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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Blog Tour- SONGS FROM THE HEART by @YsReffitt With An Excerpt & #Giveaway!

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the SONGS FROM THE HEART by Y.S. Reffitt Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About The Book:


Author: Y.S. Reffitt

Pub. Date: February 14, 2023

Publisher: Y.S. Reffitt

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 348

Find it: GoodreadsAmazon

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After living with heart disease and depression the last five years, Rayna is ready to crack open the protective shell her parents created for her. While she is trying to live life to the fullest, she meets Nick, the singer/songwriter for a local band. Electricity ignites.

Rayna will not let her heart failure determine her life. But will it change the path she chooses to take when her world comes crashing down?


Book Trailer:


“Rayna I can’t believe I let you do that?” Anna said as she  ran her hands through her hair and shook her head. I laughed. “Like you could have stopped me.” I took my bag  from Anna and dug for my wallet. 

“I just know that your mom would freak out if she knew I  went along with this.”  

I put my money and ID back in my wallet and threw it in my  bag.  

“Do you see my mom?” I looked around the perimeter.  “You didn’t go along with anything. I made the decision  to go parasailing and I’m glad I did. It was exhilarating.” I  wrapped my arm around Anna’s shoulder and smiled at her as  we walked. The soz sand under my bare feet energized me. 

“Why would her mom be mad at you?” Dave looked over  at Anna as he raised up from grabbing a shell from the sand. I drew my eyes down at Anna and shook my head. “Because  my mom is a worry wart, she pleads with Anna to keep me  safe.” I laughed hoping that Dave wouldn’t ask more questions. 

“So what was it like being up in the air like that?” Anna  asked.  

At least she was trying to change the subject.  

“It was awesome” Dave said with a grin.  

“It was Anna. You should try it with us next time.” “Hot a chance.” Anna said.  

Be all laughed and continued our short walk back to the  house.  

“So how was it?” Rick asked when we made it to his beach  spot. 

“Awesome” Dave and I answered in unison. Be both  laughed. Rick laughed at us for answering together. “You’re back.” Travis said as he walked down the steps from  the house. he smiled at us more at Anna but he looked at all  three of us. His eyes glistened when he smiled at her.  It warmed my heart and made me smile seeing these two fall for each other hopefully one of us could live happily ever after. 

“Come on Rayna you’re my partner” Dave said. he pulled  my hand toward a setup Jeld in the sand. 

“What do you wanna play?”  

“Bucket ball. That’s what they played while we were gone.  Rick and Jeff are undefeated. We have to beat them” “And you think we can do that?” 

“You said you played sports in high school. Bell this is just  like basketball and beer pong put together.” Dave picked up  a ball. 

“You just toss this ball down there into one of those buckets.  If you get the ball in the bucket the other team has to remove  the bucket. Just like beer pong.” 

“I’ve never played beer pong.” 

“What?!!” Dave looked at me like I was an alien. “What do you mean you never played beer pong? Didn’t you just  graduate college?” 

“I did, but I did most of it online. Remember I told you I just  moved out of my mom and dad’s and moved in with Anna.” 

“So you never went to parties?”  

“no, I didn’t”. I took a breath and braced myself for his  laughter. ,e didn’t laugh. ,e just looked confused. “Let’s get this game started” Dave yelled. 

Dave didn’t pry. I liked that about him. I wasn’t sure what  to expect when I met him a few days ago. ,e made me feel  comfortable. 

ffe2 and Rick hurried over to their buckets and picked up  the balls. 

“Losers first” jeff yelled. 

“I’ll show you loser” Dave said. “Go ahead Rayna.” I tossed  the ball and missed. Dave tossed his and missed. Rick and ffe2  harassed us. The game went on for a while. Sut in the end  Dave and I beat them.  

“Who is the loser now?” Dave chuckled. 

Jeff flipped Dave the bird and walked toward the house.  Dave laughed again and put the balls in the bucket.

“Guys we need to get ready if we’re gonna play the show  tonight.” Rick pointed at his watch. 

“Always the slave driver.” Dave shot back at him with a grin. Be gathered our things and started for the house. “Five me that stuff.” Dave threw his towel over his shoulder  and took my bag from my hands. 

“Thanks.” Food looking and a gentleman. I locked arms  with Anna as we followed the guys up the steps to the house. The guys quickly showered and dressed.  

“Be need to get the equipment set up and do sound check  so we’ll see you later” Rick yelled as he opened the front  door.  

I stuck my head out of my room. “Okay see you there.” “Bye Rayna. I’ll see you in a few hours.” Dave waved at me.  I waved back."

