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Friday, June 9, 2023

Release Blitz- MAGES OF CHANCE by @TEdunWrites With An Excerpt & A #Giveaway!

I am so excited that MAGES BY CHANCE by Terah Edun is available now and that I get to share the news!

If you haven’t yet heard about this wonderful book, be sure to check out all the details below.

This blitz also includes a giveaway for a $10 Kobo Gift Card of Terah & Rockstar Book Tours. So if you’d like a chance to win, check out the giveaway info below.


About The Book:

Title: MAGES BY CHANCE (Guardians of Algardis #1)

Author: Terah Edun

Pub. Date: June 1, 2023

Publisher: Terah Edun Publishing

Formats: eBook

Pages: 193

Find it:  GoodreadsKobo 

In a horrific world of death, this Kobo Plus adventure fantasy reveals the truth. No matter the cost.

This book follows a young woman destined to destroy every edict her people live by and the boy who would do anything to be accepted by his. Journey along in a spellbinding story of conquering fear and overcoming an epidemic in the first of the Deathright series.

Maeryn 'Mae' Darnes is a young woman torn between two worlds...life and death. She has watched her siblings slowly wither away just like all the others blighted by the cursed Darnes bloodline. In her attempts to save them Mae stumbles upon a plot to prolong the suffering of the afflicted.

Now that she knows the wasting sickness is being masterminded for other's desire, Mae becomes determined to risk everything to reveal the truth by carving out the darkness that is hiding within. No matter the cost.

The truth by carving out the darkness that is hiding within. No matter the cost.




Chapter 3

Mae elected to divert Ember’s attention more and perhaps get her sister to move on.

“So you’re looking at the architecture,” Mae said nervously. “Find anything interesting?”

“Very,” chirped Ember with the beady-eyed gaze of a bird swooping down on its prey. Apparently, she had regained her focused intensity and could see that Mae was stalling for some reason.

Perfect, Mae thought miserably. Just in time for me to lose my courage.

Perhaps if Mae had just walked off down the hall, Ember wouldn’t have been tipped to the fact that something was off, but Mae couldn’t just leave her sister in the hall with her most prized possession. It wouldn’t even take Ember a minute to spot the badly hidden tome in the corner. Not the way Mae had just shoved it across the floor, and now that meant Mae was stuck here trying to keep her sister’s attention from wandering off her while desperately hoping she would leave, which she didn’t seem inclined to do. Meanwhile, Mae’s back was still to the wall, and she felt sweat begin to roll down her neck. She was still trying to project confidence, but it was hard to do when your older sister was staring at you as if she could pull your secrets out of you by peeling off your skin bit by bit. As if noting Mae’s nervousness and reveling in it, Ember flicked the hand holding the lantern, making light momentarily flare in Mae’s eyes and throwing her off balance just a bit again.

“So sorry,” Ember said as Mae quickly turned her head away to get the glare out of her eyes. When she turned back after blinking away the spots dancing in her vision, Mae watched Ember warily.

It was another piece of movement that seemed like it could have been a mistake. But Mae would be a fool to think it hadn’t been intentional.

“I’m curious now that I see it, though,” Ember said in a too-cheery voice.

“See what?” Mae asked as her heart jumped in her throat.

What if she saw the tome? she wondered, horrified, not sure what to do or how to get out of acknowledging it.

“Well, your tea and scones, of course,” Ember said. “Seems a rather strange place to have a morning meal.”

Mae blinked in shock and then turned to look at the small plate she had discarded on a ledge, at just the right height for Ember’s lantern to pick up the glare of the plate.

“Oh, right, that,” Mae said. “You know me. Sometimes I like to get away from it all.”

“Right,” Ember said, sounding almost convinced. “Well, this is certainly a place to do it.”

Mae shrugged.

“Well, I’ve got a bit of work to do myself. ‘Idle hands make trouble for all,’ as they say, and we wouldn’t want that.”

“Oh no, we wouldn’t what that,” Mae echoed weakly. Ember was still hesitating, and even though she had remarked on the breakfast Mae had long forgotten about, there was something else up her sleeve, and Mae could feel the trap was closing in but wasn’t quite sure how to maneuver around it.

Her sister didn’t hold polite conversation for just any reason. She had something on her mind.

As if to answer her unvoiced question, Ember jiggled a basket that Mae only now noticed was on her back. The shoulder straps were hidden by the folds of her outercoat.

“The washing is going to take a while, but I’m prepared,” Ember said lightly with a false sincerity.

“Of course,” Mae said. “Are you taking the shortcut through the backways to get to the old washroom?”

“Yes,” Ember replied. “It’s less crowded than the new one by the sickrooms.”

Mae’s eyes flickered once more to the basket on her sister’s back. It looked barely half-full, and she’d eat her shoe if dear Ember hadn’t come this way in search of her. But she couldn’t prove that. She just knew her sister’s favorite game was to hassle her, and Ember’s eyes always lit up with an eagerness for trouble when Mae was around, so it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume the worst.

But that was all it was—an assumption.

Wanting this interrogation to be over, Mae said as meekly as she could, “Well, I’ll just let you be on your way.”

“Hmm, yes,” Ember replied. “But I haven’t yet asked you…”

She trailed off, leaving her words ominously unfinished.

“Asked me what?” Mae said.

Ember smiled. “What brings you this far off the beaten path?”

Mae looked around as she thought about an acceptable answer.

“Well?” Ember said.

Finally, Mae replied with a shrug, “I was just looking for some solitude…you know, with all the healers in our home plus the family, it’s getting crowded out there.”

“That’s true,” Ember said slowly. Then she began to tap her foot on the hollow wood floors, and Mae practically jumped out of her skin. She wondered what was next.

When will she move on? Mae thought desperately.

Apparently not that soon, because Ember continued to study Mae with all the patience in the world, and cornered, Mae couldn’t stand it anymore.


About Terah Edun:

Terah Edun is the young adult fantasy author of the Courtlight, Crown Service, and Algardis series, set in the eponymous Algardis Universe. Her books boast exhilarating adventures, courtship, and incredible fantasy for readers of all ages. Her Courtlight and Crown Service series are in libraries and bookstores, are “sure to whet readers’ appetite for suspense and intrigue” according to RT Book Review, and can be seen on the USA Today Happily Ever After blog. Together the series bring one universe forward with the power of magic. She is the author of 15+ books and her latest release is here: teedun.com/newrelease. You can find her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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Giveaway Details:

1 winner will win a $10 Kobo Gift Card, International.

Ends June 16th, midnight EST

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