Thursday, March 1, 2012

Divergent games on Facebook

Just a quick post to tell you all about some cool games on the Divergent page on Facebook! There's two you can tell your facebook friends which faction you think they should be in and there's also a quiz to see what faction you belong to. Jaime took the quiz and got Dauntless yay!!!!! :) Patricia also took the quiz and she, too, got Dauntless...cuz that's how we! ;) 

 Here's the links to both and also we'll have the link to the Choosing Ceremony in our sidebar.

Choosing Ceremony-

Faction Quiz-


  1. I think I started doing this a while back...but never got around to REALLY doing it. I'll have to go try it out.

  2. OH! Wait...never mind! I'm thinking about the Hunger Games one. LMAO. It's all the same...right?

  3. I took the aptitude test. I saw it on Facebook, but for some reason I didn't take it. I guess I needed a little motivation. I'm Amity. Who knew? Although the description is pretty accurate if I compare it to my personality :).

  4. i took the test and got Dauntless.


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