I showered and dressed. Anna’s music blared from her  room. She was making the final touches to her makeup when  I walked in. 

“You look fantastic! That leather mini skirt shows off those  long tanned legs. I love it! You’re gonna give someone a heart  attack looking like that!” Anna said.  

I smirked at her and did a little spin. Dressing up in sexy  clothes did make me more optimistic. “Thanks.” I grinned at  her. “You look kinda fabulous yourself.” 

“Thanks! I hope Travis thinks so too.”  

I shook my head at her and smiled. “Let’s go see Travis.” I  joked. 

Anna put her mascara down and grabbed her purse from  the sink. She followed me out the front door to the car. I  drove almost a mile. 

“We could have walked you know. My heart won’t fail from a little walk.” I gave Anna a disapproving look as I locked the car doors. 

Anna grimaced at me. “Walk in heels and break a sweat after  all the hard work on our hair and makeup? HeverN4 A look of  astonishment on her face. 

I laughed and locked arms with her as we walked across the  street toward the club. My phone rang. 

“It’s my mom Anna. Hold on a minute. Hi mom.” I held up a Finger to Anna. 

“Rayna! You didn’t call me back.” 

“I know mom! I’m sorry. Anna and I lost track of time and almost forgot about the show tonight”

“Rayna be careful being out with only Anna.”

“Mom! We are here with Rick and his friends, we aren’t alone. I have my mace.” I smiled at Anna. “Remember, you  raised a smart girl.”

“I know Rayna. I worry too much I guess. Your fragile condition doesn’t help my nerves. I will always worry. Text when you get back to the house so I know you are in. Be safe and I love you. Enjoy yourself.” 

“I will. I love you too mom. And tell dad I love him.” I hung  up the phone and put it in my small leather purse. I grabbed  Anna’s arm and gave her a big smile. “Let’s go have some fun  girl.” 

The club was nearly packed. We paid the cover charge and pushed our way through all the young faces toward the stage to find Rick. People were everywhere. Some played pool while others gathered around the bar or tables causing a sea  of unrelenting chatter. You could hardly hear yourself think.  After looking for a few seconds I spotted him. 

“Hey Rick!” I yelled over the music coming from the juke1 box. he glanced over his shoulder and waved us over to the side stage. 

“I wondered where you two were!” Rick said. He continued  hooking up cables and wires to speakers and lights. “I thought  maybe you got lost!” Rick teased. “The band is gonna start in about ten minutes. I reserved a table for us up front.” He yelled  over the noise and pointed to a table close to the stage. 

“We had to make ourselves beautiful, Rick” Anna grinned at Rick. 

“And you both are. I’ll fetch you two beautiful ladies a soda,  be right back.” 

“I can’t wait until the band starts. I’m so excited for you to  see them. You should have gone with me when I saw them a  few months ago!” Anna stated. 

“I wanted to! But you know I wasn’t up to par then, and when I’m fatigued, it’s hard to force myself out of the house. My  doctors figured my medicine out now. And that helps with the  fatigue. I’m ready to start having some fun before it’s too late. I mean, all that money my grandfather left me, I need to spend  some right.”

“Hey! We’re not going to talk about sad things tonight. We’re  gonna have a wonderful time tonight and the rest of the week.  When Seer starts playing, you’ll be ready to get your groove on and be free of all the worry,” Anna said. She sounded like  she was barking orders to me. But I understood she only  volunteered encouraging words. 

The band took the stage and started to play an interesting  guitar riff, my attention was perked. I enjoyed rock music and  loved to lose myself in the rhythm. And Anna was right. The  guys looked amaWing6 all of them.  

“Woooooooo!” Anna yelled and clapped her hands. I could feel the drum and the guitar pounding in my chest.  Anna always gave off incredible vibes. I gave her an evil grin  and she knew I was ready to have fun. 

The band finished the first song and the singer, Dave’s brother that I hadn’t met yet, introduced the band members. His voice came out low and sexy when he sang. You wouldn’t think that deep raspy sound would come out of such a young  looking face. He was cute, but the drummer Dave was the best looking in my opinion. Dave’s skin tone was the same as the  singer’s, but Dave’s hair was shorter. The singer’s eyes were darker and when he smiled, he exposed straight white teeth.  Anyone could tell they were brothers. 

“I see that smile. I told you the band was awesome?” Anna smirked. “And we get to spend the entire week with those fine looking guys.” 

