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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Top 10 of 2017- Best Book Boyfriends!

Happy Day 4!!!!! It’s Best Book Boyfriends of 2016 time!!! 

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This is by far one of the hardest categories for me! There’s so many swoon-worthy guys and even more so this year since I've become addicted to Reverse Harem books!!! There are no honorable mentions because my post would have been a mile long but I wish I could have added more! Also no YA book boyfriends this year I have been on a new adult and adult book reading spree so this is stock full of hot men!

1. Tee, Dee, & Rab from C.M. Stunich's ALLISON'S ADVENTURES IN UNDERLAND, This a a Reverse Harem and if the MC can have all the boys so can I lol :)

2. Seamus, Michael, Patrick, & Mich from Savannah Skye's A WITCH'S HAREM. 4 smoking haw Irish lads and I can't/won't pick just one.

3. Nate and Aaron from Eva Chase's DRAGON'S TEARS, yes this is another reverse harem but at the moment I'm a little mad at two of the boys so only Nate and Aaron make the cut.

4. Rylen from UNDONE by Wendy Higgins. He's my pilot hawtie and such a sexy man with a good heart!

5. Lucian from PLAYING WITH MONSTERS by Amelia Hutchins. This is my bad boy boyfriend and when I say bad I don't mean bad boy with a good heart I mean a seriously sexy bad boy.

6. Tor from FANTASTICAL by Kristen Ashley, no this book wasn't published in 2017 but I read it in 2017 so it counts! Tor is a haw prince from a fantasy realm and he is a bit of a bad boy but has a great heart and is sexy as hell.

7. Brando from BELL OF ETERNITY by Martina Boone. I fell in love with Brando in LAKE OF DESTNY so I was happy he got his own book and love story!

8. Wes, Austin, and Caleb. And River and Cole from Tate Jame's KIT DAVENPORT Series. Yup another Reverse Harem and nope I won't choose they're all sexy and amazing in their own ways.

9. Desmond Flynn from A STRANGE HYMN by Laura Thalassa. Des is a Fae king and The Bargainer and he's dangerous and sexy!

10. Ryker from the COLLECTOR series by Stacey Marie Brown, It was hard to pick a boy from all of Stacey's series but the hot viking fae won my heart!

So what about you? Who's your top 10 book boyfriends of 2017? Make sure to fill out the linky so I can see and make sure to stop by my co-hosts blogs to see their lists and enter today's giveaway below!


  1. Great picks from some books that really interest me. Im in particular interested in Wendy Higgins series.

  2. This is a great list and I have to check out the reverse harem books.

  3. I can’t wait to meet Rylan! Wendy Higgins writes the best book boyfriends. And Des sounds amazing too!

  4. Rylen was on my list as well! Great picks! I've posted mine as Lisa Loves Literature in the Linky.

  5. Nice list! I have to look some of them up!

  6. Awesome picks sweetie :D I haven't read any of these books, but YAY for having so many book boyfriends :D They sound awesome. <3


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