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Monday, July 8, 2024

Blog Tour- SAGA OF THE SELENIXIES by @kferrugiaro, With An Excerpt & A #Giveaway! #InspiredGirlStorybooks

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the SAGA OF THE SELENIXIES: COLLAPSE OF THE CRYSTAL FORTRESS by Kristie Ferrugiaro Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About The Book:


Author: Kristie Ferrugiaro

Pub. Date: March 11, 2024

Publisher: Inspired Girl Storybooks

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 192

Find it: Goodreadshttps://books2read.com/SAGA-OF-THE-SELENIXIES 

With the Destruction of the ancient Crystal Fortress, the Selenixies were sent hurling through different worlds, losing their power and connection to one another. Dark forces are holding them back as they must complete seven trials to recharge themselves, reunite with each other, and regain trust in the Universe before it's too late.

A fantastical tale about teamwork, friendship, resilience, and the trials we all go through to see if what we want is really worth fighting for, Saga of the Selenixies illustrates that we are most powerful when we empower each other.




With the destruction of the ancient Crystal Fortress,  the Selenixies were sent hurling through different worlds,  losing their power and connection to one another.  Dark forces are holding them back as they must complete  seven trials to recharge themselves, reunite with each other,  and regain trust in the Universe before it’s too late. 



The sun crests over the majestic mountains that protect the land of the Mystics. The sky shines  with symphonic shades of pink and purple with a  glowing orange ball in the center. It is the most magnificent morning Mystic Neoma has enjoyed in a long time.  She stretches her arms to the air in a deep V, lifting her  head to invite the sunrise to envelop her completely. Her  platinum blonde hair cascades down her back like waves  whispering to the wind that’s gently swirling through her  long locks. She takes deep breaths in through her nose  and out through the mouth as she appreciates the beauty  of the day that is unfolding before her. She reaches up to  

touch the sky, dancing her fingertips in the air. This is the most perfect time for her daily affirmations, and with this glorious daybreak she feels her day is  going to be just as spectacular. She sets her intentions for  a magnificent day, blows kisses to the sky, and bows her  head in thanks to the Universe.  

Mystic Neoma affirms, “I am ready to take on a new  day. I am full of love. Everything that is meant to be, will be. My heart is open. I attract beautiful things. I will be  present in every moment. I am safe and secure. The Uni verse is full of endless possibilities. I am grateful for my  

blessings. I am at peace with the Universe.” Still reeling from her amazing morning routine, Mys tic Neoma sits down with her optical lens in front of  her. To the ordinary person, the optical lens looks like a  crystal ball. But to the Mystics, it is the eye of the seer.  They can see what is going on in other lands.  Mystic Neoma’s optical lens is a glowing, perfectly  round orb set on top of a sculpted base, purple in color  with shimmering specs of gold. She closes her piercingly  purple eyes and takes a deep breath. With her left hand,  she swirls across the top of the crystal ball. The Mystics  are the only ones able to harness the power of the extraordinary lens. Others have tried, but anyone who is  not a Mystic sees only a clear glass sphere.  

Every morning, each of the five Mystics takes her turn  peering in the lens to check on her designated world. The  Mystics are able to see complete visions of those worlds:  the good, the bad, and the ugly. But unfortunately, the  lens has its limits too. It can see the present perfectly, but  the future can be cloudy because the future depends on  choices that are made in the present.  

Mystic Neoma recites over the lens: 

Spin, swirl  

Star shine twirl 

Moonlight, sunrays 

Clear eye, bright days  

Glittery sparkles and purple stardust swirl in the lens. 

Slowly, Lumina comes into focus.  

Mystic Neoma smiles softly. Lumina is the land of her  beloved Selenixies. She loves the Selenixies dearly. Every  one of the Mystics does. The Selenixies are the most special and protected throughout the Universe.  

Mystic Neoma considers herself the luckiest of all  the Mystics as the guardian of the Selenixies. She enjoys  peering into their world to check on them and their daily activities. Each one of the Selenixies is very special to  her. Each of them has unique qualities and characteristics that make them so interesting.  

