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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Blog Tour: CHILD OF KITARRA by Andrea Gibb With An Interview & #Giveaway!

I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the CHILD OF KITARRA by Andrea Gibb blog tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours! Check out all the book info and enter the giveaway below!

About The Book:

Author: Andrea Gibb
Pub. Date: November 18, 2019
Publisher: Andrea Gibb
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: 724
Find it: GoodreadsAmazon, KindleB&N, Kobo, TBD

The last sanarii  -
Eva, the last true sanarii, uses her forbidden magic despite the risks, not realizing she could irrevocably affect the destinies of Jullayans and Kitarrans alike. Yet caught in the machinations of the Guardians and their prophecy, can she protect those she loves from the menace of dark magic threatening not just Kitarra, but all who value goodness and light?

And her hero prince -
When Illiah learned he was not just a hero, he was also the lost prince, he came to court with one thing in mind: to arm Jullayah against any further attacks from the monstrous invaders. And in a land where magic is forbidden, he has secrets to hide. But when he finds himself falling into the secrets of a woman unlike any other, he must choose to fight for her and risk everything or lose her forever.  

Book Trailer:

Hey Andrea!! First I want to say welcome to Two Chicks on Books I’m glad you could stop by for a chat! CHILD OF KITARRA sounds AWESOME and I can’t wait for everyone to read it!

For the readers: can you tell us a little bit about the CHILD OF KITARRA and the characters?

Child of Kitarra is an epic fantasy that follows the journey of a young woman with magical abilities. She witnesses firsthand what happens when the balance of magic is tipped. She is told that if she has a son, he will bring balance and peace, but what she doesn’t know is that the Guardians, and the old spirits, have plans for her.  
The novel is told from the perspectives of Eva, Illiah, Cotoch, and Stone and a few insights from the Guardians.

Eva is a noblewoman who grew up at the edge of a magical, forbidden forest. She sneaked into the Great Forest as a child. There she met the Guardians who became her mentors and taught her to use her sanarii magic and fight like a Kitarran warrior. She is constrained by duty to marry the prince of Jullayah even though he will never love her. She has a pet raven who may or may not be a creature of the Forest.
Illiah is a hero, and a prince, but prone to much self-doubt. He defeated the monstrous invaders with the aid of an enchanted dagger that inflicts his will upon others. He despises himself for his reliance on the dagger.

Cotoch is the son of an exiled sorcerer, and the leader of a free-town called Mahlas. He is obsessed with three things, magic, power, and Eva, but not necessarily in that order.

Stone is a mercenary Kitarran who works for Cotoch. He washes away memories of his past with a drug, knowing that it might kill him. But he just can’t seem to die, even if he wanted to.

What are you working on now?

I am working on the sequel to Child of Kitarra, Defender of Kitarra, which will be released in 2020.

Were any of the characters in the book inspired by people from your real life?

Not intentionally. Stone’s journey has eerie themes to someone I knew, but I didn’t know it at the time.

Who was your favorite character to write? What about your least favorite?

I love all my characters, but my favorite character to write is Stone but I also really enjoy writing from Cotochs perspective (the antagonist), which honestly surprised me ;)  Least favorite would be Illiah   I wanted so much from him heroics, flaws, humor.

What is your favorite passages/scenes in CHILD OF KITARRA?

Stone’s last scene of the book is my favorite passage. It is raw and grim.

What kind of research did you have to do for the story?

Oh man this is not my favorite question makes me feel like I should have done more! I went to a workshop on writing fight scenes which I found amazingly helpful. I researched PTSD.

Who is your ultimate book boyfriend?

Ha! I have never thought about this before. I adore roguish, mischievous, flawed MC’s so I will have to go with Howl from Diana Wynne Jones’s Howl’s Moving Castle.

What inspired you to write fantasy?

The ability to build every aspect of my world, from landmarks, to food, to religion, and of course magic. I love setting my imagination free. And I have always loved magic and fairies and dragons. (note to self: add more fairies and dragons)

Lightning Round Questions

What are you reading right now? Or what do you have on your TBR that you’re dying to read?

The Burning White by Brent Weeks. I think because it is the last book in the series, I am a little hesitant to start it what if it doesn’t end the way I want L

What Hogwarts House would the Sorting Hat place you in?

Ravenclaw, without a doubt.

Twitter or Facebook?

Neither. I do Instagram. I tried Twitter and couldn’t stand it.

Favorite Superhero?

Captain Marvel or Thor.

Favorite TV show?

Hmmm. I love Stranger Things I named my rescue dog Eleven aka Elle ;) But I also 
love Lucifer even though it is cheesy and cliché.

Sweet or Salty?

Salty. Salt and vinegar potato chips and organic cheesies are my go-to snack.

Any Phobias?

I am afraid of hair-less caterpillars. Fuzzy ones are ok, but the hairless, grub-like ones send me into convulsions of disgust. They are the only animal/insect I can’t handle. Spiders? No prob. Slugs? No prob. Hairless caterpillars? Save me. 

Song you can’t get enough of right now?

Anything by Twenty-One Pilots.

2019/2020 Movie you’re most looking forward to?

I love women superheroes, so if it is true Wonderwoman 2 and Black Widow are being released in 2020 that would make me very happy!!

Thanks so much Andrea for answering my questions! I can’t wait for everyone to read CHILD OF KITARRA!

About Andrea:

What is there to know about me?

I am a writer and an artist. Stories and characters live inside my head. Always have, probably always will. So I write them down. Sometimes I draw them.

I love stories about heroes and heroines. As a child it was King Arthur, Joan of Arc, and Sherlock Holmes. Now it is Thor, Hermione Granger, and Sherlock Holmes ;)

I love trees. There is something about a tree that just breathes peace into my heart.

I grow roses. Heed the woman who grows roses, for she is not afraid of being scratched and torn.

I will always point out ravens and the moon. Just in case you missed them.

Elevenses is my favorite meal.

I live in my own bit of forest with my darling husband, our two sons, a lovely pup named Elle, a black cat named Minka, an alpaca, two big goats, and three chickens.

Giveaway Details:
1 winner will win a signed copy of CHILD OF KITARRA & swag, US Only.

Tour Schedule:
Week One:

Week Two:


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