  I can’t say thanks enough to Jaime for hosting me as part of The Marked blog tour. For those of you who haven’t read the first book in the series, The Talents, I’m going to try to make this blog post somewhat spoiler free, though really, you should read The Talents before you read The Marked.

A bit of background for those who are new to the series, or those who may need a refresher: In The Talents there are two boys who play major roles: Cam and Jack. Jack is a bit of a bad boy—he’s had a rough life, and it shows. He’s not very fond of authority figures, or rules. Cam, on the other hand, is part of the machinery of Delcroix Academy. He’s a recruiter for the school, and intimately involved in what happens there. Dancia, the heroine, gets mixed up with both.

Now, this interview with Jack was recorded just after The Talents ended. Given that Jack can be a little, shall we say, resistant to authority, I had to do some coercing to get him to talk to me. As you can see, things didn’t go so well...


Jack is tall and lean, with unkempt black hair that falls over his forehead, and silvery grey eyes. He slouches low in a chair in front of me, cup of black coffee untouched in front of him. He narrows his gaze to study me, but does not say a word.

ME: Jack, thanks for coming.

JACK: Where’s Dancia?

ME (nervously): Well, she isn’t actually here…I mean, she might be here later, but she’s not actually—

JACK: (stands up) I came because you said I could see Danny. If she’s not here, I’m gone.

ME: Jack, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fool you, I just want to ask you a couple of questions and I knew you wouldn’t come without some encouragement. The truth is, there are a lot of people who care about you, and they want to know what you’ve been doing since the end of The Talents.

Jack pushes back his hair. He jams his hands deep in the pockets of his dark jeans, which hang low on his hips, and sighs.

JACK: I care, why, exactly?

ME: They’re fans. You don’t want to be rude to your fans, do you?

JACK: (snorts) You’re kidding, right? Fans? I think you’ve got me confused with Pretty Boy.

ME: You mean Cam?

JACK: Yeah. Pretty Boy. I hate that guy.

ME: Well, no, they aren’t his fans, actually. They’re yours. I mean, some of them like him, but you’d be surprised. There are a lot of people pulling for you.

JACK: Glad to know someone sees through Pretty Boy’s lies. Can they get those damn Watchers off my back?

ME: (winces) Sorry. Probably not.

JACK: Then really, I appreciate the support, but they aren’t much good to me. Look, if Danny’s not coming, I’ve got to hit the road. I need to find something to eat, and a place to sleep for a couple of hours. They’re always a few steps behind me, and I’ve been here way too long.

ME: Has it been hard?

JACK: *expletive deleted* Seriously? I thought authors were supposed to be smart. I’m living on the street, the only person I care about is deep in the clutches of a group of fascists, I’ve got no one to turn to, and I’m being chased by a posse of crazy stalkers who want me dead. What do you think?

Jack pushes in his chair with enough force to rock the table. Without another word, he pulls open the door, glances both ways, and then takes off running.

ME (whispers): Goodbye, Jack. Take care of yourself.

Thanks Jack you were so um….. awesome! lol ;) And thanks for letting us host you Inara!

Ok on to the giveaway! It’s simple the grand prize winner will win a copy of The Marked from Disney and some swag from us and there will be a runner up who will win some swag that Inara is sending to us! So fill out the rafflecopter form! J

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Add The Talents and The Marked to your goodreads shelves!

Buy The Talents (note The Talents is the new name, the old one below is the same. It used to be The Candidates) and The Marked now!


  1. I haven't started on this series but I am very interested with the story and would love to read it! :)

  2. I haven't read any of the series yet but it sounds like something that would interest me. You don't normally see books in YA series that have two strong male figures. Now it's usually strong female characters. I would like to see how this difference effects the story.

  3. From what I just read, I am very interested in reading this series. Jack sounds amazing! Thanks for the interview and a chance to win!

  4. I have read it and I remember liking it but it's been so freaking long since it came out, I'm going to have to read the last chapter just to get a clue as to what happened!

    Also, I liked the old title and cover style better (this kinda looks indie), did the author change publishers?

    1. No she didn't the cover change was Disney/Hyperion's decision. I'm not sure why they changed it I liked the older cover too :)

  5. I read The Candidates and loved it. Can't wait to read The Marked! Agreed on the old cover.

  6. I've wanted to read this series before it came out but never got around to picking up the first book! I really want to pick up the first book after reading this post! :D

  7. I haven't yet. I have the first book, but I still have to get around to it. I want to read it because I like books that have a mysterious academy and hidden secrets and all that good stuff. :D

  8. I haven't started this series yet. But I love the premise. Who wouldn't want to go to this academy? Sounds like a great read!

  9. I haven't read this series, but after reading the interview, I'm hooked! Jack is hilarious, in his own brooding way and you can instantly tell he likes Danny, cute nickname by the way. So, to answer your question, I want to read this book because one, Jack is cool, and two Danny is the heroine of the story. I'm a fan of young heroines.


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