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Cover Reveal- ETA: THE TRIAL OF LOGAN GRUVER by I. Ashmawey With An Excerpt & #Giveaway!

Today I. Ashmawey, Hypothesis Books and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for ETA: THE TRIAL OF LOGAN GRUVER, their new sci-fi time travel mystery book which releases July 16, 2024! Check out the awesome cover and enter the giveaway!


On to the reveal! 

About The Book:


Author: I. Ashmawey

Pub. Date: July 16, 2024

Publisher: Hypothesis Books

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 276

Find it: Goodreads

Logan Gruver doesn’t mean to commit the first murder in history—it was an accident, he swears. But now, he has introduced violence millennia early, escalating humanity’s destruction, and is about to go on trial for the first time-travel murder ever.

All Logan wants is to find purpose in his life, stuck in a house with abusive parents who are always comparing him to his deceased sister, and trapped in a stalemate banking job where he feels invisible. So when he wins a shot at traveling five million years into the past as a volunteer guard, Logan jumps on the opportunity. His newfound freedom is a breath of fresh air. He even finds love with a charming traveling journalist, Giselle. Unlike anyone he’s ever met, she challenges him to learn more about himself, and the two grow closer as they journey into the past.

Then the curious duo discovers the organization they traveled with is keeping a massive secret: humanity will mysteriously go extinct in the future, and no one knows why. These vacation getaways to the past are actually an attempt to restart humanity, five million years prior. The bigger problem: the attempt isn’t going to work.

While trying to save both past and present, Logan makes a grave error that ends in a murder that was never supposed to happen. Now the entire timeline is on the brink of destruction, and Logan may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save mankind.



Everything we thought we knew was wrong.
The earth isn’t flat.
The universe does not revolve around us.
Black holes aren’t impenetrable.
And time travel isn’t just the stuff of science fiction.
Then there was a discovery; one that changed the course of human history. A discovery that started the chaos that ruined my life… and everyone else’s: the Canvas of Time.
What it was, no one understood. What we did know was that this Canvas was an invisible, cosmic sheet that covered all our known existence. Inside the Canvas, time exists. Outside, it doesn’t. Outside, nothing exists. It turned out that our universe as we knew it was limited after all.
But that wasn’t the best part. If you pass through the Canvas and back into it from a different angle, you travel through time. It was a fascinating discovery about the Canvas, but it didn’t really matter since the perimeter of the Canvas was too far for us to reach.
But before science could truly begin to fathom what this discovery meant, the general public did what they did best: they panicked. Religion, politics, and Hollywood all blurred together as no one knew truth from fiction. Crowds marched to government buildings with “We are doomed,” “Beam me up, Scotty,” and “Humans failed. Give the planet to the apes” posters.
For the most part, the discovery made people afraid. Afraid to think about what it could mean for them now, their pasts, and their possible futures. And fear makes people do unexplainable things. Hence… World War III.
Eventually, we realized the discovery of the Canvas actually meant little to nothing to humanity. It was like discovering gravity; it was always there from the beginning, we just understood it better. It didn’t stop the war from continuing, however. As always, people start off fighting about one thing and end up fighting about another.
But it was many years later that something in our solar system shook things up. Something that wasn’t there from the beginning and actually did mean a lot to humanity. A black hole suddenly appeared in our solar system. Once again, the whole world was caught off guard. Where did it come from? How did it not instantly destroy us? Would our time slow down? Why didn’t it suck us into its eternal abyss?
But one day, a video changed everything. An online influencer was hosting a debate in Central Park discussing if the black hole was truly a black hole or a hoax, when an unidentified little girl passing by interrupted the debate: “I have a question,” she blurted. “Is the black hole a hole in the Canvas of Time?” The vlogger didn’t appreciate the interruption. Nor did he realize at that moment the gravity of the question. But it’s always the things that almost go unnoticed that change humanity. A Yale professor who saw the video immediately published a paper proving that the little girl’s hypothesis was actually valid. Suddenly, the fighting ceased, and everyone thought the same thing: does the black hole bring the perimeter of the Canvas closer to us? Can we possibly use the black hole to travel through time?
An invitation to venture into the unknown. How could we resist?
So all humanity put their differences aside, worked together, and used the black hole, this gap in the Canvas of Time, to research, discover, and further the human condition.
Actually, no, none of that happened. Would have been nice if the discovery of the Canvas of Time had changed things. But the third world war ended as all do, with one country having the majority of the power, and that party took complete ownership of the Canvas, the black hole, and time travel as we know it. Humanity tore into factions of opinions, and the only thing we could agree on, the one unarguable truth, was that everything we thought we knew was one hundred percent wrong.


About I. Ashmawey:

County based Film and Television Writer widely known for his vivid, emotionally-moving writing style. Throughout his creative career, he has written for a multitude of prominent media outlets like Disney Channel. He has also both written and produced numerous independent films. 

Born in the heart of Washington D.C., the creative spark entered Ibrahim’s life early on. By the age of 10, he started crafting short stories, resulting in statewide recognition. During middle school, he was the editor of the school newspaper. From a young age, he would see the extraordinary in what the majority deemed as ordinary. Ultimately, this is what drove him to share the unique things he saw through the art of storytelling. 

Today, Ibrahim is happy to call his passion a lifelong vocation, and consistently strives to create positive change that will continue to impact people for generations to come.

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Giveaway Details:

3 winners will receive a finished copy of ETA: THE TRIAL OF LOGAN GRUVER (when available), US Only.

Ends December 21st, midnight EST.

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