And Lumina, all the creatures in all the lands in all  the worlds of the Universe love Lumina: the Mystics, the  Selenixies, the Mermaids, the Goblins, the Pirate Pixies,  the Giants, and the Helios. Lumina is the most beautiful  landscape you have ever seen. It used to be a barren land,  but ever since the Goddess Selene gifted the Crystal For 

tress to Lumina, flowers bloom all year round. The colors are spectacular, with the most vivid blooms of pinks,  purples, and reds all dancing together. The kelly green  trees reach for and unfold toward the sky, their branches  endless and their brilliant leaves lush. The mountains are  sharp and regal. The river runs ever so softly and stays  crystal clear. Birds sing the most glorious of songs. The  bees create the sweetest honey. All the woodland creatures live in the most perfect balance. Everything in this  world is in perfect harmony.  

Lumina is powered by an ancient power source,  which is a grid of crystals. There are two of each crystal.  Two Moonstones, two Sunstones, two Goldstones, two  Bloodstones, and two large Selenite veins that keep everything charged. The ancient power source is part of the  spectacular Crystal Fortress, which houses the most rare  and beautiful crystals. The fortress is a place where all the  Selenixies gather to celebrate every full moon. It is the  best place in the realm to enjoy the fullness of the moon,  and the Selenixies are total moon lovers.  

The fortress serves many purposes. It houses the Ancient Scrolls that are filled with the history of the realm,  offering the Selenixies detailed information of the past.  The Scrolls discuss things that worked in the past as well  as things that were disastrous. They are almost as important as the power source.  

The Selenixies have lived in Lumina for their entire  lives. In Lumina, there is no time. They work and play  simultaneously. They emerged from the rubble as what  humans would call “teenagers” and have never aged.  There is no stress and aside from some personality differences, very little to worry about. They feel completely  safe. They don’t even realize they can leave the realm if  they want to. But why would they leave? Nothing out  there is as amazingly beautiful as Lumina. They spend  their days picking flowers and herbs, collecting nuts and  honey, and preparing for their full moon celebrations.  Each has a job that complements the others, and they all  work happily.  

The Selenixies are completely unaware, however, that  there are always others trying to get into the land of Lu mina and that there are beings out there who are jealous of their beautiful existence. They want to take it for  themselves. There are constant threats, but the Selenixies  continue to live their best lives. The ancient crystal power source has always been so strong that it is almost impenetrable, though many have tried and failed. All of the Selenixies are living in perfect harmony in this beautiful  dimension.  

But today is different.



About Kristie Ferrugiaro:

Kristie Ferrugiaro, author of Saga of the Selenixies is a teacher, a fundraiser, and an entrepreneur. She has been teaching for the better part of 20 years, at multiple grade levels primarily in elementary through middle grade. Her creative side has led her to several business endeavors all rooted in celebrating life, from balloons and party planning to gourmet and custom gift baskets to now penning books that take readers on fun and fantastical journeys! However, her most important job is being a mom to her three boys as she coined herself a certified “chaos coordinator”.

You can always find Kristie at a football or lacrosse field cheering on her boys. She enjoys creating things to make people smile and loves to be surrounded by craft supplies, especially glitter. Her love of creativity inspired her to write about a world created through her overactive imagination. She has always enjoyed writing and has participated in several creative writing classes, and she has taught creative writing as well. She always encourages students to use their imagination.

The concept for Selenixies was created out of her love of all things girly and being the mom of three rough-and-tumble boys, there are very few things that are girlie in her house. Much of the story and characters are based on real-life events and people, including her student and her boys. The good, the bad and the ugly. many of the themes associated with the Saga of the Selenixies come straight from things that the boys have faced.

Kristie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication TV and Radio from Monmouth University. She is working on her Master's in Education as well. She resides in sunny Florida with her family.


Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | Goodreads | Amazon


Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive a finished copy of SAGA OF THE SELENIXIES: COLLAPSE OF THE CRYSTAL FORTRESS, US Only.

Ends August 6th, midnight EST.

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