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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Mighty has fallen!!! We're Not Done Though!!!

Ok so you all know by now that Ash lost his round of the YA Crush Tourney :( :( but we're not finished yet! Now that Ash is out of the tourney us here at Two Chicks are throwing our support behind Zach from  Jeri Smith-Ready's Shade series. We're supporting Zach not only because he's a hottie from Scotland with gorgeous green eyes but because we love Jeri she is a dear friend of ours. We dearly love this series and if you don't believe us check out our reviews Jaime's  and  Patricia's. Zach is definitely swoon worthy.

Another reason we're supporting Zach is because Jeri is donating money to charity along with other bloggers and authors check out Jeri's blog here for info on the charity and also an awesome blog post about the tourney below it and a really sweet video!

We also are supporting our girls over at Fictitious Delicious who are Zach's advocates they fully supported Ash and we really appreciated that. Thanks girls. They have been doing an awesome job for #TeamKilt and we are fully #TeamKilt now.

Lastly because of all the Zach love going around a bunch of us bloggers have decided to do giveaways during the tourney and if Zach wins and the lovely Karen over at For What It's Worth Reviews will be making a blog post with a link to all the blogs participating so make sure to check it out tomorrow.

So at 8a.m. central time voting will open and stay open for 24 hours go vote for Zach tell your friends, borrow computers, go to the library, use McDonald's and Starbucks free wi-fi, use any form of voting you can for Zach he's gonna need it against Jace! Remember to use the #TeamKilt  hashtag on twitter and RT like crazy tomorrow! Thank you all sooooo much!!!!!!


  1. Yay! It's gonna be brutal, but #TeamKilt has been the underdog before. Watch out, Jace!

  2. I wish this was Thursday so I could give 24 hours support, but I'll be hitting every wifi hotspot to cast my votes tomorrow! :) Go Team Kilt!


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