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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Piracy and Plagiarism What Should I Do?

Hey All Jaime here!

So many of you know that I’m very vocal about plagiarism and book pirating on twitter. Bloggers stealing from bloggers has been a hot topic as of late as well as pirating.  I had not been in that group affected, but many of my friends had and that pissed me off!

Well, today I found out from my dear friend Cyndi Tefft, whom is also an author, that her book Between, which I adored is being pirated.  Not only has it been pirated, but my review of it was plagiarized on two sites that pirate ebooks and I am absolutely sick about it! How can I get them to take it down? Can I report them? This is all new for me, so I have no clue. I debated posting the site info here, but I don’t know if I should do that. I don’t want them to have any more traffic, so I won’t post links, but the site names are EBOOKEE and WaZ WaReZ. These sites have done two illegal things now pirating books and plagiarizing a review from our blog, which is copyrighted. I love books and to see them being pirated is bad enough, but adding my review to help do that?  I don’t even know I’m at a loss for words.

So, what advice do you all have?  I’d really love to hear your thoughts!  I know Cyndi has e-mailed the sites to have the content removed, but I don’t know if that will work.

Also, because I love her book so much and I want you all to read it, but not by stealing. I am offering to buy an e-book of Between for a giveaway I’ll close it Sunday 10/23 at midnight,  if you want to enter just leave your e-mail address in the comments below. Or if you want to buy the book to show people that pirating sucks here’s the links! http://www.amazon.com/Between-ebook/dp/B004XZUMBA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1318731453&sr=8-2


  1. I keep seeing so many people affected by this and it makes me so sad. Why steal a review? A review is someones opinion and to claim it is your own makes you weak and seem like you have NO BRAIN to form your opinion.

    And to steal books from authors? Well how can you expect an author to give you more books. They need to make money so they can provide more! This whole thing makes me mad! I am so sorry you had to go through this. No one should have to!!

  2. ~gasps~
    I seriously have no idea what you can do...I mean other than contacting and asking to the people over those sites remove your reviews... :/
    I'm afraid this is happening more often than before. Hope it gets solved without causing you too much trouble and they get reported for the pirated books too!

    you're so sweet for doing the giveaway...enter me ^-^

  3. I've seen an author state somewhere that they spend more time search and turning in pirates then she does writing the book. That is just too bad. I wish I could remember who or where I read this info.

    I like authors so I support as much as I can. Being a single mother might mean it is second hand or awhile after being published but I manage.

    I enjoy travels so ebooks are the best way for me to haul my library with me.

    I'm waiting for the day you can buy a book & it comes with a code for the ebook. Bonus. Just like the blue ray - DVD packs.

    Until then I enjoy my books & ebooks even if I can't have them the day they come out.

    Good luck getting your reviews taken off the site.


  4. That is so freaking terrible! I'm so sorry, that sucks!
    There need to be police on the internet that arrest and kill people's computers when they plagiarizer!

    I'm very curious about this book, I really need to get it and read it.

    myworldofbooks18 at hotmail dot com

  5. Thanks for the comments! It means a lot I have been upset all day :(


  6. Sorry girl. This is all really unfortunate, but I don't know what can be done to stop the whole thing. I hope it just doesn't happen again :o(

    imabookshark at yahoo dot com

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Mickey @ imabookshark

  7. A bunch of us are being illegally downloaded or they're posting requests to find books. There's no point in going after the sites where they're downloading it at. They won't do anything. You have to go after the sites where the book has been physically uploaded to, usually some kind of storage site that the download file is linked to. Those are usually pretty quick to delete material. Also, if you see any books published by the big companies, TELL THEM! They have legal departments that will jump on those sites so fast they won't know what hit them!

    Devon Ashley

  8. Ebookee has a whole page devoted to laws, privacy etc -they should remove that book once Cyndy shows them proof - and proof could be something like the link to Amazon where it's located, Smashwords too, if applicable - and a forward of Amazon's "Congratulations, you've been published" e-mail.
    @Jaime - several of my friends who post flash-fiction use www.myfreecopyright.com, it's worth a shot.

  9. I'm so sorry! :( I'm not an author but I've had some of my artwork stolen in the past and I know it's a sick feeling.

    I hope you can get it taken down quickly!


  10. To steal someones opinion/review is disgusting; every review takes time, as does reading a novel, people who copy and pirate works that are not theirs is just the lowest of low. There is absolutely no reason for it; they can put their heads down and hands to a keyboard and write their own opinion instead of nicking someone else's. Problem is I am not sure there is much we can do except make it known that it is not acceptable. Sorry to hear you are going through this ordeal!!

  11. Aw Jaime, you know how sick this makes me. I am so sorry that this had to happen to you. It really is the WORST. I hope Cyndi gets her book removed from the site AND your review. You must feel so violated.

    I really hope their site gets shut down. And just because they say they're not responsible doesn't make it so. The whole idea of their site seems like a place where illegally obtained books would post.

    It makes me so unbelievably sad and mad for you!

  12. First, I love the spelling of your name! ;0)

    I've heard of both of these things happening, which i despise! An author friend of mine whose debut novel is coming out this week has already been pirated in ebook format! Plus a few of my friends found their book reviews being taken -in part or in whole- and used on another blogger's website as their own.

    I can't believe that people who love books would do stuff like that!

    The book you mentioned sounds really good, so you can add me to the draw! jaike writer at hot mail dot com

  13. I´m sorry for both you and the author. I read in another author blog that something similar happen to her.
    It´s really regrettably.

  14. I am so sorry to hear that you plagerized. Not an entry but I feel your pain. Hugs

  15. I <3 books! It's sad that people do that to people.



  16. This is just disgusting. Theft is theft. People just want something for nothing and don't stop to think about consequences or who their actions are hurting. It's selfish, illegal, and unnecessary. So sorry, now I'm going to get a legal copy of Between as way to try to offset some of the yuck.

  17. It does suck! There is something that Cyndi can do b/c her info was copyrighted, your info (from what I see isn't). I would suggest that you go to myfreecopyright.com & register your blog for it to be copyrighted, they will give you an HTML code that you can post on your blog. At that point & time you can then reach out to the places that have your review on there & let them know that your blog is copyrighted & the material that they have is yours & you are requesting that they remove it before legal action. It's called a cease & desist order, most companies/sites comply with stuff like that. I don't know how they load the information up, don't know how they share it, but they do & it's horrible that they do! I was laid off but you don't see me going around & stealing from others, no I save for what I want & get it at that time, if I don't have the $ I don't buy it. Sorry for the rant. I am a new follower to your blog, I'm new to the book blogging world as well.
    @deviantzangel on twitter

  18. Thanks Shellie! We are now registered. :D


  19. Wow! I have been hidden away WAY TOO LONG! Poor Cyndi! And I am so sorry that your review was lifted...that sucks! I make sure I pimp out Cyndi as well because she rocks.

  20. She sure does Mindy! Thanks I know you've been a victim of this crap too it sucks :(


  21. I 2nd Amber I @ Awesomesauce : Those who steal opinions of others b/c they are unable 2 form opinions of their own R suspect as human beings.. This must be the beginning of some epic Sci-Fi novel, & if not, it is the beginning of morons who think they can feed off of other peoples brains b/c they have the internet, but no intellect. What is the point of surfing the web 2 steal other peoples thoughts? Really though, what kind of human is that?? I like humans, I just don't like these peeps that pretend 2B human... WTFfffaaaAAA!

  22. Thanks so much for fighting piracy!

  23. The Piracy thing is appalling it makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks for helping fight Piracy a lot of authors have been affected by this lately. What a shame.



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