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Monday, July 25, 2011

Vote for Ash TODAY!!!

Hello Everyone!! We are so excited to be representing Ash from Julie Kagawa's amazing Iron Fey Series in the YA Sisterhood Summer Crushin' Tourney. Posted below is our argument in favor of Ash as seen on the YA Sisterhood blog. Please help spread the word by twitter, facebook, blog or any other means. You can also grab our Ash button on the left side bar to show just how much you love Ash! :)


 Ash can come off as cold and distant but that's because he's been raised to be that way. He has had to put up persona of the cold Ice Prince of the Winter Court otherwise he would not have been able to survive in the Unseelie Court. But beneath the cold exterior there is a fiercely loyal guy and not just because he can wield a sword like nobody's business. More about that later. He has managed to fool just about everyone into thinking that his heart is as cold as the iciness that literally runs thru him. That is until he meets the girl that melts his heart. He will do whatever it takes to be with Meghan even if that means walking thru poison to help her out, even if it means that he has to put up with her annoyingly prankster of a BFF, Puck, even if it means that he will be kicked out of his court or even be exiled out of Faery.  He will do anything for Meghan!! What is sexier than that? Not much! 


We could never do him justice but we will give you a peek of how Meghan sees him...
"...he carried a sword, resting comfortably on his hip, and his face bore the fine lines of an aristocrat. But, unlike the others, he looked disinterested, almost bored, with the entire event. His eyes caught the moonlight and glittered like silver coins.” The Iron King

"Up close, he was even more beautiful, with high cheekbones and dark tousled hair falling into his eyes.”  The Iron King

Who wouldn't want a guy with as many talents and attributes that Ash has. He's a masterful horse rider, he has mad sword skills, and he can shoot ice daggers at his enemies and centuries of knowledge and expertise. He's a bit on the quiet side, too. But don't think that he's distracted in anyway. Ash is deadly and those that cross do not live to tell the tale. He's also witty and one of his best and favorite attributes is that his sense of humor and sarcasm are intact. With lines like this who wouldn't love him:

"Touch her, and I'll freeze your testicles off and put them in a jar. Understand?" The Iron King  

Special Attributes:

Have we mentioned that Ash is Immortal!! So of course he's going to be with you forever and ever!! 

Why is Ash better than Dimitri?

Ash will literally travel to the end of the earth for the woman he loves, he will battle living nightmares, and he also loves with every piece of him heart, mind, body, and soul. Ash would never leave or try to kill Meghan as Dimitri did try to kill Rose (even if he was Strigoi true love would have won his inner battle). Ash defied his own court to be with Meaghan, Dimitri pushed Rose away because of duty. Granted both these boy's are smoking hot but we'd rather have our Ice Prince with shining eyes and awesome sword skills over a guy who wears dusters and reads Western novels and pushes the people he loves away. Just sayin Ash is the best!

Anything else you would like to add?

Here are a few quotes from Julie herself about Ash: 

From supernaturalsnark.blogspot.com Interview with Julie. 

If you were in an emergency situation (of any kind) and could call one of your characters for help, who would it be and why?

"Well, if it were something major, like the Zombie Apocalypse, I would call on Ash, because he’d be able to chop through the hoards easily. If it were something like getting my cat out of a tree…I’d still call Ash, because Grimalkin would probably mock the poor cat, and Puck might turn it into a bird or something."

If you weren’t the creator, what team do you think you would side with?

“Oh, definitely Ash.  (Though I do love Puck, too.)  I just have a thing for dark, brooding bad boys, especially if they're a HBWS. (Hot Boy With Sword.)  It’s a weakness.  ;-)"

Also we're sure if Ash wins Julie will have something awesome to share with everyone like a teaser from The Iron Knight ;) so VOTE ASH and use the hashtags #TeamAsh and #IcePrince to support him! So don't wait any longer go vote HERE

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