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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Heather Brewer's Big News!

We all know this lovely lady right??? If you don't check out my post here she's awesomesauce! Ok so why am I posting this you ask??? Well you all know how much I love High Fantasy and her book Soulbound happens to be one of my favorites! It was supposed to be a series and she had book 2 titled and it even had a cover see my WoW here. The only problem? That WoW was from almost a year ago and we kept waiting and waiting for book 2 to come out. Then we learned that the series had been cancelled and I was so sad and angry not to be able to finish this series and see it's resolution. So were a ton of other people then yesterday this happened....

And watched I did and there may have been a ton of squeeing and clapping and yelling!!! So without further ado I give you Auntie Heather's Big NEWS!!!!

Freaking yay right?!?! Oh and if you haven't read SOULBOUND yet you have have to check it out!!!

Get the book!
Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Indie Bound

Or the eBook!


  1. Oh AWESOME! And so excited! And oh no that wait is going to be forever! I will not start reading SOULBOUND (which I own) until spring 2015!


    1. LOL but you better read it! You will fall for Darius HARD ;)


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