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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Evil Blog Tour: Lightening Round with Wendy and Kaidan

Today we have the awesome Wendy Higgins visiting the blog she wrote Sweet Evil a book which we’re both quite obsessed with! Especially a certain fictional boy ahem Kaidan Rowe ;) ;) and besides our questions for Wendy, Kai was available to answer a few as well!

 Wendy’s Questions
Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Dystopian?
Love them all, but my order of preference is Para, Dystopian, Fantasy, then Sci-Fi.

Rock or Country?
Rock (though I’m not opposed to Country)

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
The Beatles!!!

Three things you never leave home without?
My purse (includes cell phone, keys & wallet), undies (I’m not quite “celeb” enough to go without), & imagination (keeps me busy during traffic, waiting rooms, etc.)

Harry Potter, Twilight, or The Hunger Games (movies)?
Well, I loved all of those books, but the Harry Potter movies were my fave.

Twitter or Facebook?
Ooh, this is hard. Okay…FB for keeping in touch with friends & family, but Twitter for talking to bloggers and writers.

Aside from Angels and Demons. What’s your favorite Vampires, Fairies, Aliens, or Witches?
I seriously love it all. And vamps have never grown old for me (pardon the pun).

Long walks on the beach or dinner and a movie? 
These days I’m a sucker for dinner and a movie. J

Breakfast, lunch or dinner? 
Breakfast (any time of day)

Sunrise or sunset? 

Cats or Dogs? 

Snow or Rain? 
Snow…or thunder storms

Tall, dark and brooding or tall, blond and chipper? 
Tall, dark and brooding (in books/movies) - Prefer chipper in real life, lol

Book or Movie? 
Are you kidding me? Must you really ask?  BOOOOOOOK!

Questions for Kaidan ;)
Good girls or Bad girls?
Either. Both. Any. All.

Neal Peart, John Bonham, or Lars Ulrich?
Of those three, John Bonham of Zeppelin. And more recently Travis Barker. Have you seen this? Incredible. This vid gives me a man crush. 

That was pretty badass!!!!!!

Favorite sport?
Eh, not my thing, personally. But I respect Rugby - a proper man’s sport with no helmets or padding.

Favorite fruit?
I’ve taken a sudden liking to pears lately. Juicy pears… *clears throat* Strange.

The beach or the mountains?
What git would choose the mountains? They require far too many clothes.
Haha good call!

Is that all you’ve got for me, Jaime and Patricia? I thought we’d be at it a bit longer. Maybe another day, eh?
Ummm yeah sure Kai whenever you want ;)

So want to know more about Sweet Evil before it comes out May 1st? Check out Jaime’s Review.

Also make sure to check out the rest of the stops on the tour!!!!


  1. I love these kind of posts with the authors (& characters)! That was great! And I totally agree about Breakfast any time of the day. LOL!

  2. Love your q's and Wendy's a's! And Kaidan's, but especially about the pears. :D This was such a fun stop! So glad you're on the tour!

  3. ROTFLMAO!!!! I totally want a pear right now! And that makes me crave Kai all over again! I'll have to admit that Travis Barker is for sure pretty kick butt in that video...but I don't think anyone can compare to Kai!

  4. NOT ANOTHER MAY 1st BOOK!! UGH!! To freaking many of them coming out on May 1st. Makes me anxious. lol. Great Interivew! I'm super excited ;)

    Kai...lol pears, huh lol.



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