I smiled at Anna and raise my glass of coke to give her a toast as the band started playing a slower tune. It sounded just as  amazing as the first song. The band played a few more songs  and I grabbed Anna’s arm and dragged her to the dance floor with the others that decided they liked the music. I felt free and young instead of the old grumpy cat I had become in the  last few years. I enjoyed this carefree experience. Anna and I slowly moved to the front of the stage as we danced. We  danced to every song. 

As I glanced up at the band, I made eye contact with the  singer, Nick. Hs deep brown eyes were shockingly intense.  When our eyes locked something happened that I’d never experienced before. It was like I had known him all my life. I couldn’t pull my eyes away. A magnet kept pulling my eyes  to his. 

I thought I’d given up on guys because of the heart break with the last one, but if he would step on the stage right at that moment and asked me to leave with him, I would have.  I never believed in love at first sight, but I thought I might be  experiencing it right there in the club in front of hundreds of people. I continued moving to the music, but I sensed I was in a trance. Nick turned his eyes away and released the trance  he pulled me into. He had some kind of power over me. 

The band finished the song and the crowd roared.  “Thank you everyone for hanging out with us tonight!” the singer said and took a bow. “We’ll be playing on the other side  of town in a few days if you want to come join us again.”  I brought my thoughts back to reality and glanced at Anna.  She was looking at me with a confused expression. He walked  over to our table and stood by our chairs. I had never been drunk, but I bet it felt something like this. 

“RaynaC are you okay? You look goofy,” concerned, Anna  examined my face. 

I kinda smiled at her not knowing if I was okay. “I’m not  sure. I’ve never experienced that before. 

“What! What haven’t you experienced before?” Anna demanded as she squeezed my arm. 

“This instant attraction to someone, like I would follow  them around the world.... like I have known them for years.  Like....” 

“Your soul mate? I saw you two lock eyes. I knew something  was happening.” Anna let go of my arm. 

“Sssshhh, they’re coming over here,” I whispered to her.

Anna gave a little squeeze to my hand with a big smile on  her face. Rick led the group of guys. They all walked toward  us with immense confidence and huge smiles on their faces, except the singer Nick. His face showed annoyance. Travis walked directly to Anna and stood by her. Dave chose the spot beside me and Nick beside him. Rick did formal introductions. 

“This is Nick Perry, our singer and Dave’s brother. Nick, these beautiful ladies are Anna Cass and Rayna Taylor.”

“Hi,” Anna and I said at the same time. 

“Hi,” Nick repeated as he threw his hand up to wave. He moved his eyes away quickly not acknowledging me. He leaned on the table with one elbow and glanced around  at the crowd. his white tank top showed off his dark skin and defined biceps and shoulders. The soft hairs on his chest stuck out of the top of his shirt. I glanced at him again, but he still  wouldn’t meet my eyes. I felt as if I had a stupid little girl crush  on someone that didn3t even know I existed. Maybe he was pretentious. 

I could sense Nick looking at me and I peeked up and  smiled. he forced a smile and looked away again. Everyone  talked and laughed around the table, but my mind was elsewhere. My stomach churned with those butterflies and my skin rippled with electricity having Nick so close to me. I  wanted to reach out and touch his skin. Touch the tattoo of a  cross on his shoulder. 

“We better pack this stuff up and get it in the van,” Nick said.  “I’m not feeling so good.” He chugged his water, turned, and hopped back into the stage to begin the tear down. 

“Yeah, let’s get this stuff together and head back to the house where we can relax and hang out. It has been a long day.” Travis said. 

Travis, the lead guitarist, and Anna hadn’t stopped talking since the band finished playing. 

“I better help.” Dave winked at me as he stood up to go to help take stuff down. 

Dave had the same dark mysterious eyes as Nick, but I  noticed every detail in Nick’s face. It was so beautiful. He  tucked his long, shaggy, brown hair behind his ears. Even though he didn’t smile but once, I couldn’t stop looking at him as he worked to clean the stage. 

“Let’s help them load up.” Anna bought me out of my hypnotic state. 

Anna and I wound up black cords and carried them out to  the van. Nick was already in the van packing things. He took the cords from me and our skin touched. The electricity from our skin touching was too much. He jerked the cord from my hand in haste. Our eyes locked again. I wanted to jump into the van and press my lips against his. He made me nervous, but it didn’t matter. The way I felt around him was intoxicating.  It was different than anything I ever experienced. I couldn’t figure out what this feeling was. It scared me. 

“Thanks,” Nick said. I blinked out of my trance. He quickly looked away. He didn’t smile this time. he appeared annoyed. That’s when I bolted and almost ran back into the bar. I finally desired someone again. A warmth rose through my body so intense it scared me and he barely said more than one word to me. It must have been wishful thinking  on my part because I had been out of the dating loop. Why did he act like I was just any other girl; like he wasn’t interested in me? I could have sworn some kind of connection was between us. I bumped into Anna as I walked stupefied across  the wooden door of the club. 

