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Friday, October 16, 2015

POISON STUDY Chapters 9-17 Thoughts & A Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

Today I'm posting my thoughts about Chapters 1-8 of POISON STUDY! I re-read this while series every year and I seems I discover new things or things I didn't think about each time! I was also very happy to be able to read chapter 1 from Valek's POV! I got to host that stop during the blog tour if you haven't read it go HERE! Also Maria is posting chapter notes on her POISON STUDY 10 Year Anniversary events page and I have been reading them after each chapter I finish. Go HERE to read Maria's notes!

I'm skipping right to chapter 16 first! We finally get to meet Ari and Janco in this chapter!!! If you're new to this series trust me you will love them and if you're an old fan I'm sure you probably smiled when you got to this one. Everyone knows Valek has my heart but Janco would be my bff in real life!! Ok back to chapter 9 and a short synopsis of the rest! We start to learn how ballsy Yelena is I mean really who gets out of prison to become a poison taster and asks for a salary? I know I wouldn't have thought of it I would be too scared of dying every day lol. We also get to meet a mysterious woman who will become a pivotal part of the series so I hope you paid attention! Also Yelena finally starts her weapons training with Ari and Janco which is hilarious with Janco's taunts. I'm going to keep my notes short each week because if I didn't this post may become a novel lol.

What I really want to know is your thoughts! Are you new to the series or is this a re-read for you as well. Please leave your links to your posts in my comments section. I promise I will read and comment on every post!

Make sure to stop by our other hosts posts too to see their thoughts!

The read-along schedule:
October 4th-10th: Chapters 1-8
October 11th-17th: Chapters 9-17 This week
October 18th-24th: Chapters 18-25
October 25th-31st: Chapters 26-32 and closing post

The giveaway:

Giveaway Details:

10 winners to match 10 years!

Grand Prize is a signed hardcover first edition of Poison Study and Magic Study (both books).

First Place a signed hardcover first edition of Poison Study

5 winners will get a signed cover flat of the original cover of Poison Study

3 winners will get a signed original bookmark for Poison Study

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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