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Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogger Best Friend Feature

When Mindy asked me to do a post on Rachel (Fiktshun) for her Blogging Best Friends post I said heck yeah I’d love to! One reason Rachel is one of my best friends I met her through twitter and blogging but over the past year she has been a constant in my life.  Out of Patricia and Mindy and I; I’m the only one who’s met her IRL and she’s so adorable! I met her at RT and she was running around the expo floor trying to get everything signed. I think she bought more books than she brought lol. She’s always there to help with anything; like I suck at html see that button there to the right? Our Two Chicks button? Yep Rachel made that for us because Patricia and I aren’t that great with html. 

If I’ve had a crappy day Rachel always has a way to make me laugh especially with her short stories! My favorite was about a certain demon with glistening rock hard abs. I’d share it but I think it would embarrass her. She’s also my book pimp (no really) if she gets duplicates she always thinks of me and asks if I’d like it and she doesn’t expect anything in return. That being said when I can send her little surprises because she’s just that awesome!

Well that’s a few of the reasons why I love Rachel but if I stated them all we’d be here all day ;) next look below for why Patricia loves her! You rock Rachel <3333333

I first met Rachel on Twitter, though I don’t know who made contact first since I get a little shy on Twitter, but it was probably through Jaime. I immediately liked her. I have to confess that I am bit of a stalker of hers. I very often visit her multiple blogs. She has one of the best “voices” out there; her posts are always full of information and thoughtfulness. It’s a pleasure stalking her visiting the different blogs she has. It’s obvious to anyone who visits her blogs that she puts a lot of thought and love into what she does.  

Rachel is super sweet & kind. She’s always willing to answer questions and is super generous. I will forever be grateful that thanks to her I read The Soul Screamers series and Vampire Academy series as she gifted them both to me without a second thought.  I’ve really come to think of her as a friend. We have had conversations about a few other things than blogging or books and she’s abso-freaking-lutely amazing. Hopefully I’ll get to meet her in the real world come this June at ALA.

Here’s the links to Rachel’s blogs make sure to go check them out! She does many giveaways and has awesome posts! And make sure to check out Mindy’s Blogger Best Friend post!

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  1. Ahhhh!!! I'm lovin' your post! Hopefully we can get all of our Blogger BF's together at ALA! *grins*

  2. Thanks for sharing your stories of Rachel, completely love them! Rachel is awesome and I love how helpful she is, you two are and Mindy as well. It is so nice to have others to turn to to help you out.

  3. You guys are so awesome! <333 you both. And Patricia, I will definitely meet you at ALA! I feel awkward stalking and commenting on your post, because I'm totally anti spotlight, but TYSM. And I loved meeting Jaime at RT.

    And Jaime, I didn't bring ANY books. Got all of them there. So embarrassed. Had noooo idea you could actually bring books. I'm such an event noob. I'm just glad you weren't there when I was trying to find Kelley Armstrong and ended up confusing the RT male models for security guards. :)

    You guys are seriously awesome so glad to have met you and yep it's ALL thanks to Jaime.

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww you rock!!
    @Jamie...if I ever EVER were to meet her...I think I'd die... T_T she's too good to be true!!

    @Patricia holly clouds!! >.< completely agree with you!! And yes! stalking, I mean visiting her blogs is amazing and fun!!!

    I love love love this post!! and I'm so happy that Rachel has such amazing friends in this crazy blogosphere as you guys!!!! FOREVER GRATEFUL that you're always there for her ;)

    YEY!!! Rachel! <3<3<3<3


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