“What’s up Rayna? You seemed dazed.” Anna said as she  gave me a confused look. 

“He ignores me….like I don’t exist!” I said. My frustration must’ve been obvious. 

Anna took my arms and led me to the table. She pushed me to my seat.  

“Nick avoided my eyes and he only said like one or two words to me. And these butterflies won’t stop dancing in my  stomach.” 

“I knew it. You both had a weird expression on your faces.  Like you are entranced,” She swooned. 

“I’m not......... entranced with him,” I stuttered, “just dazzled.”  I scrunched my nose and grinned. 

“Remember when we were little and Johnny liked you? Remember when he used to annoy you and we figured out he  was just trying to get your attention?”  

I shook my head yes remembering. 

“Older boys act goofy too when they like a girl, instead of annoyance, it’s avoidance. Get to know him a little more  and you’ll see. I can tell that he likes you. You make him uncomfortable. That’s why he’s avoiding your eyes,” Anna said.  She did make me feel a little bit better. 

We followed the guys back to the house in the car and  talked about it some more. Anna kept coaching until she had  me smiling again. When we walked into the kitchen for a  drink, we saw the guys outside on the deck goofing around.  It looked as though they were giving Nick a hard time.  

Anna and I walked out onto the deck. The sound of the ocean filled my ears. The waves beating on the shore were one  of my favorite sounds. The ocean breeze blew my hair around  my face. I looked over at Nick while he stared out at the dark ocean. He resembled a Greek god standing there. I wanted to  walk over and touch him. But he seemed unapproachable and untouchable, far away in his own world. 

“Hey guys, you got here quick,” Anna said. They all glanced up and smiled at us. Everyone started talking about the night  and how amazing the band played. Nick said few words. “I’m gonna head to bed.” Nick said. 

“What?” Dave and Rick said. They looked at Nick in shock. “I’m not feeling well. I must be tired from the plane and  playing tonight.” Hick said. 

“Catch you in the morning?” Dave -questioned. “Yep, goodnight everyone.” Nick wave his hand and hurried  into the house. 

“He’s off tonight man,” Travis said. “He hasn’t acted right since the middle of the show when I played that long riff. What’s the matter with him?”

“He usually is the last one to bed and the life of the party.”  Dave said. “But tonight, he was just plain goofy.”

“He’s probably just tired. He told me he wrote an entire song on his plane ride down here. Hopefully tomorrow you  girls will see the real Nick. You’ll love him.” Rick explained. I thought I already did. The guys just told me what I guessed. He was acting strange. This made me feel even bleaker. “Did you like the band tonight?” Dave asked. He took a drink of his beer. 

“Yes, you all did an awesome job. I love all the songs.” I said. I gave him a reassuring smile. 

“Nick writes all of our music. When he was still in the Marines, he had already written a lot of the lyrics. When he  got out, we had lost our lead singer and we asked him to sing  for us.” Dave said. 

“How long has the band been playing?” I asked as I watched  Anna laugh while she listened to Travis, Jeff, and Rick talk  about something I couldn’t hear. 

“We’ve been together for about a year now. Be made an album with help from some of our friends about a month ago.  It turned out amazing.”  

“I wanna buy one.” I smiled 

“I’ll find you one tomorrow morning.” He grinned.

“Sounds good.” 

“Rick said you just graduated from college too. What did  you study?” 

“I studied journalism. I hope to find a job in editing. I love books.” I gave him a frivolous smile because most people think  I”m crazy for liking books so much. 

“Maybe I could market some of your books that you edit. I  graduated with a marketing degree. Maybe it can help with  marketing the band.” Dave laughed. 

Even though I thought Dave was the best looking in the  beginning and he was giving me quite a bit of attention, I  couldn’t stop my mind from thinking about Nick. I looked at my watch and saw that it was midnight. I excused myself and went into the house to put myself and my crazy mind to bed.  As I got dressed for bed, I still couldn’t figure Nick out and couldn’t drive the way he affected me out of my head. Just thinking about him lying down in a bed on the floor above me gave me goose bumps. I dozed off to sleep with Nick hanging  onto my dreams. 



About Y.S. Reffitt:

Author of Songs from the Heart. Her debut novel is set to be release on February 14th, 2023. She graduated from West Virginia University with a Master of Arts in Reading. She works as a Reading Specialist. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and two sons.

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